1. Dan Post Franklin Caiman Boots

Dan Post Caiman Boots
Dan Post Caiman Boots


This exotic boot is another product from Dan Post that is surely is to look forward to. This Franklin Western boot for men is a boot made particularly to cater the debasic functions and preferences cowboys have for their footwear. This product showcases western to exotic hides giving it a good look of rugged high quality footwear. another good option is the  dan post everglades caiman boots or the dan post birmingham boots, but today we will talk about this boot.

Those exotic caiman boots are genuinely made from caiman pelt. The boot features an elaborate 11 inches distrait leather shaft that’s fancily stitched over a remarkably scaled, side cut caiman pelt foot. Its leather lining further provides the boot’s intricate detail and adds a more comfortable fit to the foot. It is equipped with Vented Poron anti microbe insole that gives the product an edge on solving a particular problem often faced by individuals whose feet are mostly enclosed in a boot for the whole day’s laborious activities.  In addition, the boot features a double stitched third of a whole welt, leather and rubber sole, solid brass sole pike, up to date wide square toe design, and a low 1 and ¼ inch stockman heel. This product is offered in four colors: bay apache, chocolate, black, and black and bone motif.

This Franklin Western Boot by Dan Post is great. Dictums have proved the boot’s exceptional comfort and design. Other customers have commended the products excellent workmanship with its fine outline and totality. The fit is perfect and it looks spectacular when worn in almost anything; almost everyone notices its beauty. It is best worn as a compliment to business attires.  Others have noted its stiffness at first use, but the preceding usage was perfect and great. The anti microbe insole give it an even more pleasing feature for most of the reviews have mentioned how bright this technology on footwear is. 

Who is it for?

  You may want to get yourself a pair of these Dan Post caiman boots if you want to look good without having to go out of your way. This addition to the market’s exclusive catalog of elegant, exotic leather boots can complement any look–casual, classy, and everything else in between. You can wear an ordinary pair of jeans or a dressy pair of business slacks and achieve that look straight out of a magazine. Their perfect balance of comfort, durability, and understated class makes them the ideal pair of boots to wear during those days that you just want to get things done and look doing it. You can walk around in them all day without feeling the slightest discomfort or pain. They fit so wonderfully, you would think they were designed as running shoes.  

Product NameBrand
Dan Post Denver Caiman BootsDan Post Check Price
Dan Post Men’s Everglades BootsDan Post Check Price
Ferrini Men’s S-Toe Western BootsFerrini Check Price
Ferrini Women’s Print Hornback BootsFerrini Check Price
Dan Post Men’s Caboose BootsDan Post Check Price
Ferrini Men’s Print Western BootsFerrini Check Price
Lucchese Cowboy BootsLucchese Check Price
Ferrini Chocolate Print bootsFerrini Check Price
Ferrini Print Crocodile S-Toe BootsFerriniCheck Price
Dan Post Birmingham Western BootsDan Post Check Price

2. Dan Post Men’s Everglades SQ Western Boots


Dan Post Men's Everglades
Dan Post Men’s Everglades


Another gerat option on our list is this dan post cowboy boots . Who could ever deny the superb boot products produced by Dan Post? Dan Post seriously takes well- crafted cowboy boot to the next level, sure is a tough competition to top. Dan Post is a legend in western boot and owned a custom and a name for being the world’s luxury cowboy boots. Its products are certified made only from the world’s finest craftsmen. The Dan Post Boot Company’s identity on combining handcrafted cushion, from the advanced comfort technology, with the traditional western boot making skill, makes them not just famous, but the best.

This Everglades Western boot is made from 100% quality leather and it features a Copper Flank Caiman vamp below its ornate 11- inch leather shaft. Its fantastic cowboy boot design characterizes a certified cowboy outsole and a removable Soft Strike Orthotic padded foot beds. Its remarkable square toe makes this cowboy boot not just splendidly a work of art, but it also is astonishingly comfortable. The generality of its design is lined with leather that does not just give it its remarkable exterior but it is also what makes it outstandingly cozy. It comes in 5 various colors: brown, camel or pecan, midnight, sunset, and caiman.

Customers have rated the product and they’ve remarked that this Dan Post cowboy boot definitely have an edge on comfort.  keep reading this article to find more dan post boots reviews. Others have found its outer covering stiff when they have first put it out of its package but applying a little amount of boot conditioner does the work, and it functions perfectly well then. It costs reasonably because it is made from genuine material and it provides a boot’s basic function while also offering an ease to wear and an incredible exterior to fantasize.

