Lucchese Classics Men’s Rhys-Tan Riding Boot: As Western as You Want Them

When you get a good combination of leather, the formula seems to linger, you just can’t help it but another combination should be in order. Perhaps, this is another version of the horseman riding boot, but the Lucchese Classics Men’s Rhys-Tan Riding Boot is distinctly superb. Chances are, you’ll easily find this piece a classic that would appeal for years to come – straight from the house that Sam Lucchese, Sr. built.

If you’re a newbie in the cowboy boots department, you should know that wearing the iconic foot wear in wherever city in America you land is going to make you stand out. Yes, you need not be riding a horse just to command that much attention.

The sturdiness and fashion that comes into a genuine Western cowhand boots is a rare find.

How much more if you don this classic pair from Lucchese. If you haven’t already, know that this pair is made of true blue crocodilian leather. To be exact, it’s caiman hornback.

Now you may not know caiman hornback from Adam but all the bumps and irregularities that it brings can be deeply inviting – not to mention jaw-dropping.

And this one may just get you the serious attention you want without being losing too much precious dollars. That’s the beauty of this Lucchese. Exotic and yet affordable.

Take the striking stiches on the shaft complete with its dark brown color. That’s such a beauty, it could usher in incessant praise from your co-workers, granting you’re allowed to don one in the office.

If you’re mulling and still wanting to find out about exotic leathers, takingtime to know the difference would be a good thing. In this regard, knowing more about caiman leather for instance would be timely.

On the other hand, if you want to deepen your journey to enjoy this Lucchese, read on. Our detailed review below should get you going.​

If you’re mulling and still wanting to find out about exotic leathers, taking time to know the difference would be a good thing. In this regard, knowing more about caiman leather for instance would be timely.

On the other hand, if you want to deepen your journey to enjoy this Lucchese, read on. Our detailed review below should get you going.

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Detailed Review of Lucchese Classics Men’s Rhys-Tan Riding Boot

There’s a lot of reason why you’d choose the Lucchese Classics Men’s Rhys-Tan Riding Boot. Assuming you want to be a savvy dresser. But who doesn’t?

The good news with cowboy boots is they almost always get instant recognition. And along with that, the attention. The world is so full of sneakers and rubber shoes that each time you’d wear true blue cowboy boots, your attention grabbing potential rises.

Now, unless you’re walking in Texas or somewhere in a big, wide ranch, you should get your thing going. Think of cowboy boots as your holdout weapon, something to surprise your crowd like no other.

But Lucchese offerings aren’t your run-of-the-mill products. Ever since 1883, the time a young spirit called Sam decided to supply cowboy boots to the U.S. Army, his creations have become the standard by which everyone gets compared.

It’s no wonder many have found Lucchese as the top brand to beat.

And this Lucchese riding boot in particular is top of the line. It flaunts a hornback caiman vamp that’s as dashing as you want them to be. Perhaps, it’s the mysterious look but the hornback with all the irregularly shaped tiles is truly pushing the envelope when it comes to high fashion.

What sets this riding boot apart from its brethrens is the cool color combination. The darker shaft combined with the lighter-colored vamp speaks of a coolness that could add to the mystique surrounding this beauty.



Real exotic hornback caiman vamp leather

Double welt superior construction

Brilliant color combination

Complimentary color for easy pull-on



Fit can be an issue

Leather needs attention

May not be as intimidating as the black-colored version​

Best Features


Real Exotic Hornback Caiman Leather


For the uninitiated, hornback caiman may not sound much. But truly, it’s what gives this offering a dangerous appeal. Dangerous in the sense that it adds mystery to it all.

Who would think shoes can be so full of bumps as this offering shows? The fact that this is caiman exotic leather is enough to bring out questions of curiosity. And heap attention to you.

Note that there is also the belly caiman skin that’s smoother – and in a sense, less mysterious.

Striking Color Combination

The dark brown shaft which stands at a full ruler’s length and then some provides a stark contrast to the lighter vamp. This results in an appealing color combination that is as striking as you want them to be.

Add a generous stitch combination on the shaft and you get a product that could easily appeal to your higher tastes.

Superior Construction

Yes, what good is a highly-fashinable pair of boots which don’t last? Worth nothing, right?

This is where the meticulous hands that make this beautiful boot creation come true comes in.

Passing from one generation to another, the expertise that Sam Sr. started is still very much apparent in all these. The vision of sturdy boots that last a lifetime is alive in the construction of this Lucchese foot wear.

For, most importantly, you’re getting a product that’s constructed double welt. That can only mean good things for you.

Double welt construction is the best way the leathers (insole and outsole) gets attached to one another. Further, it takes much more time, effort and talent to get done.

True 1883 Classic

It may not get better than this. If you’re looking for a true cowboy shoes that rocks, this one could fit the bill. For starters, you have a real exotic leather on hand.

Secondly, you have a superb design that’s pleasing to the eye.

And most importantly of all, you get the superior make that Sam Lucchese, Jr. envisioned his products to be. Exactly the reason why this one is called an 1883 classic.

That branding alone speaks volumes on what makes this one a rare find.




What you get in the package

You’ll receive your order in a regular box housing a Lucchese-trademark beautiful box which contains the following:

Our verdict

All the ruggedness of the hornback caiman can get your eye, true. It’s true blue exotic caiman leather at its finest. While it may not have the same shine as its more polished cousin, the caiman belly, it speaks of honest-to-goodness adventure that reminds us of the Wild,Wild West.

The Lucchese Classics Men’s Rhys-Tan Riding Boot is certainly a good addition to anyone’s wardrobe. If you’re big on fashion but wants to save some dollars, you won’t go dateless with this pair in tow – most likely that is.

It’s an 1883 classic by the way. So that should explain it. You would definitely look good riding this boots on a Harley, for one.

However, when it comes to tastes and fashion, to each his own. If you’re more of the office guy who wants a pair of cowboy boots but doesn’t want to go overboard, then this design could be putting you in what could be a grey area.

A classic is for serious cowboy boots enthusiasts who wants their foot wear to be as loud as can be.

Then again, at the price where it’s at and given its ability to steal hearts, owners of this Lucchese piece should be beaming in pride. To wear it daily for the rest of their lives. Just like the good ‘ole days in a Western ranch.

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