Lucchese Men’s 1883 Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot: Built to Make You Look Great!

This one’s such a beauty, people who have encountered the Lucchese Men’s 1883 Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot personally are wont to use superlatives when describing it. For your part, you may not realize this until you wear one for yourself.

There’s a fierce, ongoing debate on which is the best part of exotic crocodilian skin that’s suits best for boots: Is it the hardy back exterior dubbed as ‘hornback’ or is it the softer, more manageable ‘belly’ portion.

Each one has an advantage over the other, that’s for sure. When you talk about being smooth and predictable, you’d vote for the belly.

Outwardly, belly cowboy boots like this Lucchese still carry the wonder that people see in a foot wear that has been donned by countless cowhands all over the ranches of America.

But this 1883 caiman belly cowboy boot from Lucchese is a standout. If you were in college, this would be embodied by the football varsity player who has just won the university a national cup. He’s brimming with confidence and has the muscles to go with it.

You’d be beaming with pride too wearing such a piece, more likely than not.

Truly, the all-black combination of this cowboy boots speaks of ‘cool confidence’ that’s classic. It’s but apt, by the way, that this pair happen to be a bona-fide member of the 1883 classic boots – a tradition of shoe wear that traces itself from the time of Sam Lucchese, Sr. himself.

If you’re still mulling, unsure what to make of it, our Lucchese Men’s 1883 Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot review should get you started in the right direction. Read on.

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Detailed Review of Lucchese Men’s 1883 Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot (Square Toe)

If you want to shine in a cowboy boot, then the Lucchese Men’s 1883 Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot may just be the solution that you’ve been waiting.

Not only should it give you the looks even from afar, you’re bound to be the center of attention should you wear this to office (if you’re that brave).

Expect to be part and parcel of the cubicle conversation in no time. Truly, this combination of dark tops can simply be irresistible. Pairing this one with jeans or with denim shorts all the more highlight the wild, wild west inside you.

Careful though, this one is a glossy finish. Traditionally, the rough and tumble of the Western world has favored the more matte finish of the hornback crocodilian skin.

Hornback simply looks more daunting. More mysterious.

But this one’s using a belly skin, not the rougher hornback exterior.

Frankly, it’s like comparing a pit bull to a Great Dane dog. One inspires fear, the other inspires real friendship. Of course, different folks, different strokes.

The shiny vamp of this Lucchese offering should make you look dashing and dapper all at once. The well-stitched embellishment on the shaft adds to the allure of black.

Black is truly beautiful. That may not be an argument here. Such a sleek combination of shiny black vamp and matte black shaft may just be the final straw to win your heart over.


Real croc belly vamp: You get a shiny finish that’s sleek and dapper

Striking tamer look: Not as wild as a hornback-laden cowboy boots but very beautiful

Comfortable wear: Croc leather means softer more pliable leather

Handcrafted by expert hands: a true 1883 classic built to last


Belly leather means additional need for maintenance as it’s prone to attract dust and dirt

Emphasis on getting the right measurement; without proper adjustments you could be forcing yourself into the boots

Best Features of the Lucchese Men’s 1883 Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot

Beautiful in Black

Yes, black is alluring, no doubt. The combination of deep black caiman belly vamp and a more matte top reflects an elegance that’s hard to resist.

This pair of Luccheses may certainly be true blue Western boots. But it comes out as leaning to the more professional look. It won’t be hard for anyone to wear this one with a tuxedo.

And of course, this combination of black is simply commanding. It speaks of high fashion with a more decent look. In this sense, it could be a huge relief away from the traditionally loud cowboy boots.

Real Exotic Leather: Crocodile Belly

That could be this offering’s biggest strong point.

Most men go through life not having the luxury of trying a cowboy boots on. Sounds they’re missing a huge opportunity there.

How much more wear something that’s made of crocodile skin. Though you may say you’ll have to get into rodeo to make the most out of it. There’s nobody stopping you though.

If you’re sitting on the fence, know that you need not be a cowboy to wear cowboy boots. On the same token, you can’t say boater shoes are just for people who owns a private yacht.

Should you take on the adventure of wearing the Lucchese Men’s 1883 Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot, you immediately elect yourself to an elite group of men, one that enjoys all the attention the world has to offer.

Square Toed

You can go on an extended debate why square toed cowboy boots are spot on. But this distinct taper adds to the uniqueness that a Western cowboy boots bring.

And that’s another extra talking points for you for less-inclined men. Putting this Lucchese along side everyday shoes like sneakers is a surefire formula to put you on a pedestal, thanks to your out-of-this-world one-of-a-kind foot wear.

Just as there are styles out there that matches every taste you can imagine, you’re setting yourself apart with the product offering.

Just think. It just takes a portion of your boot, the front for instance, to be visible beneath your pants and everybody will know you’re walking with a unique pair of shoes.

Fantastic Yet Comfortable

All the visuals may get to you – making you forget of the essentials.

But beautiful designs and catchy, striking stitches aren’t just the only thing that Lucchese offers.

A walk back in time should tell us. Sam Lucchese, Sr. dreamed of cowboy boots that lasts as long as the owner.

When the first batch of Luccheses left production in 1883, the young Sam already was set on leaving a great mark on his U.S. Army customers. Above all, he wanted his boots to be as durable as can be.

Leave a mark he did.

And this enduring comfort has become the tradition by which Lucchese is known.

The good news is such a tradition is clearly apparent in this Lucchese Men’s 1883 Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot. You see all that in the double stitches and most especially in the double welt construction of the foot wear.

Thus, this cowboy boots aren’t just made to rock high fashion; this pair is a paragon of comfort.

What you get in the package

Your order comes in a Lucchese-trademarked special box which contains the following:

Our verdict

As tastes go, there is no one-shoe-fit-all solution to everyone’s fashion buds. That’s for sure. No matter how well-contrived and wonderfully-designed the foot wear, there will always be a segment of society that says otherwise.

In spite of this reality, the Lucchese Men’s 1883 Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot is a treasure find. That two-tiered combination of caiman belly in black topped by a shaft that’s also a superbly stitched dark tone produces a classic that should get you the satisfaction you need to strut around with pride.

And command all the attention you need.

As many before you has found out, this one rocks. And these users made sure the world knows by painting it all in superlatives.

Then again, if you’re no fan of caiman belly and your tastes go for the more matte caiman hornback, then this offering may not suit your style. You may in fact find the shiny finish of the belly vamp cumbersome as the need to clean it every now and then takes time – not to mention effort.

Also, if you’re tastes dictate the bigger tiles of a crocodile or alligator leather, then widening your options should be in order.

Still, we do believe keeping this one in your wardrobe is a steal – given its price contrasted to its long-list of benefits.

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