Who is it for?

  The Everglades SQ Western boots should be your top choice if you are looking for some major bang for your buck. At their price range, they seamlessly combine function and absolute luxury.   The well-crafted leather and the genuine Poron insole cushion gets rid of any possible step shock and makes for an extremely comfortable wear. With that level of flexibility and comfort, you would probably want to sleep in them, and you may! The fine craftsmanship and the rubber sole enable the boots to withstand heavy usage. You can be in them for hours on end every single day of the year and experience very little wear and tear. Dan Post is able to accomplish all of these without compromising aesthetics. The intricate stitching on the body and the low cowboy heels give you that classic country feel. The Everglades SQ Western boots have that unparalleled look and feel of luxury that you never thought you could wear daily.

3. Ferrini Men’s Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Western Boots –  Ferrini Caiman Boots

Ferrini Men's Print Belly Alligator
Ferrini Men’s Print Belly Alligator



Ferrini boots are handiworks with exquisite particulars to details. This S- toe Western boot is made from caiman alligator print leather under a black, embellished 13 inches leather shaft. One of its other attributes is its pull straps which can be easily handled. Further features are its leather lining that provides extreme comfort, low mass roper heel, leather sole, cowhide upper, two- piece welt that’s attached through stitching, and a broad square toe front profile.

This  ferrini caiman print boots is imported from Mexico and weighs 2 pounds. Its dimension is around 12 x 8 x 2 inches. This model comes in black and in chocolate color. The boot is delicate in its patterns; its details are articulately fine from the front rounding to the back portion of the boot.  the ferrini cowboy boots should be sought after for it isn’t just a boot, it is a fashion.

For a tolerable price, customers have rated it as a boot with a really good touch of intricate style on it. Others have a trouble wearing the boot on during its first few usage but further becomes good as it is longer used. The boot is well complimented for most of the times and buyers have had their expectations surpassed with this product. A lot have recommended for others to buy and experience the products themselves, so what are you waiting for?

Who is it for?

  If you are looking for a pair of dress cowboy boots, then this boot from Ferrini might be the one you want. You get fashionable boots that sport a look from miles above their price range. Their subtle, stylish stitching give them a touch of classic Western design that would make a nice pair of dress pants even better. For best fit, we recommend ordering a pair around half a size or a full size above what you usually get. Breaking them in will probably take you a little longer compared to your other boots, but it is more than worth it in the end. The Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Western Boots fit amazingly well especially with dress socks, making them the perfect footwear for a stylish cowboy going out and about for the day.

4. Ferrini Women’s Print Hornback Caiman boots

Ferrini Women's Print Hornback Caiman boots
Ferrini Women’s Print Hornback Caiman boots



Another Ferrini boots product is on the list and it surely is a must buy for women out there who are not just fond of wearing boots for its basic function, but also for it’s amazing look. Those ferrini cowgirl boots are made from quality caiman leather, sawn below a 12- inch cow hide shaft. Additional details include a good class of leather for its soles, and absolutely sought- after wide square toe.

What’s makes this product an utter head- turner is its beautiful design. A magnificently purple- dyed leather shaft would absolutely look good if worn over denim pants. This caiman boots fantastic outlines on its shaft is completely emphasized over the well- dyed shaft. Its intricate outlines are incredibly pleasant to the eyes.

This imported women’s ferrini boots from Mexico has garnered outstanding remarks from its buyers. Customers have commended the product’s craft work. Not just that, they’ve also liked how the boot looks wonderful worn in any outfit, especially if worn with a dress. Over- all those who have already bought are looking forward to acquire another Ferrini boot and are encouraging others to try one too.

Who is it for?

These Print Hornback Caiman boots from Ferrini are for practical ladies who are looking for beautiful and comfortable boots to wear on some days out. The boots showcase elements of that traditional Western style but manage to look fashion-forward at the same time. Also, their design is a combination of soft, feminine details and sharp and bold lines, making the boots an ideal complement for dresses and skirts. They are also easy to wear. With the quality materials and the excellent workmanship that went into them, the Print Hornback Caiman boots are a nice and snug fit for dainty and delicate female feet. They sometimes make you feel like you are wearing your favorite pair of sneakers! Wear these boots on occasional days out when you want to make a unique and edgy statement.

