Dan Post Women’s CC Bluebird Western Boot Review: Slaying That Cowgirl Look

Nowadays, most women want to stand out in a crowd no doubt – pull off a classic yet elegant look for instance. But it’s no fad; since time immemorial, women have been dressing from head to toe to impress. And yet, if you want to nail a superb look that simply leaves everybody staring at you, wearing a Post Women’s CC Bluebird Western Boot might just get the job done.

A bluebird may be but a small bird that may hardly catch your attention as much as an eagle would. On the other hand, this Bluebird from Dan Post may make you stand out in a crowd. Chances are, the conversation may fall about your footwear the moment you enter a room.

To help you out in your quest for a quality cowgirl boots, we give you a comprehensive review about Dan Post Women’s CC Bluebird Western Boot. This should allow you to check and see if this boot fits your style and is worth your money. Read on.

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Detailed Review of Dan Post Women’s CC Bluebird Western Boot

You may not realize it yet but Dan Post Women’s CC Bluebird Western Boot is designed to win your heart just like that. Truly, it’s one drop-dead stunner – to a large extent as most of its owners can attest.

Yes, you may not find a pair of shoe that shines in all its majesty but the Bluebird isn’t your everyday shoes. The copper leather boot with a touch of vintage turquoise top may be all sanded and matte. But that muted black provides just the right background for all the beauty.

The secret to this Dan Post’s beauty can be traced to all the overlays and inlays all over the shoes. Chance are, you’ll find the whole ensemble of a shoe simply jaw-dropping.

For starters, you have a well-crafted tan wingtip overlay on the boot’s leather foot. Added to that is another tan overlay at the collar. Top it all with a shaft filled with an ensemble of a bluebird, flowers and whatnot and you have a beautiful striking design that’s bound to catch compliments in any room you get into.

Dan Post is truly pushing the envelope on this one.

It may be for the ladies but the Dan Post Women’s CC Bluebird Western Boot is one classic example of how a Dan Post offering should be.

Even better, you get the handcrafted cushioned comfort so typical of a Dan Post product.

Then again, there are build issues that seem to loom large and the perennial fit issues from some users. Overall, however, these are few and far between. Meaning: they could be a drop in the bucket.

For if you compare that with all those who vouch how much joy and happiness they’ve gotten ever since they’ve met this pair, then it’s a no-brainer.



Handcrafted leather

Comfortable fit

Comfortable fit

Easy on pull straps


​Fashion-friendly boot

Top quality boot​



Fitting / Sizing issues

Color Choice Issues

Best Features

Durable: Meant to Last


Dan Post Women’s CC Bluebird Western Boot is one of the most wanted boots because of its durable feature. This boot is made of pure leather that makes it flexible and durable. Leathers are created using material by the skin of the animals.

Further, you’ve got here a double welted construction for a pair of shoes. That’s as solid and strong as you want your shoes to be.

Stunning Design and Color Combination

It’s but natural; as a consumer, you tend to look for pair of shoes that strikes you most through its designs and colors. You want something that will not only be comfortable but also suitable to your tastes.

And the beauty of the Bluebird could be its greatest come-on. The intricacy of a shaft and a vamp with all the overlays and inlays combines to provide a design that’s simply as attention grabbing as you want them to be.

The combination of the chocolate and turquoise color of Dan Post Women’s CC Bluebird Western Boot makes it more striking to look at. The touch of tan of chocolate gives the fierce and strong image while the turquoise gives the brightness and the exposure of the boot.

Overall, it’s one eye magnet that could be too strong for anyone to resist.

This unique design is one confidence booster tough to top. Adding beauty in all this is the bluebird and red heart crafted design on the boots making it unique and attractive at the same time.


Another special feature for Dan Post Women’s CC Bluebird Western Boot is its comfortability. It has a squared-heel that will give you a better grip at posture. Not to mention better space for wider feet.

In effect, you will be comfortable in using this boot while walking on some sandy, muddy, snowy places since this is a squared-heel boot. Additionally, this will also give you protection in a hot or cold areas.

If you are someone who doesn’t used to wearing high heeled boot but still wanted to pull off a unique style and western image then Dan Post Women’s CC Bluebird Western Boot could be just the right one for you.

Thanks to the Ultimate Gel-Flex Insole technology from Dan Post greater comfort for your feet awaits you. That’s legendary comfort at your beck and call.

Confidence Booster

A lot of people say that what you are depends on the shoes that you wear. Most women gain that confidence in the way they look and how they look in front of other people.

Some are comfortable in wearing high heeled shoes because it makes them sexier and gives them the height they want. But some just want some simple shoes that makes them comfortable in walking.

Since Dan Post Women’s CC Bluebird Western Boot is a uniquely beautiful yet largely comfortable footwear, this adds to the confidence you have always wanted. And yes, as aforementioned, if you are trying to pull off a vintage yet elegant look then Dan Post Women’s CC Bluebird Western Boot is just fit for you.

Wear this boot and you should be able to impress the people around you.

Even better, you can pair Dan Post Women’s CC Bluebird Western Boot with your denims or even laced or cocktail dresses. Or the bolder, cowgirl outfit with your cowgirl hat.






Our verdict

Overall, Dan Post Women’s CC Bluebird Western Boot is one beautiful must-have. If you are looking for something durable and elegant, then this boot is surely worth your hard-earned money.

Right off the bat, this Dan Post offering is bound to attract all the attention you need. What’s more you won’t have a hard time doing it as this is as comfortable as you want them to be. Really a treasure trove.

Of course, if you’re looking for a more rugged outfit, something that dons an exotic leather for instance, then the Bluebird may not be your cup of tea.

As for all the fit issues, a little adjustment when you order should do you good. If not, you may have to rely on a cobbler to get the job done. But why go through all the hassle when you can get through it fine, right from the onset.

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