Ferrini Women’s Embossed Diva Western Boot: Cowgirl Boot Built to Impress

When you talk classic cowgirl boots for women, the Ferrini Women’s Embossed Diva Western Boot can do no wrong. Its intricate nature only puts into daring display the superb attention to detail that this handcrafted creation carries. Plus, the price tag is simply hard to resist.

Who would think that you could get such a unique beautiful cowgirl at a very affordable price? The Embossed Diva puts Ferrini on the map. You could say the bootmaker per excellence has upped the ante this time around.

Filled with exquisitely done overlays and minute studs, Ferrini seem to have left no stone left unturned to make this cowgirl boot a must-have. If, by now, however, you’re still mulling over the process of buying, fear not. We’ve arranged a comprehensive guide just for you so you’ll be able to sort out exactly what makes the Ferrini Women’s Embossed Diva Western Boot a great buy. Read on.

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Detailed Review of Ferrini Women’s Embossed Diva Western Boot

That 2-inch undershot heel should tell you the Ferrini Women’s Embossed Diva Western Boot means serious business. All the beauty on a podium.

Undershot heel (sometimes called underslung) is one attribute that you’ll find present in many a-cowgirl or a-cowgirl boots. Not wanting to make those high heels take a heavy, blocky shape, bootmakers fashioned the back of the heels to angle toward the wearer’s foot.

Ever since, undershot heel makes a cowgirl boot such as this Embossed Diva true to character. For anybody looking at the foot wear, it speaks of style not common to the usual everyday shoe most everyone wears.

What separates this Ferrini offering from the rest though is its distinctive design.

First stop, you’re dealing with turquoise distressed leather. That color alone is uniquely beautiful in its coolness. Plus, it has been distressed to add a rugged, worn-out look.

And with that background a stunning array of overlays are set. Cover the vamp with a studded wingtip overlay complete with studs and the shaft with rugged brown overlays with flowery designs and you have a foot wear that should get you the praise and compliments anywhere you go.

Here, you are meant to stand out in the crowd. First, your underslung heel gives you a 2-inch advantage over the rest. Moreover, your shaft is as long as 13 inches from the Cuban arch.

Top that with superb craftmanship form Ferrini that has resulted in a comfortable fit and you could be bringing this offering home in no time.

But the most surprising thing is all these features can be yours at a small price. Compared to luxury high-end cowgirl boots you’re getting a fashionable item here minus the fashionable price tag.

It’s truly a diva; more importantly for you, it’s not one that will cost you and arm and a leg.



Beautiful set of overlays

distressed turquoise leather foot for rugged appeal

superb attention to detail

2” heel

Easy-on pull straps

Updated snip toe profile

Light pair of cowgirl boots

Undershot heel

Beautiful turqouise color​



Lack of arch support

Studs missing/coming off

Fit issues​

Best Features

Superb Attention to Detail


All the splendid work that you see is a product of a true expert hand. What makes it all stand out is the superb attention to detail.

You see that in the overall design. You see that in the shaft.

The beautiful overlays simply create a one-of-kind design that could easily find its way to your heart. No, there are not just overlays. To be exact, they are studded overlays.

Like a piece of diamond, each stud shines as you strut your style along.

Further, you see overlays on the wingtip of the shoe. Again these are studded overlays giving you another reason to root for this foot wear.

And the dark overlay on that snip toe provides a great contrast to the cool colors. Timely too. This means that end of the boots won’t go dirty anytime soon.

All in all, this pair is built to keep people glancing on its design.

It’s impressive design should get you through any gathering in flying colors.

Distressed Turquoise Leather

Adding beauty to all this is the beautiful distressed turquoise leather used for this Ferrini footwear. No, you’re not looking at an old withered leather.

Distressed leather is leather with waxy topcoat added for protection. When the leather gets stretched, the waxes causes these dyes to spread giving the cowhide a marble like effect. So when you’re getting distressed leather, you’re being handed a much-reinforced leather – not to mention one with richer colors.

Plus, you are getting one with turquoise color. That’s a cool color combination which provides an apt background for all the eye-popping design overlays.

Built for Comfort

Not only are these pair of Ferrini cowgirl boots built for style, you’re getting one that’s as comfortable as can be. First stop, you’re looking at easy-on pull straps that’s standard to many Ferrini offerings.

Plus, you have the bootmaker’s legendary cushion comfort to ensure you’d be walking in comfort as you strut along.

What’s more, the pair is built on single stitch welt construction. That’s as sturdy as you want these cowgirl boots can be.

Very Girly yet Rugged Look

It’s hard to fathom the true nature of this Ferrini. First, it’s just truly beautiful. On the other hand, there’s an air of ruggedness in there that is characteristic of cowgirl boots.

All the allure is even more visible as the whole structure is anchored on a heel that is 2 inches long. How’s that for a change?

Meaning: You’d get your height boost the moment you wear these Ferrinis.

Add a 13” Shaft and you know you’re in for serious attention.

Undershot Heel for a True Cowgirl Boots

Further, in character to a true blue cowgirl boots, you have one here that’s donning undershot heel. As you may have noticed by now, cowboy and cowgirl boots are built with high heels, a chunky proposition.

To rid the foot wear with all this chunkiness, bootmakers have installed undershot heel. They do this by cutting the heel towards the foot of the wearer. Splendid idea, right?

Over all, it adds to the style and mystique that goes around cowgirl/cowboy boots. Giving this offering more reason to please the discriminating taste of the populace.







What you get in the package

Placed in a regular cardboard box, you get your Ferrini in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you get:

Our verdict

All the beautiful array of studs on overlays certainly has made the Ferrini Women’s Embossed Diva Western Boot a great work of art. Should you want to be as loud as can be, to make a statement when attending a Garth Brooks concert for instance, then putting on this diva is a good start.

Chances are, you’re going to get all the attention you need to stand out in any crowd. Assuming none but you is wearing the same.

Plus, and this could be the dealmaker, you’re getting this one at a bargain price. All the beauty for a pittance. Who wouldn’t jump on it?

On the other hand, if you’re wanting to be subtler in your foot wear Diva could be overplaying your hand. Still, it may be wise to buy one. We all need to be loud at times.

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