5. Dan Post Men’s Caboose Western Caiman Boots



On the top five is another product from a widely known name in the industry of boot production, Dan Post boots. This Men’s Caboose Western Boots provides its customers with that missing comfort you usually complain with products that uses exotic boots materials. Those caiman boots aer unique from other common boots because it is a cowboy boots made out of Dan Post’s signature lizard skin.  This men’s cowboy boots features caiman tail pelt on the foot covering, and just above that is a stitched decorative 13 inches leather shaft. The whole boot is leather lined thus it is proven to be comfortable. More attributes to this exotic boots is a wing end toe outline, 1.5- inch cowboy heel, and a welt that is singularly stitched. This imported product from Mexico is offered only in bay apache motif and is around the size 12 x 8 x 4 inches.

Dan Post products are top for the high end exotic materials they use for their boots. This particular model shows sturdiness above its good look. It presents masculinity in its traditional façade. Above all, this product expresses strong yet modest stance that every cowboy should possess.

Like most of other Dan Post boots, this boot is highly rated by its buyers.. It is a good gift to wrap and give as a present on special occasions and holidays like birthdays and Christmas. This boot fits perfectly around the foot and on the ankle. Details shown in the web was an understatement of how it actually looks out of the box. Its appearance is well applauded and its comfort is highly recognized. Generally, the boot’s buyers are satisfied and they would recommend it to cowboys, boot enthusiasts and to others who are looking for well-made boots.

Who is it for?

  Without question, this pair of Dan Posts is one of the best investments for any self-respecting, seasoned cowboy. They can effortlessly dress up a pair of jeans, a suit, and everything else in between, making them a good choice of footwear for a day out in the country or in the city. This is no surprise since the Caboose Western Caiman boots are made of superior grade leather with intricately stitched details. They are breathtakingly beautiful and simply bathing in class. They also have shock-absorbing heel pads and cushioned insoles, making them a great and comfortable fit despite being made from exotic leather. They are simply one of the softest and most flexible footwear you can ever get your feet into. As a product of premium leather, fine craftsmanship, style, and technology, the Caboose Western Caiman boots are your ultimate symbol of luxury and status.






6. Ferrini Men’s Print Caiman Cross Western Boots

Ferrini Men's Print Caiman Cross Western Boots
Ferrini Men’s Print Caiman Cross Western Boots


Who could ever resist such a fine- looking boot? And from a highly renowned reputation of Ferrini? That is definitely something to grab! Ferrini’s Men’s Belly Caiman Cross Square Toe Boot’s main feature to looking incredibly good is its broad and squared toe made from a high quality caiman’s belly skin. The boot has a stitched up 13.5- inch animal hide shaft. Furthermore, it possesses a 1.5 inches tall heel made out of stacked stockman. More attributes that add to the product’s quality are its double- stitched welt, and an animal pelt outsole.

The whole package of the ferrini boots for men weighs 2 pounds, imported from Mexico. The boot’s dimension revolves around 12 x 8 x 4 inches. The product features a Cross cut- out on its print caiman foot. This detail adds to the products uniqueness and attractiveness. This in particular would definitely give a strong and manly stance to anyone who would wear it. The materials the product is made out of ensure its conducive functioning and long lasting use. That and its good exterior look is definitely a hook to those with a good eye for quality product.

Reviews have proven the product’s good comfort and quality. Customers recommend it for those who are looking for uniqueness, comfort, eye-catching characteristics in boots. Those ferrini caiman boots goes well with any pants, especially in formal attire. This boot is highly suited for those who have small legs and feet as few have complained about the size of the product. Moreover, this Ferrini boot still gets a thumbs up for giving most of their buyers the satisfaction and the within- the- means price of the product.

Who is it for?

Add the Print Caiman Cross Westerns to your collection if you want a one-of-a-kind pair of boots that can hold up well during the short trips you occasionally go on around town. They are also incredibly easy on the feet. Lined with leather and fitted with orthopedic cushioned footbeds, they are just as comfortable and flexible as boots triple their price. The cross cutout gives the boots a unique, masculine look. Wear them with an understated leather jacket and jeans for an edgy look, or as a sleek complement to a nice suit.

7. Lucchese Cowboy Boots Men’s Handcrafted 1883 Hornback Caiman  Square Toe


Lucchese Cowboy Boots
Lucchese Cowboy Boots


Earnest cowboys, boot enthusiasts and others who are seriously looking for a good quality leather boot should find this Handcrafted 1883 Hornback Caiman square toe Boots the best suited for them. Lucchese Boots Co. has vitally outdone itself with this product’s latest and authentic image of what a cowboy boots really are, and what it really should be. This  boot is specifically inspired from the early models of San Antonio’s Cosimo and Sam Lucchese. This product is one of their famous Cowboy Collection that provides its basic function while never overseeing comfort as an important aspect in their products. It is considerably part of this top ten list, because it is genuine in providing the basic boot purpose while also showcasing the authentic cowboy soul.

