Nocona Boots Men’s NB2005 13 Inch Boot: Formal can be as Stunning as can Be!

Come to think of it, the Nocona Boots Men’s NB2005 13 Inch Boot is one proud animal. That 13” silhouette of a tone-on-tone stitching is one of a kind. Truly, this is one elegant finish that could win your heart – and eventually those lucky few who you mingle with.

Lady Justin Enid’s dream of providing quality cowboy boots that never run of style is alive and kicking here. It’s really fortunate that the founder never abandoned her passion, honing her boot-making skills and learning the ins and outs of the trade from his dad, the founder of Justin boots. After almost a century, that rare find of quality boots that are not too pricey is carried in every Nocona boots, a brand named after the place in Mexico.

Should the Nocona Boots Men’s NB2005 13 Inch Boot catch your fancy, we urge you to read on. What follows is a comprehensive guide to show you why this pair of Western cowboy boots is spot on.

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Detailed Review of Nocona Boots Men’s NB2005 13 Inch Boot

You can’t really fault the Nocona Boots Men’s NB2005 13 Inch Boot if it shines; it’s meant to. If there’s one thing that you can put on this gorgeous Western cowboy boots is that it carries the very essence of what a pair of cowboy boots should be as dreamed by Nocona founder Ms. Enid Justin.

Yes, Lady Justin made sure her dream of quality and affordable leather is a reality. And you may think she had it made. No, sir. The focused founder had to struggle against the wishes of her brothers.

You see, Ms. Enid got her boot-making chip from her old man, “Daddy Joe” Justin. A little look in history will show that Daddy Joe is no ordinary dad. He founded the Justin line of cowboy boots that we know today.

But she was not as set as you think. Even when Ms. Enid caught the boot-making bug, her brother decided to take their boot-making to another place in Texas. But she stayed in Nocona left on her own device, founding the legendary brand in the process.

Thanks to Lady Justin you have the Nocona Boots Men’s NB2005 13 Inch Boot. And it is just as she wanted it to be. Strong, beautiful and yet affordable.

What makes this pair a beauty is very much the tone for tone embroidery. All told the stunning piece has 13” silhouettes on its shaft creating a great showcase of the Nocona craftsmanship in full view.

But that’s not all. You have very comfortable top-of-the-line leather here. So much people who have bought them, a long list of undying fans, have trumpeted how comfortable the NB2005 is from the moment they unboxed them.

Of course, you can’t really please everyone. A few calls mention that the leather is too thin. And the structure falling short of the promise to last.

Fortunately, these voices are quaint and sparse, a drop in the bucket so to speak.

What everyone agrees is with a price tag so low and the features so long, the Nocona Boots Men’s NB2005 13 Inch Boot is a top-seller anyway you look at it.




Very comfortable

Sturdy build

Great stunning conservative design

Option to cook over open flame is nice

Quality shiny leather

​Stunning 13” silhouette embroidery




Leather may be too thin to last long

Fit issues


Best Features

Stunning Formal Style


It’s a no-brainer. You’d bloom with this on in a wedding. That shiny vamp will have people’s eyes on you.

And that could be a good thing for you. A coat and tie or a tux should do this Nocona MB2005 justice.

Add to the fact that this Nocona is colored black. That’s as universal as you can get.

You can use black in most occasions. Of course, not with a sports attire.

But the point is if you’re an aspiring career person, you’d open a lot of doors with this shoe on.

First stop, a pair of stunning cowboy boots can get the conversation going. In the boardroom for instance, it could be the icebreaker to get you the needed connections in business.

And you won’t appear too overreaching here. This Nocona is straightforward. No over-the-top designs.

That nip toe drives everything home. It’s truly classic.

Putting a great touche finish to it all is that embroidered masterpiece on the shaft. That according to Nocona official data is 13 inches of well-crafted silhouettes.

For a fine finish, you have an underslung heel telling you this one is no ordinary shoe: It’s a Nocona.

Quality Build

Another cornerstone of Nocona is quality. And thanks to the tried-and-tested craftsmanship of these legendary bootmakers, you’re looking at a design that’s not only a catch, it’s only one meant to last.

You got here a single stitch welt construction, strong enough to get your leathers all connecting for years to come. Put in the mix top quality leather for a more lasting performance and you’ve got a cowboy boot that’s strong and durable for the taking.

Comfy Wear

The relative comfort by which most users, except for a few, have experienced should be a strong reminder for you how much expertise and craftmanship is placed into these boots.

Here, the quality leather provides a soft feel to the shoe experience. Had it not been a good choice of material, it would be close to impossible to get a good feel out of it all.

Cushion insoles play a central role in your ease in moving about. Add a stylish pull straps and you should be on your way in no time.

Affordable Price

It won’t matter much if you have one that’s gets all the compliments but is going to break the bank. Fortunately for you, Lady Justin dreamed of leather that’s not only of quality build but also within reasonable reach for most.

And this could be the final push to get you to get a Nocona. With everything that’s on the line, all the goodies for the taking, an affordable price should get this Nocona closer to home.






What you get in the package

You get your Nocona in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you’ll find:

Our verdict

It’s amazing how Nocona Boots Men’s NB2005 13 Inch Boot as a product has embodied the wonderful dream of Lady Enid Justin, the Nocona founder, to create quality boots that are within everybody’s reach. From the looks of it, being part of that dream isn’t really a bad idea. Especially with all the goodies this Nocona brings on the table.

From an engineering POV (point of view), you have a great product here. Its style maybe simplistic in the sense that it doesn’t have too much embellishments. But construction-wise, you’re looking at a very sturdy pair, single-stitch Goodyear welted with great attention to detail to match.

Style-wise, the NB2005 is shining in all its majesty, thanks in part to its embroidered masterpiece which is actually 13 inches of art in silhouette. You’d love the attention to detail there.

With top-quality leather, this Western cowboy boot may surprise you with how much compliments and attention it will command. Placing you on a pedestal in the process.

And it’s truly comfortable too.

Then again, the looks of the Nocono NB2005 is more conservative compared to more daring Western cowboy boots. If you’re planning to wear this one in a wedding, it’s really fine. But if you want to take the adventure and fun a notch higher, those exotic cowboy boots that gets bolder by the day, then this design right here may not be for you.

But of course, it would be foolish to say the NB2005 is not a prized catch. At the price it’s at and all the quality it bears.

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