Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy L Toe Boot: Top Quality Cowboy Boots for the Taking

You can’t really fault Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy L Toe Boot for being so sleek and stylish. This classic Western boot has come a long way from tradition of quality bootmaking, a family tradition to be exact straight from Texas. And what Ms. Enid Justin founded in 1925 – in the spirit of her father’s unequalled passion for bootmaking- has flourished through time.

And through these years, the Legacy line of products has served the discriminating tastes of men of all walks of life. The leather overall in this Nocona Legacy may be matte, not shiny. Yet in this lack of luster, you’ll find a true Western classic.

It must be the brown trim that brings it coolness but there’s no question this legacy is creating waves. Should you want to be in the loop as to what makes this product a great buy, you’re in luck. What follows is a comprehensive guide made just for you. Read on.

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Detailed Review of the Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy L Toe Boot

You might wonder what makes the Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy L Toe Boot such a classic. It doesn’t have a crocodilian vamp that would make it truly an exotic fashion item. It does not even have one shiny vamp.

And yet, when you look at this Nocona you can’t hide the fact that it exudes confidence. A calm confidence to be exact.

It’s like a master rodeo rider that pass you by. You can feel his confidence emanating through you. He may not even utter word; it’s just there.

For many, however, it’s that brown lining on the outsole that fortifies the notion of being confidently gorgeous. It accents the whole black upper, sweeping through from end to end.

The matte finish also affirms that reserved confidence. Had it been a shiny vamp, you would easily conclude it’s shouting its presence to everyone.

Here, however, it’s muted but classic darkness.

Then there’s the case for the side seam. Like the brown lining it brings a timely accent running upwards to the side-on pull straps.

Moreover, you got a square toe that’s not too wide. Again, it fits well into the whole structure. The masterpiece, however, is the embroidery on the shaft. Well-crafted, it becomes all the more distinct placed on a muted black finish.

Overall, you got style here that commands not only compliments but more importantly respect. Needless to say, this Legacy from Nocona is leaning towards the more conventional, formal wear.

Structure-wise, this Nocona is well built. It’s single-stitched ¾ welt brings needed strength to hold the leathers together.

But what could be the biggest draw for this pair, aside from its beauty, is its comfort.

People have trumpeted how much comfort they got even from the moment they first put the boots on. And it’s but natural.

You have a calfskin leather foot here. That’s not only supple but soft too. Soft enough to give you great comfort.

On the down side, some people complain the leather may be too thin. The good news is these people are few and their criticism far between.




Fits like a glove

Classic universal black

Stunning conventional design

Striking Embroidery on Shaft: Great attention to detail

Made in USA

Top quality leather​

Comfy wear: cushion insole​

Square toe​




Fit issues

Build issues


Best Features

Topnotch Conventional Look


If you want to look stylish on those tux or suit, this Legacy from Nocoma may just fit the bill. There’s no shiny vamp, for sure. Or a more aggressive exotic leather in the set-up.

Still, know that the Nocona Legacy is a classic. More than that, it’s a topseller – arguably the best draw in the line.

And that has everything to do with its design. That matte finish is a tough to beat. It provides just the “cool confidence” that we so admire in this pair.

The stitches on the vamp provides a fine finish, not too loud, but clean and well-made. Moreover, the allure of this Legacy becomes so pronounced when looking at the shaft. Here you’ll find the refined craftsmanship that Ms. Enid Justin wanted in each and every pair that comes out of her factory.

By the way, you should rejoice in the fact that the Legacy line of Nocona products, this pair including, are all made in the USA. That should be additional points for the pair, though some people don’t actually mind.

As for the shaft, you can trace your fingers on the well-knit lines and realize how beautifully done the piece is. Against the matte background, this masterpiece of aft truly shines providing a great come-on for onlookers to ogle at.

Adding a beautiful accent to this gorgeous pair is the orange side seam and the brown lining. For many, it’s an irresistible finish that’s a true catch.

Superior Build

True to the promise of Lady Justin, this Legacy has what it takes to get you far down the line. That’s a tall order.

Here, you’d be enjoying single welt stitched construction. That should hold your leathers in one place for a long, long time.

Overall, you’ll notice that the Legacy has a robust build. The underslung heel speaks not only of great style but distinguished craftsmanship. You have a red.

Comfortable Wear

What strikes many, if not all, buyers is the relative ease they get to break in this pair. Some claim a day, hours even. And some go to the extent of saying no break-in period is needed.

That’s a lot of good praise put to the lap of a Nocona product.

Lady Justin would be all tears of joy.

What makes this Nocona a comfy pair is thanks mainly to material. You have top quality calfskin to start with. No wonder people are all praise on the soft welcome they find upon fitting these gorgeous pair.

Added to that, you a square toe at your disposal, greater space for wider feet.

Affordable Price

What sends the whole product into the halls of the famous is price. With all the goodies it offers, it’s amazing how Nocona has put affordable pricing right into the heart of it.

That again is the legacy of Lady Justin. Must be the reason why this line of products are called legacy.

Value-for-price proposition for this one is great. It’s surely one irresistible offer you wouldn’t want to miss.






What you get in the package

Placed in a regular cardboard box, you get your Nocona in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you get:

Our verdict

The Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy L Toe Boot is one cool dude. You’ll find it’s not too loud, not much of a swagger really. Fact is, you won’t find any exotic material here.

But its classic appeal is truly inviting. Even when it’s matte and doesn’t carry a shine, it’s hard not to fall in love with its coolness.

It must be the brown trim that gives it an ever-dazzling look. The material used here is calfskin, soft yet strong. Or it must be that 13-inch tall shaft, all covered with one embroidered artwork masterpiece.

And it may boil down to a good buy for you. You see, the people from Nocona made sure this product is built to last. When you put this on, you’re wearing a product that’s constructed with single stitch ¾ welt, a most dependable way to hold your leather together.

Another deciding factor here is the comfy fit of the product, which as consumers put into writing, cannot be found even in more expensive brands.

What’s even more amazing is you can have all the comfort and style at a fraction of the price of more expensive brands (e.g., Lucchese). So, overall we really think you would have made a great contribution to your wardrobe should you decide this one is worth your hard-earned money.

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