Nocona Boots Men’s NB2006 13 Inch Boot: Be as Sleek as can Be!

The Nocona Boots Men’s NB2006 13 Inch Boot is your ticket into high-end styling. When you want to stay on the conventional, more formal side of things, keeping this Nocona on your feet could be spot on. Perfect in black, you’ll see the great attention to detail that Nocona is known for.

To the pride of its founder, Lady Enid Justin, this shiny certified Western cowboy boots is a true statement unto itself. It doesn’t speak of over-the-top designs, no embellishments that would make it too loud. It’s simple and yet it commands attention like no other.

We won’t be surprised if you fancy the Nocona Boots Men’s NB2006 13 Inch Boot. It’s one product that breathes the gift Lady Justin give to the world, that of quality and yet affordable leather. Should you want to know more, we highly recommend you read on. And make the most of our comprehensive guide on this Nocona product made just for you.

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Detailed Review of Nocona Boots Men’s NB2006 13 Inch Boot

You can tell the Nocona Boots Men’s NB2006 13 Inch Boot is one conventional boot. That dark black color should give it away. It’s meant to get business done.

The good news is it did.

This pair sure speaks of class. And with a price that’s lower than most high-end luxury boots, it’s a no-brainer. You have one rare find here.

That shiny black look is one to get you through the best of weddings. It should get you to be in top style without sacrificing your individual fashion.

Because at the heart of it all is one fashionable pair of Western cowboy boots.

What makes the Nocona Boots Men’s NB2006 13 Inch Boot a classic can be traced largely due to its form. You have one snip toe here for instance, that’s speaks of not-your-regular kind of thing.

Most shoes are round toed. Some cowboy boots are square toed. But the least used of all these is snip toe. Not everyone has it making it all such a fashionable item.

Then that shiny look speaks of formality. You’re there to do business, to get things done.

Also, even when you have a well-adorned shaft with the fine stiches on its walls, it’s all cast in black. Putting things in order.

Mind you, you’re looking at a 13” long shaft. Not your ordinary shaft, right?

Black is what you wear on the most formal of occasions. Black is common in schools. It speaks of dignified learning.

Which is exactly why you’ll understand that one of the biggest crowd this pair of Nocona has attracted are the students. Young people from all over the world are finding comfort in this particular pair.

Wanting to be fashionable without sacrificing too much on form and what’s prescribed, students have flocked by the droves, taking this offering from Nocona by storm.

And that is only timely.

Lady Justin should be proud. Her dream of churning out quality, comfortable pair of leather boots that’s not too pricey is coming to reality in these pair of boots.

Thus, you’ll realize quality build is also at the heart of this Nocona. Aside from its conventional design, this pair is built to last, double stitch welted in construction.

The good news is you can also have fun with these boots. These are cowboy boots by the way. A pair of denim shorts should cut it.




Stunning one-of-a-kind design

USA Made

Leather sole

Cushion insole

Leather lined

Double stitch welt​

Easy-on pull straps​

True size​




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Best Features

Simplistic Yet Attractive Design


Shining in all its glory, you can see the whole pair of Cowboy boots running up and about. It’s sleek and stylish. But not in an overly aggressive way.

You don’t see exotic leather here for instance. Its beauty is steered towards the more conventional, cleaner act.

So that if you need to wear something nice to a wedding; chances are you know what to wear in such format occasions. And the NB2006 could be spot on.

The monochromatic tone adds more mystery to the whole set-up. Again, it’s not too loud nor too showy. It’s just a classic look that commands all the attention you need.

Comfortable Wear

Yes, at the heart of it all is comfort. No matter how well-constructed a shoe pair is, if you’re not comfortable wearing them then it’s a no-brainer.

The good news is most, if not all, of those who posted reviews on this product speak highly of Nocona’s generosity.

For as mentioned, that quality leather is at the heart of it all. Since only top quality cowhide is used, you won’t have problems with fitting your feet in. Fact is you’re bound to exclaim how surprisingly comfortable is the experience, as most users do.

Sturdy Lasting Pair

Even better, you got a Nocona pair that’s build to last. Even with all the critics, you should realize that this product offering is built on double stitch welt. And there may be no better way to stick things together than this way.

Affordable Price

There are a lot of talks on how ridiculously high-prized many cowboy boots have become today. But you won’t see those here. Instead you have a pair that carries a price that most everyone can reach.

Sounds like a true win/win situation for you and me. Now with everything that NB2006 has, all its cool features, it’s easy to understand why people may think that a greater future awaits for all of them.





What you get in the package

You get your Nocona in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you’ll find:

Our verdict

If you want to wow the crowd in a wedding and yet stay conventional and formal, the Nocona Boots Men’s NB2006 13 Inch Boot. Covered in all black, this Nocona shines like no other.

The pointed toe and that 13” shaft should tell you this one is serious in getting all the attention you need.

It may not speak of a daring look, no exotic leather or leather combinations that stretch the boundaries of fashion. Instead this one goes the way of a classic.

Aside from its shiny vamp, you have a highly-stylish shaft filled with tonal embroidery. By the way, that vamp sure looks solid. We wouldn’t wonder if the POTUS would wear this one. But that’s another story.

Add all the comfort which even Lucchese fans are drooling about, then you know you have a rare find here.

What makes this NB2006 even more irresistible is the price tag. It has the quality of a high-end fashion item minus an exorbitant price. It’s so low you’d might decide to buy one.

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