Those lucchese boots characterizes a pliant hornback caiman pelt as the main foot cover under an elaborated embellished 13 inch calf skin hide shaft. Its other features like cutouts accenting leather pull straps, leather piping emphasizing its shaft just adds to the boot’s authentic glamour. Furthermore, who could ever resist its calf skin leather coating, two-piece leather welt, heel that’s made up of piled block of leather and squared toe contour? It comes in four different colors: cigar, black, tan, and chocolate mad dog.

Those lucchese caiman boots,  mens boots, fits perfectly if you get the right size and looks definitely better once worn. It’s comfortable and its squared toe quality makes it incredibly snug around the toe area. It looks good if worn in casual jeans and any other pants. The boot is definitely cozy to wear during bad weather. The design is exceptional, definitely an art of a true craftsman. Cowboys and other aficionados out there definitely recommend this boot.

Who is it for?

These handcrafted square toes are another worthy investment for men looking for more than just good looks and function. Lucchese has always been known to deliver exceptionally when it comes to design and quality, and these boots are no exception. Everything about the Handcrafted 1883 Hornback Caiman Square Toe boots embodies the traditional, classic Western style and spirit without looking old or outdated. In fact, they look better the more you wear them. The rubber soles guarantee ease of use, comfort, and durability. They can withstand heavy usage even in bad weather. Wear them over rugged jeans to show off their expertly designed and embroidered leather shaft or wear them under your dress pants and let those gorgeous Hornback Caiman vamps shine.

8. Ferrini Western Boots – Chocolate Print Hornback Caiman boots

Ferrini Western Boots
Ferrini Western Boots


Ferrini has once again outdone itself in this unique and beautiful chocolate western boot they’ve produced. This footwear definitely has a feminine touch in it and it is noticeable in the boot’s fine exterior details. Its 12- inch cowhide shaft is showered with embroidered intricate design that is well- inspired. That being said gives it a very attractive look whichever side it goes. Truly, Ferrini values women’s delicateness in a bold stance.

 This white and chocolate motif ferrini caiman boots features leather lining, double stitched welt, low block roper heel and easy pull on tabs, and a wide square toe front. This boot is a handcraft made from genuine caiman leather thus it is sure to be heavy-duty and long lasting.

Customers have commended this boot not just for its good looks but also for its great fit and comfort. Women who have already bought the product were satisfied for having such a great deal of paying less in exchange for an exquisite reward.

Who is it for?

These Hornback Caiman boots are a must-have for the modern, spunky woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. A leading manufacturer of boots, Ferrini surely knows the 21st-century woman and has put way more than what she can possibly ask for in this dainty package. Made of 100% leather, these Chocolate Print Hornback Caiman boots boast of practicality, durability, and comfort. For a relatively affordable price, you can have a pair of boots that look great with nearly everything. They look just as feminine and sexy with a floral lace dress as with a rugged pair of jeans. So it does not matter whether you are spending the day out in the country or going out with the girls for the night. These handcrafted exotic boots will not disappoint. Finally, their extra buffering makes these beauties absolutely comfortable no matter your size.


9. Ferrini Boots – Men’s Print Crocodile S-Toe Western Boots

Men's Print Crocodile S-Toe Western Boots
Men’s Print Crocodile S-Toe Western Boots


Applause for Ferrini for it has once again gained a spot in our top 10 list of best caiman boots out in the market. Functionality, but most especially character is what should be sought after in boots. And that is surely what this Ferrini men’s boot is giving its customers. A strong sense of masculinity is overpowering this specific model. From its highly emphasized caiman details of the boot’s foot, to its well- traced outlines of its embroidery in the shaft, its totality shouts a nobleman; a gentleman.

Those exotic boots are made from 100% leather. This model particularly features caiman print leather on the foot below an embellished 13 inches animal pelt shaft. The caiman print pelt overlay stresses out its very useful pull straps. Lather lining, two- timed stitch welt, and broad profile of its front are of its additional highly acclaimed attributes.

Few reasons given by the customers as to their rating is its perfect fit and great comfort. Strikingly attractive exterior profile gave the buyers a satisfied experience with Ferrini’s men boots. Cowboys and lads out there who are fond out there should be putting this product on their list for TO BUYs. With many thumbs up, this caiman boot is highly appraised, thus you should try this one on!

