Nocona Boots Men’s MD2731 11″ Boot: Your Quality Boots at a Great Price

Just one look at the Nocona Boots Men’s MD2731 11″ Boot may be all you need to know its overall beauty is overwhelming. It may not have that classic shine that many cowboy boots have on their vamps, true. But when it comes to getting serious attention, it may tough to beat – outshining cowboy boots with higher price tags.

Style is a personal choice, no doubt. But even with all the individuality, there are universal requirements that a Western cowboy boots should have to be considered a must-buy. Fortunately, the dedication that Ms. Enid Justin had when she first decided to follow the footsteps of her ever-zealous dad is paying of big time.

Thanks to the lady founder we have Nocona boots, a brand noted not only for beauty but also for quality. In this instance, should the Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy 4 Toe Boot catch your fancy, read on. What follows is a comprehensive guide made especially for you so getting to the bottom of it all can be just a breeze.

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Detailed Review of the Nocona Boots Men’s MD2731 11″ Boot

The Nocona Boots Men’s MD2731 11″ Boot may be of a different product line compared to the Legacy Nocona products but their allure are very similar. And that could be the very reason why this one is meant to conquer your heart – and everyone around you.

First stop, you have quality material here. When people talk about how comfortable these boots are right from break in you know it’s speaks volumes on how well made these products are.

A lot of that however, is due to quality material. What you have here is cow leather but it’s well selected to cater to personal use. In the end, you have a leather that’s not only supple but also soft and very comfortable.

For the uninitiated – those who have never had any Western cowboy boots before – leather is one material that can truly provide a glove fit to our digits. This is largely because leather is flexible. It adjusts to your feet.

Thus, you might feel they’re snug fit on first try but over time you’ll see your boots flex and expand to accommodate your feet like no other.

The tricky part is ordering but a quick study should tell you adding a thumb’s length to your size should cut it online.

Secondly, this Nocona is oozing with great style. That square toe could be a huge contribution to feet comfort as it allows better roaming and breathing space. But it also adds up to classic style to these pair.

Put in the mix the well-laid masterpiece of an embroidery on the shaft and you have one certified people stunner here. Be ready to fish countless compliments once you put the boots on.

Lastly, what makes this Nocona a must-have is its bargain price. You won’t see that price tag on a Lucchese. But there’s a good chance people will think this is a Lucchese because of its quality build.




High quality leather

Made in the US

Handcrafted to perfection

Comfy fit

Durable build

Stunning conservative design​




Color appears much lighter than in online photo (more like tan)

Fit issues


Best Features

Stunning Conventional Design


Let’s face it, the MD2731 isn’t meant to boast. It’s confident alright but in a cool kind of way. Just like the Legacy line-up.

In fact, if you’re going to look closer, it’s a lot similar to any Legacy product offering from Nocona. The only significant difference perhaps is the counter where you’ll find a dark leather covering the whole piece.

And of course, this is matte, too. But with a little bit of a dusty twist.

Now, if you find the Legacy Noconas a people stunner, this one isn’t to be left behind.

It got the yellow lining to keep a great accent to the whole montage that tapers into a reddish line along the heel. Add a well-stitched design on the shaft and you have one eye magnet to fish all the compliment you need any circle you’re in.

The good news is the look isn’t too loud. Not too dressy actually. Meaning: You can pull this one off with a tuxedo or even a suit.

Though, the light tan color may not be a great choice a fashion expert may recommend for a formal evening. Still it won’t put your style a notch lower with these on.

Quality Build

You’d most likely be spending good years with this pair on. Quality build is one of the tenets of the dream of Lady Enid Justin when she founded the Nocona in Texas. And that was one dream she fought for even when her brothers decided to take their boot-making talents elsewhere.

And in this Nocona, you’re looking at one of the strongest build you can have for a cowboy boots. This one is constructed on double stitched welt. Really strong.

Perhaps, adding greater come-on for you is the fact that the whole shoe is made in the US, right in Nocona, Texas.

Comfy Fit

Above and beyond, being comfortable is what makes you want to put your cowboy boots on everyday. And in this department, the MD2731 is ticking all the right boxes.

A bootmaker can put all the ads on display; ultimately, however, it’s those people who have tried the boots that are the final arbiter.

Yes, there’s cushion insole for this pair for lasting comfort. And contemporary square toe too. Not bad, really.

But looking at how wonderful the experience of many users should be what matters most. And yes, you have a long list of positive reviews towards that end. People who found their pair to fit like a glove.

No Hefty Price Tags

And most beneficial for you, indeed. You won’t find those absurd prices that starts with big numbers. Here, the MD 2731 starts at a price that’s within reach.

That should help you widen your shoe options without drilling a big hole in your wallet. Win-win.

Whoever said style and comfort goes with high prices hasn’t actually met a Nocona.






What you get in the package

Placed in a regular cardboard box, you get your Nocona in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you get:

Our verdict

If from the onset you’re looking for comfort then Nocona Boots Men’s MD2731 11″ Boot is a treasure find. You’ll love the midcalf leather that’s as supple and soft as you dream them to be. Material is everything and this leather just makes it impossible not to fall in love with this footwear.

Add the side-on pull-on straps for easy access and a square toe and you got comfort in the middle of it all.

Further, as it is proudly made in USA, right at the heart of Texas, the workmanship of this Nocona is top of the line, just like what the founder Lady Enid Justin prescribed them to be. Double stitched ¾ welt in construction can make it all last as long as your years. With care of us.

Even better, aside from the boot color appearing lighter in person, no major flaws seem to exist.

Fashion-wise, this Nocona commands serious attention. Matte in color with highly-stylized shaft complete with an embroidered masterpiece, this cowboy boot is a class act. Smooth and not too overly dressy.

However, if you need your Western cowboy boots to be as explosive as can be, this handsome-looking boot could be too tame. In this regards, one with crocodilian vamp may just cut it for you.

Still, we really can’t say this one is best left behind. In fact, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if you bring this home, given its long list of benefits at the price it’s at.

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