Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy Equestrian Boot: It’s but Time You Ride in Style!

With this pair of Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy Equestrian Boots on, you are meant to ride in style and comfort. Not too loud, this one doesn’t’ wear the strong colors paraded by many exotic-leathered Western cowboy boots. But it’s a certified stunner too. Though not on the overly-aggressive side, this one is sleek but fully-loaded.

As expected, the color combination here is toned down a bit, symbolizing perhaps the class of a true equestrian rider. Still, this offering comes with all the benefits of a true blue Nocona leather. Further, cementing the hold of Nocona in a very competitive market. And making the dream of Lady Enid Justin to make quality leather available to a greater audience.

This Legacy could catch your eye, no doubt. If that’s the case, then you’re in luck. Here, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to get you to the bottom of the Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy Equestrian Boot. Read on.

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Detailed Review of the Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy Equestrian Boots

If you want to ride in style, then the Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy Equestrian Boots is the footwear to be. It’s stylish; it’s sturdy; it’s what a Nocona boot should be.

You may not have an exotic leather here – no crocodilian or ostrich leather on the vamp. But it’s simplicity speaks of confidence that’s tough to match.

It’s easy to be persuaded to buy an exotic cowboy boots. All that strange material on your shoes could fetch you a host of praises and compliments not otherwise possible with other pairs.

But when you want to get straight to business, a more simplistic approach should do it.

Yes, this Nocona Legacy is minimalistic. You can take a look at the vamp and find but the bare leather and a few stitches. But for a riding boot, that’s actually an advantage.

The matte look provides an easy-to-clean and hard-to-get-dirty surface. Giving you less of a down time.

Plus, you could put this boots on in formal occasions. In a wedding perhaps. Though not as universal as a black boots, the color combination here is unmistakably tough to beat.

The darker vamp provides a clear contrast to the lighter but shiny shaft. Even better, this shaft is filled with a well-crafted design that’s all in distinctive triad design. It’s all a mix of great combination, albeit under-toned.

What could be a real dealmaker for you here is the fact that this pair of Nocona is built to last. You not only deal with a fashion item here; you’re looking at one that should last.

Built on single stitched ¾ welt construction, this pair is sewn to last a long, long time – longer than otherwise.

What’s more you’re getting comfy fit here. As comfortable as you want it to be perhaps. That’s because you have quality leather from the very start. Not just any leather. But tough cowhide leather to match your exotic vamp.

If that weren’t enough put in the cushioned comfort that Nocona shoes are known for, and you should know why most everyone who gets this pair is all-praise, almost ecstatic.

Perhaps, because they know they’re getting more value for their hard-earned money.



Stunning one-of-a-kind design

Exotic caiman leather

USA Made

Leather sole

Cushion insole

​Leather lined

Double stitch welt​

Easy-on pull straps​

True size​



Build issues

Best Features of the Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy Equestrian Boots

Cool Attractive Design


This Nocona may not speak in the strongest of terms. It doesn’t have the boldness of exotic pairs nor the serious demeanor of shiny black boots, but in its own right, this Nocona shines.

The matte vamp sure looks like cowhide but it has a strong nature about it. Must be a tint of gold. The worn-out look speaks of toughness, of being rugged to get the job done.

And get the job done it does. To get your fashion to greater heights.

You might wonder why this pair has a square toe when equestrian boot should be round toe or nip toe to fit to the stirrups. Well, the answer to that is found in the evolution of cowboy boots.

Where before cowboy boots are but the territory of the working man, today it has taken on a fashion sense. High fashion to be exact.

And chances are, there are more people buying these boots who are doing it to up their style than those whore just doing it to get themselves ready for work.

Another key to this beauty, is the triad color combination. By observing this pattern, you get a design that’s pleasant to look at.

Comfortable Wear

It’s amazing how much comfort has become the center of the conversation when it comes to the Nocona Legacy boots. And the good news is most of them speak highly of their experience wearing the Legacy.

As most of them express how comfortable their journey with the pair on, it begs us to know why is that so. Before you get to look at these features, it’s important that you get to examine the material.

You see, first and foremost, it’s superior quality leather that makes it all happen. Without which, you won’t be able to get as comfy. It’s because quality leather (bovine or not) is supple and soft yet strong.

Further, you get key features that make this product offering from Nocona tough to beat. For instance, there’s that cushioned insole made famous by this legendary bootmaker. Add the easy-on pull straps and you have one pair which you can use in a jiffy.

Plus, you have cushioned comfort that should give you all the comfort you need as you strut your style along.

Sturdy Lasting Pair

Another key ingredient to this Nocona broth is solid construction or quality build. This is in fact one of the original tenets of what Lady Justin wanted in her boots. And indeed today we stand witness on how much attention to detail have been given to these shoes.

First stop, know that you’re looking at double stitch welt construction here. No argument there. That method can be the most reliable way to stitch things together.

Affordable Price

And as promised by its founder, Nocona has become a beacon for people who want to make the most bang for their bucks. Not only are you getting a pair that’s fashionable and long-lasting, you have one within reach.






What you get in the package

You get your Nocona in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you’ll find:

Our verdict

With the Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy Equestrian Boot, you get one sleek design that should let you ride ins style and comfort. As much as this is an equestrian boot meant to get you on them horses and what-not, this one is an item of fashion.

What separates this one from the rest is its toned-down cool color. You won’t see the rather aggressive make-up of an exotic boots here. Rather, you have a cool combination of the hues of brown that with a contemporary square should let your foot into any stirrup.

The color is not bold but it’s distinctive. The triad design simply speaks of a calm confidence, as opposed to the bolder stance of an exotic-leathered boot.

But this one is a true stunner, but not in an over-the-top way. Its cool confidence is bound to win you over.

Most importantly, this embodies the dream of Lady Enid Justin, the visionary behind Nocona. It’s sturdy and yet stylish. Comfortable yet long-lasting.

Then again, you may not want it’s subdued nature. If that’s the case, then you should widen your options.

Still the same, it’s not to say this one is not a good buy. At the price it’s at, you’d do yourself a huge disservice if you don’t take a closer look at the blessing in front of you.

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