Who is it for?

If you are a practical guy looking for a pair of quality boots that will hold up well with daily use, consider buying the Print Crocodile S-Toe Western boots from top boot manufacturer Ferrini. Their leather lining allows for maximum comfort and durability. You can walk around in them all day and not feel a thing, regardless of your foot size. If you have relatively small or narrow feet, you can wear insoles or even thick socks and these boots will still fit comfortably. The actual boots themselves look a thousand times better than they do in photos. They have this classic appeal that will do well with a business suit or with a pair of distressed jeans.

10. Dan Post Cowboy Boots Men’s Birmingham Western Boots


Now were up to the final ten of our top 10 list. Those Birmingham dan post Western Boots may be on the last spot but it still has garb on it as it is produced from Dan Post’s famous cowboy boots collection.  This is surely where the famous “last but definitely not the least” line would come up. This model displays modesty on boldness. The boot’s exterior look gives out an impression of masculinity and nobleness. Cowboys and galls out there should try this one on ‘cause it definitely is a good boot to flaunt.

Aside from how well this product looks, it is notable in Dan Post’s products that they value not just good appearances, but also their boot’s quality. This men’s boot features a 13 inches Bay Apache shaft made of leather over a striking scales, rim cut caiman skin on its main foot covering. It is equipped with full leather lining that ensures sturdiness on the outside yet comfort on the inside. It also has a ¾ single stitched welt, sole nails of solid brass, and a smoothly pointed toe profile.

Those caiman boots are suited for any arduous indoor or outdoor activities such as hitting either the cityscape or the country side; the est way to do it is the Dan Post style. It is made from genuine quality of Caiman skin thus it’s durable and it would definitely last long. The beautifully styled and tonal embroidery of its intricate shaft gives it an attractive western appeal. Its pull straps on the boot’s opposite sides are very useful, and its foamed insole gives comfort on any time and any places.

Customers have noted that the product looks way better than how they imagined it to be. The texture of the boot is super smooth and supple, the instep and the vamp are as good as the descriptions have provided. Unlike most criticisms on caiman boots, the leather used on this product is super soft and flexible in contrast to the ones used in usual and common western boots. They weigh justly compared to others that drag. They are shiny as pulled out of the box and can further be polished to maintain it. The exterior is exquisite and the totality of the product made the customers happy at what low price they have purchased it.

Who is it for?

Dan Post’s Birmingham Western boots are for men who are willing to invest in a pair of unbelievably handsome footwear with incredible comfort and durability to match. They successfully fuse classic Western feel with modern elements. The tiled flank vamp and the delicately embroidered upper look super stylish, making this product undeniably one of the most beautiful ones we have seen recently. With genuine leather for lining, heels, soles, and uppers, these Dan Posts are as comfortable as they are luxurious. They come with shock-absorbing heel pads, too, so you can take them for a long walk and feel like you are wearing a comfy pair of running shoes. You can’t say that about a lot of exotic leather boots.

Boots are not just one of the world’s basic footwear. It is also an art that must be examined in extensive detail. So if you’re scrolling here to know about boots, or even to know MORE about these footwear, then don’t stop scrolling and get informed on the very enormous world of boots and especially caiman boots!




How to Choose a Good Leather Boot

If It’s Fashion Over Function

Even if you are looking more at the physical attractiveness of a pair of boots, it is not enough to just look at photos or read reviews from people who have only had the same product for a day. This will probably only work if you are not very particular about your money’s value, if you are looking for a pair that you are only going to wear once, or if you are looking for a nice-looking pair to give away as a gift. Otherwise, you have to take other things into consideration. When it comes to choosing good-looking boots, you have to keep quality in mind as well. What is the product made of? Sure, it looks nice, but will it stay that way after a few months of usage? For example, when looking at leather boots, do not be contented with a product that says it is made of “leather” because that can mean a lot of things–including low-quality ones. If you want top quality leather that sports a rugged kind of appeal and gets more handsome as it ages, look for full grain leather. A close second is top grain leather, which holds up well and looks good, but not as good as full grain leather. Genuine leather is okay, but not for high-stress boot parts. Meanwhile, comparing bonded leather to full grain leather is like comparing fiberboards to real wood. Bonded leather is compressed leather bits and shavings. Try to stay away from those if you can.

