Nocona Boots Men’s NB2007 13 Inch Boot: Quality Leather at Its Finest!

Well, the Nocona Boots Men’s NB2007 13 Inch Boot isn’t just the brown version of the Nocona Boots Men’s NB2005 13 Inch Boot. Boot models look very similar. But a closer look may lead us to conclude the NB2007 is an upgrade of the NP2005.

Both are leaning on the more conservative formal wear. You won’t find the matte look here – or the more aggressive crocodilian leather. The vamp of the NB2007 is built to shine. And give you all the looks in the process.

You’ll definitely find the mark of Lady Enid Justin, the foundress of Nocona boots, here. Her dream of quality boots of affordable price is alive and kicking in this gorgeous pair. If the style has caught your fancy, we highly recommend you read on. What follows is a comprehensive guide to why the Nocona Boots Men’s NB2005 13 Inch Boot matters.

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Detailed Review of the Nocona Boots Men’s NB2007 13 Inch Boot

Ever wondered why the Nocona Boots Men’s NB2007 13 Inch Boot looks familiar? Well, that’s because it has an elder brother, the Nocona Boots Men’s NB2005 13 Inch Boot. Just one number difference and greater things await.

The NB2005 is one superb offering indeed. But the NB2007 may have made it passe, not obsolete like the dinosaurs but to a certain extent immaterial. No disrespect.

A closer look will tell you the NB2007 carries the essence of NB2005. So in the style and build department, you could say they are equals or at least as close as can be.

But from a buyer’s POV (point of view), it’s a no-brainer. It starts selling at a price much lesser than its brethren.

Plus, there are serious upgrades you may not want to miss.

For starters, you have one taller shaft. The NB2007 stands with a 12.5” shaft. Compare that to the less-than-a-foot shaft of NB2005 and you see what we mean.

The dealmaker could be wider options.

You don’t want to be limited to one color, right? Much as we give praise and compliments to the universal color of black, it’s the only color of choice for NB2005. The NB2007 has plenty of colors to choose from, giving you a wider selection of style for any occasion.

Of course, all these come with the same bravado of a knight in shining armor. You have one shiny pair of Western cowboy boots here.

Add the stabilizing Texontriple density insole with antibacterial Poroncushioning for cushion comfort and you have one irresistible offer here. At a very affordable price.




Super comfortable

Texontriple density insole with antibacterial Poroncushioning

Durable finish

Stunning conservative design

More color options




Leather soles

Fit issues


Best Features

Topnotch Conventional Look


That shiny vamp should tell you this one is leaning towards the conventional look. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be as stylish as can be.

The thing is cowboy boots such as the NB2007 can be a great pair to a tuxedo whether you decide to wear dark pants or don a more rugged look via a pair of denims.

The simplistic not-too-embellished design is tough to beat. For a formal event like a wedding, this one should cut it like no other.

What makes this version of Nocona a catch, perhaps greater than the NB2005, is the availability of options. You don’t just have one color to go with your choice dress of the day. You have five: Antique Tan to Tan.

Small wonder people have kept different colors of the same Nocona pair.

The monochromatic look suits any closed door gathering, be it a wedding or the boardroom. Nothing too fancy. All focused.

And again, you have the 13” tone for tone embroidery that adds fancy into this great style. It’s not too loud though.

Perhaps exactly why it’s on a tonal basis.

The vamp too is squeaky clean. The stitches are spot on. Nothing too imaginative. Just business.

Superior Build

As much as this is a Nocona, one to make a statement anywhere you go, quality boot-making is at the heart of its existence.

That is by the way the dream the Lady Enid Justin wanted. She worked passionately to get quality boots to ordinary men and women who worked the hardy days of the early 20th century. Nocona, Texas was fast becoming a melting pot for people and her passion for excellence paid off.

Here you have superior construction thanks to double stitch welt.

Further, the bootmakers at Nocona made sure superior material is used here. You not only handcrafted expertise showcased here, but also an Imperial calfskin leather that’s fits all the requirements. That’s the hide of a young cow giving you supple yet strong leather.

Comfortable Wear

At the center of this MB2007 is comfort. Especially true since people using it are all praise about it.

To get you all comfy you have Texontriple density insole with antibacterial Poroncushioning technology used by Nocona for cushioning. That tells you to what length the company is willing to go to get the job done.

So comfortable are this pair, they could be like slippers: wearable just about anywhere, users attest. And in the process, many have decided to buy two distinct colors of the same model. Why not, right?

Affordable Price

And the best part’s this Nocona NB2007 doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to enjoy. You’re looking at top quality boots minus the heftier price tag other top brands carry (e.g., Lucchese).

That gives you a distinct advantage. It means you can to enjoy the luxury without having to lose some privileges in the process. It’s a win-win scenario for all.






What you get in the package

You get your Nocona in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you’ll find:

Our verdict

The Nocona Boots Men’s NB2007 13 Inch Boot is meant to impress and built to last. It’s an upgrade of the NB2005 in the sense that it offers a wider set of color options. As it flaunts a taller shaft and taller heel, this Nocona stunner could put the NB2005 in a very awkward situation should they meet face to face.

Right from the get-go, you’re going to see clearly the difference between the two models if you measure. The NB2007’s shaft measures 12.5” from the arch – a full inch taller than that of NB2005. And perhaps most importantly you have not two but four colors to choose from with the former: Antique Tan, Black Cherry, Black and Tan and only black color for the latter.

And with all that choices, the benefit of greater option of color and style preference.

Moreover, the NB2007 has taller heels of 1.75”, a half-inch taller than its cousin.

So given the choice of the two and given that their style are more or less similar, you may fare better with the Nocona NB2007.

Quality-wise, this Nocona is another handcrafted perfection. And if it matters to you, note that it’s made in Mexico not in the USA as many other offerings are.

That means this pair comes with all the comfort and durability that you expect from a Nocona brand. And true enough, you can hardly hear a whisper of complaint from its long list of users.

Then again, you should know that Nocona Boots Men’s NB2007 13 Inch Boot is leaning towards the conventional in style. Spot on for suits or tux. However, if you’re planning to go to a hard metal rock concert a more aggressive-looking cowboy boots (e.g., crocodilian vamp) may fit the occasion better.

But at the price this Nocona is at, it would be a huge disservice on your part not to have one. Especially if you’re a die-hard Lucchese fan.

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