Ferrini Women’s Print Crocodile S-Toe Western Boot: Classic Cowgirl Boots that’s Tough to Beat!

The Ferrini Women’s Print Crocodile S-Toe Western Boot is truly one crocodile and it bites. You think that crocodiles belong only to the swamp; seeing this Ferrini offering though makes you think twice. And you shouldn’t challenge it too – this right here is as aggressive as you want them to be.

Crocodiles have always inspired fear at the back of our minds. The mere mention of the animal is enough to evoke gruesome pictures to run shivers down the spine. And this could be the biggest draw for this product offering. It’s meant to catch your attention like no other.

You can’t fault the stars for shining so bright; on the same token you can’t fault this Ferrini for commanding so much attention for women like you. Should you want to know more of this one-of-kind offering, we’ve prepared just the right timely information for you. The following comprehensive review should get you started into the right direction – and fast. Read on.

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Detailed Review of Ferrini Women’s Print Crocodile S-Toe Western Boot

The Ferrini Women’s Print Crocodile S-Toe Western Boot is in monochromatic colors. And that could be another secret of its preeminence. You could say to a large extent that this is a classic.

Meaning: You can use this one to dress up (though that would certainly be stretching it) or to go casual. And certainly bringing this in a Garth Brooks concert could bring about a most desirable experience, more likely than not.

What makes the universal appeal is first and foremost the color combination. You don’t have a contrasting color scheme so peculiar to many cowgirl boot that want to bring all the swagger they can get.

The monotonous color scheme on display in this Ferrini evokes a feeling of class.

Of course, the fact that you have a rough front courtesy of the print crocodile is giving this one an exotic twist. So profound has the leather manipulation expertise of Ferrini that some people would conclude this one is made of pure crocodile hide.

Even when you have but a print of the original crocodilian leather, some people are wont to conclude this vamp is really of exotic nature. It’s no surprise these people would point at all the roughness. The changes in depth of the vamp.

Any leather expert would beg to disagree, however.

Still, it doesn’t mean that the Ferrini Women’s Print Crocodile S-Toe Western Boot is no prized catch. For starters, know that you’re dealing with pure 100% leather. That’s genuine leather from all over the world coming right at you.

Plus, you have that glorious shaft covered with a masterpiece of an embroidery. You may think all that design is superfluous; for a cowgirl boot however, it will just do, making your overall set-up as appealing as you want them to be.

What’s more, you’re getting top engineering here. Ferrini has undergone four generations of bootmakers making their expertise topnotch.

For you have a double stitched welt construction employed here. That’s above and beyond the strongest you can hold all the leather together.



100% leather

Stunning embroidered 12” shaft

Easy-on pull straps

Square toe comfortable profile

Double stitch welt construction



Need for arch support

Not exotic leather

Fit issues​

Best Features

Universal Classic Western Look


The exotic designed print crocodile surely gives this one a Western look. No shoe other than a cowgirl boots like these would don a much-ballyhooed exotic leather. And because of that this one should get you all the attention you need.

As if you’re the boss.

The outcome over-all, however, is one of universal look. It’s still gung-ho but because of the monochromatic color, its softened in its tone. It would have gone a lot wilder if there was a strong contrast between the color of the vamp and the shaft.

Then, adding to that Western look you have the finely embroidered 12” shaft. It drives the message home and gives the whole figure a girlish feel. The design on the shaft is flowery and embellished affirming the fact that though this is a rugged boot it’s for a woman like you.

You’d love the stitches. Their craftsmanship and over-all design is simply captivating. And it speaks volumes on the kind of expertise Ferrini has.

The side-on pull straps add unique detail to it all. It foretells of the rugged life filled with adventure that has laid before a cowhand and is waiting now for the lucky woman to put the boots on.

The polished look could be right on when you’re lying low, just hanging out. It will be one hard not to notice. If you’re planning to take on the office, it would be a head-turner.

Strong Durable Construction

And as this is a Ferrini, you’re assured of quality built. Right from the get-go.

This is important for you would want your pair to be as sturdy as much as you want it to be stylish. Many consumers go for high fashion not looking into the kind of built their fashion item is in.

For this Ferrini Print Croc, you have double stitched welt construction. That as solid as you get. That means stronger than single stitched – double the strength to be precise. In any world, it brings lots of goodies for you.

Comfort Fit

Then one of the key elements of a Ferrini product is the comfort it brings; and this is most apparent here too.

Right from the get-go, you won’t have trouble putting them boots on as there are easy-on pull straps. As for your foot space note that this offering is square toed, meaning there would be a lot of space for you down there.

And as for walking comfort, you have a piece with leather sole that’s complete with orthopedic footbeds. That’s a lot of styling comfort right for the taking.

Affordable Price

What could put the ball out of the park here is the price. When you put this beside any Lucchese or Dan Post, this Ferrini product right here win on price points.

Quite simply, it’s tough to beat. And given all the style and comfort it entails, it’s one good reason to expand your wardrobe. Mindful that you’re doing it without losing precious dollars.






What you get in the package

Placed in a regular cardboard box, you get your Ferrini in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you get:

Our verdict

At the price it’s at, we don’t see why buying the Ferrini Women’s Print Crocodile S-Toe Western Boot can do you wrong. Getting you into the groove. Should you want to cowboy up or in this instance cowgirl up, getting this Ferrini could jumpstart it all.

Yes, you won’t need to wrestle some steer in some ranch in Mexico or ride a rodeo just to prove you’re tough to beat; donning this Ferrini offering may just do it.

For starters, you get the roughness and irregular shape of a true crocodilian leather. Built to look the same and feel the same, this Ferrini offering can be as drop-dead eye-catching as you want them to be.

Add a vamp that’s filled with a carefully stitched masterpiece and you have one people stunner for the taking. And you won’t regret the build, Ferrini took care of that for you too.

Of course, here, you may not that bragging rights of bringing a real exotic leather home. Pure leather, yes. But exotic leather, no.

The vamp of this Ferrini is made up of print crocodile leather which simply means its cowhide that’s been processed to look and feel like the real thing. Closest to the real thing.

Then again, at the price it’s at, it’s a steal.

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