If It’s Function Over Style

Attention to function is what made heritage footwear brands what they are today, so it only makes sense to turn to them when looking for boots that will do the job. Pay attention to the materials that go into the soles, the insoles, and the lining. Rubber soles are best for heavy-duty work in bad weather. Try to invest in even just a pair of resoleable boots. They will do the job for you today, and throughout your and your grandkids’ lifetimes. When looking into insoles, you have more options. Manufacturers have developed technology that allows for comfort for any foot shape and size. The lining also matters because it greatly affects the boots’ durability and comfort. Find a pair with high-quality leather lining.

Now that you already know the line of the best quality of Caiman boots there is, the problem would arise then at how you would be choosing from the vast array of products available. Well, rest assured, it all boils down to what you want and what you are most comfortable with.

People usually lean their choices on how they want to use the footwear. For those who would use it for work, they tend to choose among the ones that are highly durable and comfortable, the exterior profile aside. For those who would just use it as outside- footwear, their first glance would be on what would look better.


Women’s leather boots mostly revolve around casual, formal, classy or seductive. What ladies would most likely do is that they’d choose on what would best fit for their personality, outfit or for their wardrobe. Slouch boots are flexible and it would look good on everyone. Western boots or cowboy boots fits perfectly on casual events; they can be worn with dresses, skirts, shorts, pants or jeans. A military boot gives out a more rugged look for those who prefer to be edgy. Although there are some who believe that its fine to suffer for beauty, comfort should always be on the checklist in choosing a good leather boot. You should watch out for a good ankle and arch support.

While most of the idea on men’s boots caters more towards functionality rather than style, there are still a wide range of good looking boots available to work perfectly with casual and formal outfits. Boots should always be comfortable as you choose them; it must fit as you like it around the foot, ankle and leg, with sufficient support in the ankle and arch. Men’s boots are made from a variety of leathers, and few of the quality pelts are cowhides, suede, alligator pelt, snake leather and ostrich skin.


The precision of the sizes available for boots vary enormously among manufacturers and designs. One of the best ways to be sure that the boot is a perfect fit is to basically try wearing them on. When, you are an online shopper, that would be complicated. So you could just simply measure your feet’s size and ask the seller for the measurement of the insides of the boot.

Ordering Boots of the Right Size Online

Your normal shoe size is usually not the same as your boot size because the boot’s heel, material, toe, and other parts can affect the way the boot fits you. Going over online reviews is a good way to have an idea of what size you should get. In many cases, different buyers report having to reorder their boots to get the same number of sizes above or under what they ordered. You can also consult the manufacturer directly and ask for sizing advice. They should more or less have a general idea of which boot sizes correspond with which normal shoe sizes. Finally, you can view boot sizing charts and guides online. Some footwear manufacturers and department store websites have these to help customers who are ordering online.


Since the early times boots, have been renowned to be significant in its function as foot wears. Boots are distinguished from other types of shoes by the fact that boots cover the feet and the ankles, and sometimes even higher than that. Regular shoes however cover the feet but usually don’t go higher than the ankles. Shoes are particularly made to shape the feet. Shoes and boots also are also discernible by recognizing their functions. Shoes generally work to protect the feet but most importantly it functions to give comfort to the feet from day to day laborious activities.

Basically, boots are worn to protect the feet and legs, most especially from extreme conditions such as mud, water, extreme cold, scorching heat, and hazards. Boots may also serve as an additional support to the ankle for doing long day strenuous activities. Of course, in today’s time, boots are widely known to be worn as a fashion. For some substantial reasons, there are cases when wearing of boots is required by laws and as a directive to a certain time or condition. These instances include the workers on construction sites, having boots as a uniform regulation, and recommended for motorcycle riders.

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Parts of a Boot

The top or the shaft is the part that wraps around your ankles and legs. It is where most of the artistic details are found. The vamp is the panel covering the top of your foot Also called ear pulls, the boot’s pulls are the loops sewn onto the sides of the shaft. You hold on to them to get the boots on. Nowadays, you normally see over-the-top pulls. Fancier boots have the pulls sewn inside of the shaft. The inlay is the material sewn into the top. The more intricate the stitching and the more detailed the inlay design is, the fancier the boots are.Piping conceals the vertical stitching that holds the shaft’s panels together. High-end boots have elaborate stitching along the piping. When buying boots, one of the first things you hear about is the toe–square toe, D-toe, J-toe, etc. This is the part that, well, covers your toes. They come in different shapes to cater to different foot shapes and types and activities. Finally, the bottom consists of the outsole, the insole, and the shank cover.


