Lucchese Men’s Mission: Out on a Mission to Hold Your Breath

Different folks, different boots. And yet, if you want to attract serious attention, strutting your wares in a Lucchese Mens Mission could be the closest you can get to making it happen.

The Western stitching on the shaft should tell you this pair of boots is not meant to be hidden in your wardrobe. No, sir. Rather, this one is made to flaunt it.

And you should take pride in wearing these Lucchese. Aptly this one is from the 1883 collection, a set of Luccheses to remind us how much good the vision of the founder himself, Sam Lucchese, Sr. is in general.

By creating iconic handcrafted boots, Lucchese has become a paragon of comfort and style.

You don’t have to be in Texas to wear this boot. Fact is, you’d shine all the more when you’re putting these on outside of that cowboy-infested land.

But don’t get us wrong. Not only is the highly-stylish, comfort is embedded to its very nature. You have the lightly cushioned leather insole for instance to start your day right.

Further, you get a leather outsole complete with rubber heel cap with this foot wear. No wonder the Lucchese Mens Mission has been branded as handsome.

Should you want to get to the bottom of it all and know why it’s a choice pair of Westerns, read on. It’s not called mission for nothing.

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Detailed Review of Lucchese Men’s Mission


When you talk about high fashion, this Lucchese is less likely to disappoint you. As a cowboy boots, the Mission could be a great company.

Its long shaft 12 inches in length tells you it’s a serious Western cowboy boot that could hold its own against more popular pairs. Maybe, even when you’re walking in Texas with all the cowboy boots challenging you.

This should go well with your jeans. But it’s also classic enough to be worn in office. The soft crocodile vamp may just pass as belonging to a much more civilized society.

Also note, even the flourish on the shaft is one of a kind. It doesn’t take on a very aggressive stance though. It’s just simply classic.

What could get your attention though is the great attention to detail that those who made the pair gave to come out with such a meticulously constructed boots. You can see this essence in the stitches and the way the boots is put together.

That’s what you get when you have the finest leather in the world in the hands of the best bootmaker that you can find. You get long-lasting durability.

Add all the comfort that the Mission entail and this could win your heart like no other. The insole for instance is complete with lightly cushioned leather. Top that with leathered outsole equipped with a rubber heel cap and you know this pair isn’t going to leave you anytime soon.

But its biggest come-on could be the crocodile belly vamp. It’s not everyday that you get to see one. Much less wear one.

To enjoy it all, however, you’d do well to make sure that you have the right measurements factored in before you order. The Mission should fit snugly on your instep. To do that you should factor thumb’s length into your foot height.

Do that and your journey with the Mission could be a joyful blissful one. Then, you can say the Mission completed.



Smooth, handsome classic Western look – 12 inch shaft

Real crocodile belly leather in vamp

Sturdy, meticulous construction that’s built to last: handcrafted by experts

Comfort is at the center of it all: side leather pull-on straps, leather insole/outsole



You will have to take good care of the leather (especially true with crocodile skin)

You need to put in the right numbers as foot measurements. If you don’t, you may have to stretch the leader via a cobbler

Best Features of Lucchese Mens Mission

Comfort as a Premium


There’s no question comfort is a great come-on with this buy. Though people may argue they might as well buy sneakers for easy no-fuss wear.

Note, however, that outside of Texas and of the southwest, wearing western boots like this Lucchese is a rarity. While almost everyone you know has a sneaker, people around you who dons cowboy boots are a handful.

And yet, this Lucchese has learned a thing or two from comfortable wear. For one, you get a side leather pull-on straps for easy foot entry. That’s not all, you got lightly cushioned leather insole to give your day added comfort.

Real Crocodile Exotic Leather

Crocodilian leathers may all come in tiles but you should know they’re world’s apart. As expected, crocodiles which are rarer and bigger to catch are much more valued than caiman’s.

Crocodile also has bigger tiles than its smaller relative. And much more pliable and smoother finish. Having crocodile skin as your vamp in this product offering tells you this could add more bang for your bucks.

All this means your vamp is a lot of softer compared to a caiman-vamped cowboy boots — an added come-on really.

Sturdy Construction

But don’t get fooled by all the beauty, this party animal is built to last.

The handsome Mission Lucchese boot is a certified 1883 collection. Telling you it embodies all the wonderful elements Sam Lucchese, Sr. wanted all his products to have. Top of that list: quality construction.

And you can’t fault this design. This is meticulously crafted just like the founder had it strong in his first creations. You can feel its strength in the smooth leather linings and the leather outsole that’s been outfitted with rubber heel cap to last the rigors of daily wear and tear.

Classy Handsome Design

Overall, the Mission shines with a classy handsome design. It’s not too eccentric, in a sense.

The elaborate stitched design speaks of power. But it doesn’t put on too much a show. The smooth finish of the vamp for instance that doesn’t harbor that roughness identified with hornback material gives you the impression of finesse.

Coming in Tan Burnished and Barrel Brown colors, the Mission can be a great eye-catcher. The good news is it doesn’t brag about it.

If you’re wanting to know which of the two color combinations is best for you, know that Barrel Brown is the shinier version while Tan Burnished colors appear drier overall.




What you get in the package

This Lucchese comes in a regular cardboard box. In this box is a more classy trademarked t box which contains the following:

Our verdict

The elegantly designed shaft complete with beautiful stitches that put on a great flourish, should tell you this Lucchese is out to grab attention. Compliment that with real exotic leather and you have one eye-catcher that maybe is a bargain buy too hard to resist.

If you’re sitting on the fence, the crocodile belly could be another major reason to turn you around. To note, real crocodile exotic skin is relatively a rarer find compared to caiman.

But that’s not everything Lucchese Men’s Mission has to offer. This cowboy boot is designed for all-day comfort too. That’s why you get the leather insole and outsole that built in to last. It may just prove to be a real treasure to add to your collection, if only you’ll find one that snugly fits your feet without any need of force to put on.

In more ways than one, it’s a classic. Handsome as many users call it. It isn’t too flashy using a crocodile belly for instance instead or a the thornier more noticeable hornback.

That could appeal well to you if you’re looking for a Western boot that’s not too loud. If you want something to really shout from the top of the mountain, this Lucchese may better belong to another.

It’s on a mission true. But it may not be your mission.

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