Lucchese Men’s 1883 Logan Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot: Legendary and Sleek

You can attract attention with wide-brimmed ‘sombreros’ when you’re out in the streets. But in the office, that head gear could be a no-no. If you want to attract serious attention wherever you are, at work or at play, donning a Lucchese Men’s 1883 Logan Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot may just cut it.

To boot, the vamp is made of belly caiman leather. This gives you a smoothed appearance, something you won’t get with a hornback equivalent. Add a fancy stitched leather shaft and you get a smooth definite finish that’s has made this offering legendary.

Lucchese since it started has become the iconic symbol of quality Western foot wear. From the moment Sam Lucchese, Sr. , the founder, made that timely decision way back in 1883 – digging deep into his shoemaking expertise to produce reliable wear. Everyone who received a Lucchese viewed it as a gift, more often than not.

And so it is with this Lucchese cowboy boot. Its extra long shaft that’s glowing in wonderfully made stitches speaks of an uncanny ability to attract praise to stir a conversation. This help explain why the boots company is top of the heap for years now.

And you could be like those lucky few U.S. Army soldiers who got a first taste of Lucchese craftsmanship when they were serviced by the great founder himself way back in 1883. This caiman belly cowboy boot could set you apart from the rest.

If you’re wondering what’s in store when you own the 1883 Men’s collection from one of the most established brand for exotic shoes, then hop on. Our review on the Lucchese Men’s 1883 Logan Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot should get you started.

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Detailed Review of the Lucchese Men’s 1883 Logan Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot


Western cowboy boots have an uncanny way to get the looks you want. Must be the reason why actors have worn them, flaunted them as a symbol of adventure and daring. James Dean, Marlon Brando and the iconic Clint Eastwood, you bet have worn them like they’re part and parcel to their lower appendages.

And not to be left out, American presidents have worn them too. And for that matter, actor presidents. Foremost example is Ronald Reagan.

In this regard, the Lucchese Men’s 1883 Logan Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot certainly makes the cut as a serious cowboy boots. The flaming flourish stitched by human hands with precision on its shaft affirms such classic elegance.

Again, you need not be in a Texan ranch wrangling cows to make the most of this offering. Though certainly, you can join the rodeo and you should look good.

The robust make-up of this cowboy boot from Lucchese makes it a certifiable 1883 classic collection. That’s what you get when you have double-stitched welt for instance. Add leather lining and block heel and you could join the ranks of a cowboy farm in no time.

Cowboy boots are a joy to put on. You need not lace up. You just slide them in.

With this Lucchese 1883 classic, this gets even better with added easy-on pull straps. Putting them to use should be a breeze.

For serious boot fans, however, the fact that this offering dons a belly vamp could be a issue. Those who value the roughness of the hornback which packs a pleasant surprise with all its calcium bumbs may find the smoothness of the belly a bit unpleasant.

But that’s not to say this Lucchese isn’t a headturner. It’s not called legendary for nothing. You should take a cue from the 13-inched shaft.

Frankly, that’s an inch higher than most Luccheses, telling you this one may just sit a notch above the rest.

Lest we forget, know that you should take time to get your measurements right when placing an order. The best fit comes only with proper adjustments being factored in. The rule of the thumb is to put about a thumb’s length additional adjustment.



Extra long shaft: 13 “ complete with flaming stitches

Handcrafted to emulate the 1883 collection

Sturdy reinforce design: block heel, double stitched welt

Paragon of comfort: easy on pull straps

Real exotic leather from caiman belly

Tried and tested product offering: legendary​



Size could be an issue if you don’t factor ample space adjustment

Best Features


Smooth Caiman Belly Exotic Leather


If you’re talking striking smooth, then this belly vamp from this Lucchese Men’s 1883 Logan Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot is spot on. The folds put up a uniform clean finish as it approaches the toes.

That’s additional bragging rights for you telling all your friends and admirers out there that you’re wearing true blue exotic cowboy boots. That they’re cowboy boots is one thing; that they’re made of exotic material is another.

You’re putting yourself on high-fashion. As you may have noticed by now, exotic leather comes at a price – too high for some. In this sense, this cowboy boot is a steal.

Mind you, you’re getting not the rather thorny hornback caiman leather. Rather, you have the smoother part. On the down side, it could be a letdown for those who want the aggressive nature of the hornback.

Handcrafted to Endure

Here, you’ll see why expertise truly matter in producing a stellar brand. The handcrafted tradition that Sam Lucchese, Sr. started has set the bar for cowboy boots that last through time.

And true enough, this Lucchese is built to last. For one, you’re getting a double stitch welt for added shoe strength.

For the uninitiated, a double welt is getting your shoes a more reliable construction. This connects the upper to the outsole.

The cheapest shoes for instance use an adhesive for construction. It’s fast and not as reliable. Apparently, not with this Lucchese offering.

Fancy Yet Smooth Design

Like most Lucchese boots, this one doesn’t run out of eye-popping design. The intricate stitches for one on the shaft can speak for themselves. When you check on them, they seem to glow even in broad daylight. Like some flame of sorts.

Add the smooth finish of the caiman belly vamp and you have one boots that’s pleasing – if not downright alluring.

Added Comfort

Truly, this Lucchese is a bonafide member of the 1883 collection. Not only in its overall design and great appeal. It’s also one built with added comfort in mind.

Easy-on pullstraps for instance makes putting the shoe on a breeze. Plus, you get a updated square toe that should give your feet bigger breathing space.




What you get in the package

Inside Lucchese trademarked box, you’ll find the following:

Our verdict

When you want to push the bar a notch higher in the attention-grabbing department, donning a Lucchese Men’s 1883 Logan Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot could be instrumental. Chances are, the fancy stitching that seems to glow in the even in the day can be a great conversation starter getting people around you talking.

Add the smooth finish of the belly vamp and this one may just be as distinguished as you want it to be. This should be a good addition to your wardrobe.

However, if you’re a die-hard cowboy boots fan who wants these foot wear to scream for attention, this Lucchese 1883 Cowboy Boot may come a bit under-toned – lacking the roughness and mystery of a hornback. Still, it won’t come short when you talk about getting more bang for your buck.

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