Ferrini Women’s Print Alligator S-Toe Western Boot: A Classic Cowgirl Boots within Reach

In this offering, Ferrini Women’s Print Alligator S-Toe Western Boot shines in all its glory. And you bet you can flaunt it. The smoothed tiled vamp of alligator print is simply a stunner; pair that with a rich detail of stitched ensemble on the shaft and this one could easily win you over.

What makes this one an even greater proposition is the price. You won’t find any Dan Post, much more Lucchese, starting those numbers. Of course, note you’re getting pure cowhide leather here – mimicking to a large degree the exotic version.

Now, you may still be sitting on the fence on this Western Boot – unsure if this is a wise buy. To help you with that, we’ve come up with a comprehensive you on the matter. So you’d arrive at a most logical buy. Read on.

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Detailed Review of the Ferrini Women’s Print Alligator S-Toe Western Boot

Now, the Ferrini Women’s Print Alligator S-Toe Western Boot shines in all its glory. Nothing bad to it. It’s just like putting your best foot forward.

When you want to create circles of conversation that ripples for days in the office or in any occasion for that matter donning this pair could be spot on. This pair of cowboy boots is one people stunner right from the get-go.

First stop, you have one shiny vamp. You won’t mistake it from afar. It’s the front face of a Ferrini stunner.

All designed in the likes of a real alligator hide, you have the smooth tiled belly of the crocodilian all printed in its greatness. Needless to say, Ferrini has done a great job making it all pleasant to the eye.

Not to a leather connoisseur. Since this is the print version, you won’t expect much of the irregularity of a crocodilian leather. But it’s the closest you can get.

Yes, this may be but cowhide leather but the craftmanship is superb. Added to the shiny vamp you have one stitched masterpiece in the shaft that’s hard not to notice. Especially true with its foot-long 12 inch height.

You are indeed watching a beautiful artwork from the hands of experts here.

This is the lady in you armed to the teeth in the wardrobe department.

And it’s all in bankable strength. For this Ferrini Print Alligator is constructed by utilizing double stitched welt. That’s a strong as you want your cowboy boots to be.

Add the easy-on pull straps that’s standard to many Ferrini offerings and a wide square toe profile and you know you a lot of good looks and compliments awaits you before you even walk out that door.



Double stitched welt

Stunning belly alligator print on vamp

Catchy stitched design on shaft

Double stitched welt construction



Not real exotic leather; cowhide upper

Best Features

One Stunning Design


Impressions matter. This time around the Ferrini Women’s Print Alligator S-Toe Western Boot creates the impression of a high-priced luxury item.

True, it may be far from being a Lucchese or any high-end cowgirl boots out there. But it appears to be so. And that could be this Ferrini’s greatest strength.

You won’t have to hesitate wearing this one in a gala or in a Garth Brooks concert. The powerful pair is your ticket to being at the center of it all.

This is thanks mainly to the shiny vamp that’s made of print alligator leather. You can see the belly design of the crocodilian all printed and embossed to impress.

Yes, this Ferrini can be spot on when you want to dress up.

Add to the shiny vamp, you have another shiny piece in the shaft. Reaching up to 12 inches from the Cuban heel, the long barrel carries a tapestry of intricate embroidery.

If you take a closer look at it, the stitches are very refined yet on the dot. Not a stitch way out of line. Imagine doing that yourself and you know Ferrini has definitely honed its talents like no other.

Adding more oomph to this masterpiece is the square toe. This gives you not only a guarantee of greater room for your feet, but also of greater style. Against a world mostly occupied by round-toed shoes, you definitely are in for an upgrade in style with this pair on.

Strong Build

Another feature that separates this Ferrini from the rest of the pack is its superior build. And this is where you could say that getting the brand is getting the assurance of lasting comfort.

You don’t just have a beautiful stunning cowgirl shoe here; you have one that’s built on double stitched welt. That’s truly putting your shoe notches higher in terms of putting things together.

Unlike glued-in shoes, double stitched Goodyear welted shoes are strong – lasting the challenge of wear and tear on your daily grind.

Comfortable Wear

Ferrini made sure comfort is at the center of its creations; and this cowgirl offering is no different.

First stop, you have easy-on pull straps that allows you easy access to your shoes. Wearing them shouldn’t be a cinch. That means you can put these on in a jiffy, without the need to lace up.

Plus you have a wide square toe profile to give your feet greater space to operate when you’re out in the street.

Low Price

You can have really have a good pair of cowgirl boots but if their price is prohibitive you might as well forget it. That is why luxury items can be a tough sell.

But this offering from Ferrini doesn’t carry a big price tag. Instead, it’s priced reasonably within reach.

And that right there could be the best reason why you should avail of this classic cowgirl boots from Ferrini. Even when it doesn’t actually carries official exotic leather.






What you get in the package

Placed in a regular cardboard box, you get your Ferrini in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you get:

Our verdict

For its price, the Ferrini Women’s Print Alligator S-Toe Western Boot is a steal. That’s if you want to get them cowgirl boots to catch serious attention. Surely, you’d look lovely in jeans with this pair on.

The chocolate belly alligator vamp with all its tiled glory coupled with the fancy stitched 12” leather shaft should push your fashion button like no other. We’re talking about the superb attention to detail that this Ferrini is proudly giving you.

Design-wise, this print alligator offering from Ferrini has a universal appeal. You could wear it to a rock concert or strut the pair in the office. No problemo!

Plus, you’re getting standard Ferrini comfort here. Not just some cheap substitute. The side-on pull straps is just handy along with the roper heel and leather lining. And this one comes in sturdy double stitched welt construction. That’s as strong as you want them to be.

Then again, you’re not going to have bragging rights that this one is exotic leather. It simply is not. What you’re seeing is the closest thing to exotic leather you can get. It’s print leather. But overall, having a not-so-pricey beautiful alternative on your wardrobe shouldn’t be a bad idea.

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