That is how to distinguish pelts from alligator, crocodile and Caiman. So if you are planning to purchase boots made from that particular choice of animals, you would know what to be certain of what you want. Also knowing the qualities of their skins will help you be aware of what you are getting for what you pay for. There will be cases when the product has a tag that says “alligator” skin when in fact it really is not, and it is actually made from a lower class of animal pelt. In some cases, the label to a product tells you that it is made from genuine animal skin when what they’re actually offering you is a printed and synthetic product.  So beware so that you won’t be paying a price so high while getting a low rated product.  


Traditionally, boots are made using leather or rubber. In the modern time, the material that makes up the boot varies to suede, plastic and several other materials. However, most of the boot enthusiasts go for leather because of its texture, unique style and durability. Leather boots are mostly made of alligator, crocodile and caiman skin.

Alligators, crocodiles and caimans all are part of the Crocodilian kin. The difference among them relate to their scale in their products’ final look, usefulness and durability. These variations are the basis of producers’ final pricing and the buyers’ final rating.


Alligator skin is the highest quality of outlandish skins utilized to make boots and other leather products. Boots made from alligator pelt are extremely expensive because there are very few alligators in the world. Alligators can only be found in the freshwater wetlands of Eastern Texas through Florida, the Southeastern section of the United States of America.

Also, what makes alligator hides costly are their skins’ quality with regards to the texture, softness, compactness, and homogeneity of patterns in their skin. Alligator pelts are softer and more pliant. This quality makes the alligator skin easier to cut, stitch and fold. The alligator’s skin’s softness makes it more malleable to fondle than other reptile hides. Furthermore, the alligator’s skin’s lack of bone makes it trouble-free to give a glossy even dye

Trying to differentiate alligator skin from that of the other skins would be difficult for amateur eyes. But the skin of the alligator is more expensive looking and that is one of the main reasons why products made from such skin are highly priced.

The key variance in alligator skin is its umbilical scar on its belly, which may resemble to a belly button in humans. Crocodiles don’t have these. This scar in the center of their bellies looks similar to a group of minute scales in a pyramidal shape. Also, alligators’ belly scales have a tendency to be more squared in form than that of the crocodiles’, thus it is mostly preferred than the latter.  Most of the times, designers feature this unique streak in certain areas of their finished product to serve as a proof of its authenticity in using the alligator skin. Usually, this alligator scar is placed in the center of the foot in boots made from alligator pelt.

Caring for Alligator Leather






Crocodiles, on the other hand, can be found all over the world. It inhabits both on fresh water and on salt water. Nile crocodile is the world’s most common species of crocodile. Other crocodile species is the Porosus crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus) which highly resembles the alligator. The skins of the Nile crocodile are often sold at a lower selling rate than that of the alligator but the skin of Porosus crocodile are rated highly because it’s as rare as the alligators too.

Caring for Crocodile Leather









Boots vary in style and in its length. Significantly, most boots cover the feet and the ankles. There are also some which cover up to the person’s calf. Some also extend up to the legs, the knee (knee high boots), the thigh (thigh length boots) or even to the hips (hip boots). Most of the time, boots have heels that are notably distinguishable from the sole while there are also those which soles are elevated from the ground (wedge boots).

Styles of boots vary widely as time passes. Chelsea boots are ankle high that are close fitted with a flexible side panel. Modern Chelsea boots are attached with side zippers instead of side panels. Mukluks are soft boots intended to protect the feet from the cold weather. These boots were originally made of reindeer hide or seal skin, worn by Arctic Aboriginal natives.

Wellington boots are better known as the modern rubber boots. This type of boot was made popular by Arthur Wellesley and is famously used footwear during hunting and outdoor activities by British aristocracy. Rigger boot is a certain type of boot that’s usually worn as slip-on safety footwear. This boot is usually a in a tan color, goes just about the leg and includes a steel toe cap as protection. It is coined rigger boot because of the fact that these boots are originally the standard distribution for laborers on off-shore oil rigs. Today, rigger boots are usually worn by physical workers as a customary work boot.  

Work Boots

Any worker who works in ranches, factories, and other rough and dirty areas understand the necessity and appreciate the value of well-made work boots. They help you get around and get the job done while protecting your feet and ankles the entire time. Even after long hours and many days of hard labor, neither your feet nor your work boots will show significant wear and tear. Many work boots can be resoled. Just like a good machine, first-rate work boots are made to withstand usage bordering on the abusive and are designed to serve men and women who are in serious, hard labor.

