Ariat Men’s Chute Boss Western Cowboy Boot Review

Boots are astonishing. It is great to have even just a single pair as they protect your feet. If you are a cowboy or you love to dig in with outdoor activities, wearing boots is a genuine necessity. There might be plenty of boot types out there in the market yet the most spectacular are cowboy boots. These pairs do not only give you the urge to exist more of your daily outdoor games but they protect your cherished feet from hazards.

Ariat has made cowboy boots for a long time and they have provided consumers with their superior Chute Boss. Nothing beats that name as the word ‘Boss’ itself already addresses for its best. If you want to know or to understand all the specific things regarding on your aimed footwear, then this Ariat Men’s Chute Boss Western Cowboy Boot review speaks of the truth. Dig in and absorb more.

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Thorough Review of the Ariat Men’s Chute Boss Western Cowboy Boot

Are you longing to get that footwear which can make your horse riding activity more fun and secure? Then checking out this exceptional Ariat’s Chute Boss will do a tremendous job for you. What you may see here is not just a lone boot but a mammoth protector as well. But more than that, you will also be astounded with its exceptional features which drive folks crazy.

With these boots’ color, ranging from bittersweet chocolate to branding iron brown, your eyes will definitely be fastened tight to it. But wait right there, what you are looking for is a cowboy boot which is made of authentic leather and a rubber sole, right? This amazing product obtains all of those mentioned on the latter. This fantastic pair clearly fits perfectly for western performance. Other than that, this uniquely striking cowboy footwear directs outstanding features in which the ATS technology comes up first in line. Its obtained ATS technology doesn’t only act as a protector since it also obtains moisture-wicking and gel-cushioned footbeds that are paired with Duratread outsole.

A lot of former consumers speak of exquisite words regarding on this enthralling product. Because of how it shows off its six-row Western stitch design which counts up to the premium performance of these boots. If you want a classic cowboy look, then you may get it here on this incredible pair. Consider challenging yourself for more horse riding amusement, and for certain, your feet are endowed with that prodigious shield.




This amazing pair is well-crafted with the use of genuine leather.
Its ATS technology functions superbly.
Price is plausible for the quality of these boots.
The boots’ scallop is additionally deep which doesn’t only increase foundation but intricacy in its design as well.
Its outsole is created from Duratread which is phenomenal in quality.
This exceptional pair delivers premium full-grain leather upper and foot.
Stitching pattern is six-row and that includes three rows of gorgeous fancy stitching.
This outstanding cowboy footwear is a big league for all needs.​



Its heel sometimes comes unglued.
This handsome pair acquires a small scuff right on the toe which is located next to the western stitching.
Fit sometimes doesn’t go right to your feet.
Colors shown on the photos aren’t accurate as to the real one.​

Best Features of the Ariat Men’s Chute Boss Western Cowboy Boot

1.5” Horseman Heel


If you think that cowboy boots aren’t unique, oh please, you are enormously wrong with that. Have you tried wearing footwear which looks horrid on your feet and even on your clothes? Have you even tried wearing one while going on a date or having that finest supper with your family? What you have found within those experiences might link you to this elegant cowboy pair. Ariat’s Chute Boss will not only make you look like a cowboy because it makes you look like a real boss. What we mean here is you’ll get that finest fit because of its astonishing 1.5” horseman heel. The heel helps in making the general look of these boots a beauty. It adds up the look of a real horseman. Not just that, it helps in dressing you up. Just by wearing your suit or that simple denim, having this impressive pair of cowboy shoes on your feet will make you look like more than a star. In this case, what you have to remember here is its horseman heel which allows you to appreciate more of this fantastic pair.

Genuine Leather

Are you worried about purchasing cowboy boots which are replicas? If you are completely troubled with that, then might as well get your eyes moving through Ariat’s Chute Boss Western Boots. You might wonder why fake leather isn’t ideal for your footwear. There are actually plenty of advantages that genuine leather provides, which you may clearly see through this amusing western pair. For that, genuine leather is a premium material in producing boots because it does not only protect your feet but it is enduring as well. If you are distraught or complicated with where your money may go, then it is best to purchase the finest option in the market today. Ariat will never get you wrong with that. In fact, what they have with this outstanding pair is superior full-grain leather which clearly offers longevity on its performance.

Non-slip Soles

A lot of boot users out there are enormously troubled with their newly bought pair because of how the soles slip. But with Ariat’s Chute Boss, you’ll never lose out of sight with that. This outstanding pair is built with incredible ARS insole made for comfort and rubber soles for traction. Its outsole is even crafted from Duratread which is beautifully paired with gel-cushioned footbeds.

Goodyear Welt Construction

Ariat uses Goodyear Welt on their fantastic boots. This construction is considered as one of the best methods proclaimed over shoe creation. If what you want is a cowboy boot which helps with breathability, then this one might be the finest choice to have. Goodyear welted shoes are superior because of how they are greatly linked with durability, solidity, and convenience. The next time you are aiming to get that fine pair, better look for the option where it is associated with Goodyear Welt Construction.





Our verdict

Overall, Ariat Men’s Chute Boss Western Cowboy Boot is never out of style. If what you want is a pair of western boots which you can use every day, either playing with your horse or going out to get dinner with friends, this fantastic pair might be the best selection for you. With this pair’s gel-cushioned footbed which acquires heel stabilizer to provide rebound, stability and support, what you are asking for could be answered right now.

Though it is quite easy to purchase the product as many online sites are now selling it, yet there are still important considerations you have to follow when choosing one. One of them, which you must never neglect, is the proper fit. When it comes to fitting, the right one should be comfortable on your feet. It is understandable that new shoes might be weird at times, but as time goes on, that might change. If what you want is to get the one which rightly fits the size of your feet, then you need to do precise measurements. After you measure your feet, checking out the size chart which is provided by the seller is required. This will help you in identifying the exact size which goes perfectly for each of your foot.

Another thing that you have to mind about before buying this product is its small scrape. Some buyers complained about scuff and scratch found on the toe which is located next to the western stitching. This breaks their heart a little. But it doesn’t stop there since this small inaccurate feature doesn’t mess up with the entire quality of the boots. For this great pair, you might just be amused with how it takes extremely long to damage it. As for durability, you’ll never get wrong with this one.

You must never disregard checking out the color as well. What you have here is magnificently handsome. Ariat’s Chute Boss is in a variety of attractive hues such as caliche, bittersweet chocolate, and branding iron brown. Each of these colors looks pleasing to the eyes. They even go well when wearing not just your favorite cowboy outfit but with your office suit as well. If style is your target, then why not try something that goes outstandingly with it.

Lastly, you have to consider checking out its soles. These boots’ soles might be produced out from rubber and a lot of people despise it. But of course, rubber speaks wonderfully for itself. Because of such kind of sole, comfort will be experienced. More than that, its rubber soles work brilliantly because of how it acts generously when it comes to traction. Many boot users complain about how the boot slips which is pretty unimpressive to purchase. It is best to opt for that certain kind where traction is properly functioning.

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