Ferrini Women’s Print Caiman Cross B Western Boot: Stunning Western Boots within Reach!

The Ferrini Women’s Print Caiman Cross B Western Boot adds a pretty crocodilian twist to the cowgirl boot picture. And no one is complaining. Chances are, you should be happy. At this price, you’re getting a wonderful creation from the house managed by Vino Ferrini.

Ferrini has become a legendary brand of quality leather at affordable prices. And that is definitely in showcase here. You find the same attention to detail that is characteristic of Ferrini shoes along with its notable comfort and style.

You won’t be at the boring list if you take this Ferrini cowgirl boots on. You’re confidence should soar. Still, if you want to be in the know as to the merits of the Ferrini Women’s Print Caiman Cross B Western Boot then saddle up. The following comprehensive review should make your day. And fast.

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Detailed Review Ferrini Women’s Print Caiman Cross B Western Boot

Odds are the Ferrini Women’s Print Caiman Cross B Western Boot will get your attention whether you like it or not. Thanks to that unmistakable cross, you could be mesmerized by it all. But there’s more to this Ferrini than just a pair of lines intersecting on a pair of cowgirl boots.

Right off the bat, however, you’re looking at a fashion statement when you take on the Ferrini Cross. Already, you’ll notice looking at the footwear is hard to resist.

For starters, you have a caiman vamp here. At least that’s what the manufacturers want you to think.

The caiman in this Ferrini looks shiny even with all the tiles and cracks that divide each tile from one another. That’s a shot at exotic wear right there for you.

That would mean if you want to put swagger into your outfit, this crossed creation could be as loud you want them to be.

The dark monochromatic tone, however, leans towards a classier look. Wearing this in the office however, can start a stream of conversation from your co-workers. Whether the impressions good or not, is debatable too.

What’s not debatable is the fact that the Cross is one attention-grabber of a cowgirl boots.

Even better, you have a shiny shaft filled with a beautiful embroidered artwork. Artwork, because the design well-crafted.

Then again, this shows how much attention to detail Ferrini expert bootmakers are giving into their products in general – and this product in particular.

Moreover, you’re getting quality shoes here; no mistakes about it. Know that this Cross for one is constructed double stitched welt. That means you’re getting a sturdy build, the sturdiest perhaps, for your pair of boots.

Adding greater comfort, you get easy-on pull straps. This way, getting the boots on is a breeze. And you need not worry about fitting in as this pair has a wide square toe profile.

On the down side, know that even with all these factored in, some people will still have fit issues. That’s understandable. Chances are these people may have ordered without factoring necessary length adjustments for their feet.

Then there’s the question of feet size. Everyone has a unique feet – which means what fits for you may not fit for me even when we have the same foot length.

Lastly, be ready to face the reality. This Ferrini is a beautiful pair. But when you talk about having an exotic vamp, it’s simply not there.

What you have out front is a print copy of the crocodilian leather. In short, it’s bovine leather or cowhide treated to assume the role of a caiman’s.

But you shouldn’t fret. At the price it’s at, there’s no way you’re going home on the losing side with this pair in the bag.



Classic shiny Western look

Stunning design

Sturdy construction

Cushioned comfort fit

12.25” shaft

100% leather



Not real caiman leather vamp

Fit issues

Best Features


Classic Western Look


This one is a stunner. For women wearing this, it’s another way to up your confidence level to the stratosphere.

As you may know by now, what you wear to the party affects how well you move about. Who would want to beam up with confidence if you’re not dressed up? Nobody right?

The classic Western look that adds swagger to you is a great way to boost your poise. You have a well-crafted product here that speaks easy of high fashion.

For starters, there’s the print caiman vamp. Though you may be aware this right here is not really true crocodilian leather but who can tell. Nobody would want to touch it just to know it, right?

And by the looks of it, it’s really caiman. That’s how sophisticated the artistry of Ferrini is right now. You have one that you can flaunt to everyone.

Should your friends push the issue, you can have them touch the vamp. It’s all rough, assuring you there’s a good chance you might as well pull it off.

Stunning Shaft

Playing a big role in this fashion boots is the astonishingly well-crafted shaft that you have for the taking in this Ferrini offering. The curls and the embellishment is just one piece of artwork that should boost your style.

If you take a closer look, it’s all embroidered to perfection. Not printed. That speaks on how much the company based in Mexico takes great length to get the job done.

Superior Build

Another key come-on for you to take this product is its build. Ferrini has been consistent in churning out boots that lasts as long as possible.

We’re not talking forever of course. But long enough to get you the satisfaction you need.

That’s because you’re looking at a product that’s constructed with double-stitched welt. Meaning: you’re getting one with superior build. Not some run-of-the-mill product.

If you’re going to inspect some of your sports shoes or sneakers, you’re bound to find a few which are just glued together. Something you can’t really trust to last.

Affordable Price

And perhaps most importantly for you, there’s no hefty price tag that accompanies this Ferrini. At least not in the likes of a Lucchese or a Dan Post.

In effect, you’re getting a one-of-a-kind shoe offering that’s not going to draw a huge hole in your wallet. That’s something.

That tells you you could enjoy one, expand your wardrobe without putting too much pressure on your other needs. It’s a win-win in any language.






What you get in the package

Placed in a regular cardboard box, you get your Ferrini in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you get:

Our verdict

Frankly, the Ferrini Women’s Print Caiman Cross B Western Boot gives you some serious attention here. That crossed design on the vamp is telling everyone this right here is the spot where everyone should be looking at. Just like a sniper’s crosshair.

On a fashion level, you’re coming on strong when you don this Ferrini pair. No doubt about that. That caiman print on the vamp is one unmistakable sign, people should take you seriously.

Add a shaft that’s as tall as it is beautiful and this one should be a prize catch.

But don’t talk about true crocodilian leather here. Or you’re going to be utterly discouraged.

No offense to the makers of this wonderful boots. This cowgirl boots are truly one exquisite creation. As to material however, you’re looking at pure 100% leather here, not exotic caiman leather.

Just a print.

Still, we’re not saying this Ferrini here is up to no good. It’s actually a steal, with all the fine craftsmanship it puts on the line at a token price.

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