Hiking Boots

There are many types of hiking boots that suit different kinds of outdoor areas and activities. This is what makes selecting the right kind of hiking boots crucial. Failure to do so can result in a painful accident. Despite coming in different styles, hiking boots put an emphasis on ankle support, cushioning technology, and protection from the elements. Hiking boot manufacturers are also increasingly developing lightweight models that help the wearer with mobility.

Dress Boots

Dress boots are the distant cousins of stilettoes. Although they do perform the basic functions of shoes, they are worn more for style than for function. You can find rugged-looking ones, downright dressy styles, and every other style in between to enhance any ensemble. They are usually worn to smart casual events and formal parties, but can also be worn to work, dates, and pretty much every single time you want to dress up. Dress boots are usually short leather boots that cover only up to your ankles. As a general rule of thumb, wear slip-on dress boots if you are spending the day sitting behind a desk or flying from one airport to another. Go for lace-up dress boots if you will be doing a lot of walking around.


Russian Boot

Russian boot is a name that pertains to a calf or knee-length boot worn by women as fashion.  Today, Russian boots refer to the low heeled trend boots used by traditional dancers. Another boot that originated from Russia is the Valenki boot. Valenki boots are wool felt-based footwear traditionally worn by Russians. This boot is usually worn together with galoshes to prevent the water from entering into the boot and to avoid its sole from wearing and tearing, since it is apparently non water resistant footwear.

Cowboy Boot

Cowboy boots pertain to a particular style of riding boots, known to have been originally used by cowboys. Generally, these boots have Cuban heels, curved to a pointed toe, with a high shaft with no lace. However, cowboy boots are dived into two categories, the western or the classic style and the roper. The classic cowboy boot is differentiated a high shaft that goes at least mid-calf, it goes with an angled heel which is normally more than one inch high, and its signature toe that’s narrow and pointed. The roper has a tiny shaft that goes above the ankle but just before mid-calf. It is with a very low and squared heel formed to the boot’s sole which usually is less than one inch high. The roper boot’s toe is usually rounded but there are also those which are square in form. Ropers are usually produced in lace-up pattern that allows a better fit around the ankle and prevent it from sliding off.  


Finally, caimans are particularly smaller in size of the crocodilian family. These species live in Central and South America. The Caimans are usually called “Columbian Crocodiles”. Caimans are easily bred and grown for their skin, that’s why many divulge in raising their species for their skin. Experts in examining exotic skins can easily tell that Caiman skin is less of a quality in contrast to that of the alligator because their pelt is not as soft and smooth. Their scales are also smaller and don’t have that same lavish look as the alligator skin. Their pelts are easily identifiable by their hollow marks on its tiles and their tiles are usually concave in form. In addition, Caiman skin tends to be drier. Products out of Caiman skin are less costly for that particular reason. However, the quality of their skins isn’t that far behind from the alligators’ so many are still interested in farming Caimans. Caimans are treated as a less priced alternative to alligator and Porosus crocodile in making hide boots that’s why their skin are more highly demand compared to the others. Their skins are easily produced because farming Caimans are simple, thus the supply of Caiman skins are high. This is the reason why many business inclined individuals tend to lean more on making boots out of Caiman skin.

Caring for Caiman Leather







An advantage Caiman skin can have over the alligator skin is that its skin tends to be more structured than the softer skins. This animal’s skin also has a more natural look since its rich in calcium skin makes it less easy to dye. Furthermore, the Caiman’s bony skin gives it a more patterned effect that might be more attractive to look at for others.

Boots made from the skins of exotic animals are proven to last longer than other materials. Every product made from alligator, Nile or Porosus crocodile, and Caiman is as noteworthy and as durable as the other.  Just because a boot from a Caiman skin much less expensive than that of an alligator skin, it doesn’t mean that the product would last less long. Remember, it not just the skin that matters; budget, preference and aptness must be noted too.

As we have mentioned earlier, caiman leather is relatively cheaper compared to crocodile and alligator leather. This does not mean that caiman skin is of inferior quality, though. Part of the reason caiman leather is more affordable is that caimans are not as hard to find. There are farms where caimans are grown specifically for their skin. The fact that caiman leather is not as soft or pliable as crocodile and alligator leather does not make caiman skin low-quality. In fact, its rigid body is highly ideal for boots, handbags, and other items that need to hold their shape. Also, although caiman leather has smaller tiles, it does have deeper ridges that give it more character and personality. The Hornback, for instance, is favored by some manufacturers and designers because of their distinctive scales, which add to the final product’s appeal. Finally, caiman leather has a rich history behind it. Back in the 30’s and the 40’s, it became a popular raw material for women’s handbags, briefcases, and small items.