Nocona Women’s White Calf Boot: Stand Out in the Crowd with White!

White represents purity, reason enough why brides wear them as they walk the golden aisle to the wedding of their dreams. And thank goodness for the Nocona Boots Women’s White Calf Boots you can make the most of the same pure white. And look incredibly good and stylish at the same time.

Who wouldn’t look at pure white walking amongst the crowd? It’s like a dove up in the sky: largely unmistakable. With its awesome looks, this pair of Noconas can easily grab your attention at the first glance. Eventually giving you a distinct choice in your wardrobe.

And yes, this all detail Lady Justin’s quality leather, comfort and beauty without the hefty price tag.

It’s all about quality material. The calfskin leather used in making this boot sure provides a distinct look for the boot. Not to mention the great comfort derived from the boot as a result of the leather used. Moreover, calfskin leather used for the insole give you the comfort you need when you need one.

Well, this is just a tip of the iceberg about the features of this boot. Should you want to explore what blessings await you in this Nocona White, read on. Our comprehensive guide should get you started.

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Detailed Review on Nocona Women’s White Calf Boot

You may be amazed by the Nocona Women’s White Calf Boot but it’s a product of a decision made decades ago in 1925. And everyone should be thankful.

Come to think of it, it was nearly a century ago when Nocona Boot came into being, thanks to the perseverance and relentless pursuit by Lady Enid Justin, the company’s founder. Her goal of making quality western boots within everyone’s reach is what brought her to work even against the odds.

Well, you might ask: How can a lady know so much about Western cowboy/cowgirl boots? It’s a long story mate. But at the bottom of it all is her father.

You see, Lady Justin didn’t just have a regular father. Her dad was “Daddy Joe” Justin, innovator and founder of Justin boots, the brand we know today. So with such a heavyweight of a dad, Lady Justin got the ‘leather fever’ from her dad.

But it wasn’t a walk in the park for the lady founder. Her dad died early leaving her with her brothers who unfortunately decided to take their boot-making skills away from Nocona, Texas.

But Lady Justin decided to stay and the rest is history. Nocona from Nocona, Texas was born.

She was very particular about the boots being handcrafted. And true enough, since the company started it has been known for making some of the finest boots in the footwear industry.

Thanks to her bravery, Nocona brand is now recognized as a force to be reckoned with in the boot industry.

Nocona Women’s White Calf boot is therefore another window into quality leather. It’s a happy meet-up between quality and style.

For one you’ve got quality leather right at the heart of it. This snip toe boot for instance put this all in display.

Further, The quality calfskin used is soft and has a smooth surface. Thus making it lightweight and abrasion resistant. Making it a good leather choice for boots and other products.

Above it all, color is perhaps the strongest argument you should have this wonderful offering from Nocona. White anywhere you go, is impossible to notice. And this one could stand as immaculate white from a distance.

Of course, you have to match this one with the occasion and matching attire.

Moreover, the multicolor detailed stitching on the boot adds up to the beauty of the boot. Making it all stand out and you stand out in the process.

The snip toe is an apt toe for this Nocona. It gives a classic look that’s tough to match.

At the price it’s at, it’s surely is a treasure find. At the right occasion, you should stand out as all eyes are on you like a bride in a wedding gown.



High quality calfskin

Leather sole

Stunning detailed stitching

Moderate heel size

Snip toe shaped boot

Comfy wear​



Smooth leather surface​

Quality leather insole​



Regular dusting and conditioning needed

Fit issues.

Limited use due to color​

Extra care needed given its color​

Leather begins to crack if not used over time​

Best Features of Nocona Women’s White Calf Boot

Color White


This right here could be the biggest reason you can make to taking this Nocona home. White represents purity in intentions, must be the reason why they’re a classic in weddings.

But fashion-wise, you can’t really put white in the corner. It simply is one tough act to beat in the presence of other colored shoes.

Chances are, everyone will be like a background to you when wearing white. It’s also for this reason that you should use it at the right occasion. It won’t do you much if you’re going to go hiking in these. Though you may also want to make an impression.

Quality Calfskin leather

No matter how well the design if the leather is not good it won’t do the user much. The good part is this Nocona is made of quality leather. True to the promise of Nocona.

Made from quality calfskin leather, this pair can give you the softness and supple-nature of the bovine skin. It’s exactly why this leather used provides a smooth surface for the vamp and shaft.

Moreover, as it is soft and very flexible, putting these Whites on is a breeze. Also, it allows the boot to conform to the shape of your feet over time. It may be snug fit at first but it will soon fit like a glove after some time. Thus providing you comfort and ease of use.

Moderate Heel Size and Added Comfort

The moderate heel size of the boot is another good feature. It allows for a good balance while walking with. This way, you don’t have to worry about spraining your ankle due to the height of the heel.

Meaning: You can now have fun at parties as you have greater freedom to dance with this boot on without worrying too much about tripping.

Add the comfort from the cushioned insole and quality build and you know your journey is one you can make the most of with this pair.

Multi-colored Detailed Stitching

The multi colored detailed stitching on the shaft is another great come-on. Giving you more of that ‘good looks’ and heaps of compliments. Against a backdrop of white, the stitching becomes so pronounced.

This adds a lot to the beauty of the boot. Thus making it even more attractive and fashionable. Giving you the distinct and classic look you desire.

Durable Build

Yes, after all this is Nocona. Thanks to Lady Justin you have one pair to last a long time. Here, you have a single stitch welt product in construction. Pretty solid.

Affordable Price

Again, you can count Nocona isn’t going to put a heavy burden on the shoulders of people. Though you have all the comfort that Nocona brings, you don’t have that big price tag that comes a long with it – usually.







What you get in the package

You get your Nocona in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you’ll find:

Our verdict

For starters, know that you’d on a wild goose chase if you are looking for perfect boots. Well, with the Nocona Women’s White Calf Boot, it could be the closest thing you can get to a perfect boot.

When you want to stand out in white, this Nocona is tops. You’re looking at comfort and style that lasts. Thanks to the handcrafting expertise from the bootmakers at Nocona.

For one, this boot is sure a good choice of boot for your wedding. Or when you need to stand out in the crowd like no other.

Or course, there’s the other side of getting a white colored leather. For one, given its white color, it is very sensitive to stain. And the tiniest dirt will be easily spotted on the boot. Thus, it requires regular cleaning and conditioning to keep it in shape.

If white boots is your thing, then this one is a winner. However, if you’re looking for one you can bring on a grand adventure through the wilds, this pair may endure but the color may make you like a white rabbit in a series of greens.

The good thing is you don’t have to lose an arm and a leg to this boot. All things considered, we still do believe this one will widen your options like no other.

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