Nocona Boots Women’s Vintage Cow Deep Scallop Boot: Flaunting Your Great Style!

Once the Nocona Boots Women’s Vintage Cow Deep Scallop Boot is testament to how much the vision of Lady Enid Justin, founder of Nocona since 1925, has become a luxurious and comfortable reality for all of us today. Not only does this pair look good, you have one that’s meant to last a lifetime.

The cool deep scallop feature of this Nocona is heart-stopping. You don’t have much of that over-the-top bravado that many cowboy/cowgirl boots put on proud display. Instead, you have one lowkey dudette here. Lowkey but pretty loaded in terms of feature.

Should this Nocona pair catch your eye, read on. What follows is a comprehensive guide on how one of the topmost cowgirl boots can get you the style you need without drilling a big hole through your wallet.

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Detailed Review of Nocona Boots Women’s Vintage Cow Deep Scallop Boot

That square toe and the color of this Nocona Boots Women’s Vintage Cow Deep Scallop Boot could well mistake this one as a cowboy boot. No offense, but the square toe looks really aggressive out front. To the naked eye at least.

But of course, that deep of a scallop can only tell us this one is a cowgirl boots. Nothing else. And the less aggressive approach on the shaft.

Truly, however, that square toe has led many to appreciate this Nocona. If there was one thing that people have been shouting about, it’s how comfortable this pair is. Really!

It must be because of all the space with the boots looking really spacious and to a sense masculine.

Design-wise, you’re looking at a cool piece right here. Not too much decoration, not too many embellishments. Which is good. It focuses on the essentials.

First stop, you should be proud. This is all made in the USA. Though that doesn’t really matter for some, it’s good to know this is keeping American hands busy.

The simplistic design however is not one you can put in the corner. It speaks of an inner beauty. The monochromatic design makes it all so pleasing to the eye.

Put to the mix that fancy stitched design on the shaft and you’re assured on one stunning piece to get you all the compliments and praise. Even with just a 11” shaft.

Secondly, you have one sturdy pair here. Not just a good-looking one.

As you may have noticed looking at the outsole, you’re looking at standard double stitch welt construction in all its beauty. The rubber sole and leather lining adds even more value to this pair.

For a better grip, you have a rubber sole. That should give you more excuses to go on an adventure ride.

If you’re wondering what’s the secret of the comfort in this pair, it’s simple. That has everything to do with material.

The Nocona Boots Women’s Vintage Cow Deep Scallop Boot is using premium leather or cowhide. That only means you have supple and soft leather for a more comfy feel wherever you are.

Well, of course, there are sectors saying it may not really last. And that you can’t really use this one as a working boot. The good news is these voices are very few. And these people may be but a drop in the bucket.



Made in USA

Premium leather

Simplistic yet effective design

Cushion insole

Double stitch welt

​Double stitch welt

Striking stitches on shaft​




Not really meant to be workboots; thin leather

Fit issues


Best Features of Nocona Boots Women’s Vintage Cow Deep Scallop Boot

Simplistic Yet Stunning Deep Scallop Design


You won’t find too much embellishments here. Nada. It’s just not cut out that way.

If you’re looking for something that really is heavy on the accessories for instance, this Nocona Deep Scallop isn’t it.

But there’s true beauty in all its simplicity. Or a better way to say it is it’s stunning because it’s simple.

The color is very feminine too. Not that strong, brooding kind. Or the aggressive exotic leather with all that swagger.

What you find here is a simple vamp. The stitches aren’t really striking. They’re there but not in an ostentatious way.

On the shaft, you’ll find the only striking design in all this piece. It’s well-crafted and great attention to detail is in full display here.

But even these wonderful stitches are muted, not meant to stand out in a very striking way.

Even with all these undertones, you have one irresistible offering here. It’s in its putting out less, that there is more.​

Comfortable Wear

You don’t want to wear something that would wound you right? Nothing like that would be on your wish list.

In this regard, this Nocona Scallop is your best friend.

The bootmakers from Texas made sure of that.

On the first part, they looked for calfskin, not just your ordinary leather but one that is tended to produce quality leather. This material is the first secret.

Through this, you are assured of soft and yet supple leather. What’s more, such a leather won’t break easily, with proper care of course.

Note that leather needs to be conditioned. Made of animal skin, leather needs to be supplied with proper oils so as not to crack over time.

Exactly why those who have tried it say it fit like a glove the first time they do. Plus of course, there are standard features that makes this a Nocona to beat.

There’s cushion insole for instance to boost your walking comfort. And easy-on pull straps for greater ease.

Sturdy Lasting Pair

This Nocona Scallop won’t be a such a hit if it weren’t sturdy at all. It will just face in time.

But no.

This Nocona is as strong as you need them to be. Firstly, you’re looking at durable double stitch weld construction. That’s as bankable as you want. If you do a little research you will find that the construction of a cowboy boots determine how long it will last. Poor construction, short life line.

Just be happy Lady Justin made sure her vision stays.

Affordable Price

Lastly, you got great price at your disposal here. That’s a biggie knowing that everyone in the luxurious goods industry commands price that’s up to the neck.

That also speaks a lot about the kind of workmanship the legendary company in Nocona, Texas is cultivating. Yes, it may have started with just one woman but it has benefited us all.






What you get in the package

You get your Nocona in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you’ll find:

Our verdict

With the Nocona Boots Women’s Vintage Cow Deep Scallop Boot, you’re looking at one of the most iconic product the Texas-based legendary bootmaker have on the market today. And you would know at once from the moment you lay your feet on them that comfort is at the heart of it all.

Thanks to the vision of Lady Enid Justin, Nocona’s founder, you have one solid product to get your day going. First stop, this is double stitch construction in full display. Not just pasted or glued together leather.

Secondly, you’re looking at premium leather here, reason enough why there’s plenty of suppleness and softness to go around. Put in the mix rubber sole, leather lining and an easy-on pull straps and you know you’re not just an afterthought in the making of this notable pair.

However, if you’re looking to get dirty in the mud, to work in a ranch and do all the dirty things that such work entails, then you have one job that may prove too big for this pair. And that can be true. The leather may well fit your fashion needs but not your cowgirl needs. In the strictest sense of the word, therefore, this pair may just be a strong fashion item and never a strong working boots.

Still, at the price it’s at, widening your wardrobe with such a beautiful pair shouldn’t be a burden – but more of a pleasure.

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