Lucchese Men’s Dustin Western Boot Review: True Blue Roper Boots with Class

Should you want to look cool in Western boots but don’t want to be as loud, then this roper boot may just fit the bill. The Lucchese Men’s Dustin Western Boot is manufactured to give you comfortable shoe wear that’s not too wild – something you can put on to your office perhaps.

Thus, you get a clean look with this pair. There’s no elaborate stitching for instance in the shaft. Instead, you get a more polished look with refined cording on the sides. Yes, if you have to call it a name, you may just call this roper boots handsome.

But don’t worry, you won’t be out of cowboy style with this pair of Luccheses on. The Dustin Western Boot may be called a western but truly, it’s a handsome roper boot.

You will still stand out, though. This pair brandishes real exotic leather. Not as rough as the hornback of the caiman crocodilian species but it’s still caiman, the softer less thorny side. For this one utilizes the belly portion of the specie to make the cut as a true blue exotic.

To know more of the Lucchese Men’s Dustin Western Boot, read on. We’d be discussing in full detail why this one could be the roper boot built to your liking.

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Detailed Review of Lucchese Men’s Dustin Western Boot


This Lucchese is the more formal version of the cowboy boot made famous in the Wild, Wild West.

For starters, you don’t see the stitched patterns that speak loudly at the shaft for instance. In its stead, you get a laced up shaft.

Further, the shaft is shortened. Where cowboy boots traditionally can reach up to 12 inches in length, here you get but 10.75 inches of it. That tells you this is a different animal.

Aside from this, you get a less arched heels. Where heels in the modern cowboy boot could reach up to over an inch, here you get less than that. Plus, it goes flatter.

Such a design allows a more stable walk. The laced up shaft gives you greater control on your boots and therefore less slippage.

Overall, you don’t get a very animated boots that you’ll find in cowboy boots. As mentioned, it’s not too loud.

This is spot on if you’re gunning for a cleaner look. One you’d like to bring at the office perhaps.

But don’t get us wrong. The Lucchese Men’s Dustin Western Boot is a true Lucchese exotic boot.

First stop, you’re dealing with real exotic leather. Your vamp for one is not just any run-of-the-mill leather. Rather it’s a crocodilian’s skin, coming from caiman.

Then again, this Lucchese pair’s caiman skin tones down in texture. Unlike many classics which uses the hornback or the back of the amphibious animal, you get its belly skin.

That tells you a lot about how to treat this high-fashion exotic boots. It may not be shouting from the top of the mountains that you’ve arrived in your circle. Instead, it’s comfortably clean telling everyone of your presence without much fanfare.

Note, even its sole is pure leather, giving you walking comfort.

Further, you won’t see much of those off-the-usual square toe common to many cowboy boots. Instead, you get a pair with rounded toes.

All this tells you this one is sleek. It gives you a classier feeling, albeit a subdued one. In place of being too loud, you’re getting one that’s clean and classy.

It may not appeal to conventional Wester cowboy fan. If you’re looking for something that will just about fit in the office, this one is spot on.

The good news is its safer and more stable, telling you this is Lucchese could be a steal. You’re getting more bang for your bucks.

This may not be in the tradition of “El Presidente”, the cowboy boots that President Harry Truman got but it could give you the more dapper look that you’ve been pining for.

Then again, you need to set your measurements straight. In this case, you should factor in adjustments to your foot length. A thumb’s length should be do you good.

Many who do their measurements haphazardly end up with unnecessary heartache, finding a pair of nice-looking boots that need extra force to wear everytime. The leather’s stretchable but stretching it too fast too much can be a formula for disaster.



Cleaner, no-nonsense look

Exotic caiman belly for a smoother vamp

Shorter, flatter heels for a more stable walk

Shorter shaft than cowboy boots: 10.75 inches low

More office-looking boot



Not as attention-grabbing as cowboy boots

Exotic leather may need extra attention

Best Features (400)


Sleek Design


This Lucchese pair may not have the pompous nature of traditional cowboy boots. That’s because this is a roper boot, to be exact. Ropers are designed to be cool, less ambitious.

And this could be to your advantage, should you want to don it in the office. You have shorter boot shaft that’s 10.75” from the arch, inches lower than Lucchese cowboy boots. Usually, roper boot shaft stops above the ankle but still before the middle of a person’s calf.

Further, you have a more manageable heel size. It’s flatter, shaped to the form of the sole of the boot, making it more stable heel unlike the highly arched Western cowboy boots.

And true to nature, you won’t see the traditional stitches so common to Lucchese boots. Instead you get a lace-up design giving you a better ankle fit, better hold which could result in less slip off.

Handcrafted Comfort

Don’t fret, though. This pair is a true blue Lucchese, built to perfection by expert hands.

Yes, for this product is another handcrafted tradition of the brand that Sam Lucchese Sr. built since 1883.

Clearly, you can see the expert craftsmanship in the fine finish of the product. It may not have stitched finish on the shaft which traditionally adds color to a cowboy boots.

Instead, you’re getting a laced-up shaft. That may not come out as eye-catching without the contrast-laden stitching present in many Luccheses but that only means you get a better shot at safety.

The laced-up side means you have a better handle to your shoes. Better handles means less slippage.

Made of Exotic Softer Leather

First stop, you’re getting real leather. Exotic leather, for that matter. And not just some everyday stuff that won’t stand out.

The vamp of the Lucchese Men’s Dustin Western Boot is made of caiman skin. It’s not the hornback, rougher side. Rather you’re getting the smoother belly side.

This gives you a classier appearance. That should come out as loud but not as loud as traditional cowboy riding boots.

Cleaner Finish

Instead of a more ambitious approach, you’re looking at a pair with a cleaner more subdued overall look. No wild fire stitches on the side.

The shaft speaks clean. With its dark look (one many attribute as burgundy) that’s blemish-free, the shaft evokes of a classier feeling.

Further, the exotic leather boasts of the gentler belly of the caiman. Where it lacks the roughness of the hornback, this one dons the smoothness of the belly. It’s still tiled but not as calcium-infested.





What you get in the package

This Lucchese comes in a regular cardboard box. In this box is a more classy trademarked t box which contains the following:

Our verdict

When you’re gunning for a classier, less loud pair of boots, then you can’t go wrong with this Lucchese. With its more formal look, this one could make you the center of attention in the office.

After all, the Lucchese Men’s Dustin Western Boot is a true blue Lucchese. Its vamp for one is made of pure crocodilian leather. Instead of the rough calcium-infested hornback, you’re getting the belly of the caiman. All this beauty, however, should tell you: You should make doubly sure you’re getting the right fit delivered to your door.

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