Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy L Toe Boot: Style Never Run this Cool!

With Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy L Toe Boot, the legendary company which bears the name where it started (Nocona, Texas) reminds everybody just what makes them the bootmaker to beat. If you’re looking for sleek Western cowboy boots that you can wear with anything on – from wind pants to your fave jeans – then you may just have ended your search with this classic.

Some die-hard fans even go to the extent of shouting to the top of the mountain how much they’ve fallen in love with this Nocona, telling they’ll even look good with this pair on – and nothing else. Love can move mountains, right? But that’s another story.

If you’ve been watching this Legacy from Nocona but is still unsure about hitting the “buy” button, then today’s your lucky day. We’ve assembled this comprehensive guide with you in mind. To help you arrive at a decision most comfortable to your tastes. In a jiffy.


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Detailed Review

What’s in a name? Everything, right? Well, if you’ve noticed this Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy L Toe Boot carries exactly the same name as another Nocona offering. And it might get you all confused.

A closer look however you’ll see that each carry a different model number. One is Legacy L-Toe Black-M while the other is just Legacy L-Toe M.

And yes, they look quite the same. With distinct difference.

Color has everything to do with it. If you’re going to peer into a style guide on fashion, you’ll learn that black shoes go for formal occasions. So it you’re wearing a suit, chances are the rule book will tell you to wear black shoes.

And lighter-colored shoes are for less formal times, RMRS (Real Men Real Style) affirms.

When you talk of color, the appeal of the less-dark legacy is also overwhelming, maybe even for its black colored next of kin.

For starters, you are using distinctive triad design here. Meaning: you have a combination of 3 colors with one color as dominant and the rest playing accent. And frankly, that could be the secret to the drawing prowess of this installment.

The dominant color is Tan for instance while the blue series of minute triangle provide timely accents on the embroidered shaft. To top it all, you have the yellow accents on the side seam of the shaft and the lining.

The overall result: a one-of-a-kind design that’s hard to resist.

Yes, it could be overwhelming.

Another cornerstone for this Nocona product offering is comfort. And that’s largely attributed to the superior construction, the great attention to detail by the bootmakers themselves who are making all these right on US soils.

That’s only possible given the right material. You have a leather that fits like a glove even from the moment you break the boots in because you’re dealing with top quality vintage cow leather.




Made in USA (Texas)

Breaks in fast, easy

Very comfortable fit

Pure mid-calf leather, soft feel

Sleek, cool handsome look

Great arch support




Fit issues

Ran about a half size big (mostly)


Best Features

Natural Wood Fuel


Style-wise, what’s not to love? This Nocona Legacy speaks of a cowboy style that just gets people staring at it. That’s because it’s just built to look good.

It’s a classic.

First stop, you don’t have all those over-the-top designs that shouts for too much attention. No crocodilian leather that may put this on the boastful side. No ostrich leather shining in all its glory.

The fashion statement here starts with a matte leather. Nothing fussy. It’s a clean slate. And it speaks with total confidence.

The vamp provides a dark contrast to the shaft bringing the eyes closer to the ground. Of course, vamps are usually what’s visible when your wear long pants.

But here, you have another classic design. On the vamp is just a stitched simple design. Nothing too fancy.

Going to the shaft, however, you have what could be its fancy side. An elaborate ensemble of stitches forming one eye-popping design. Just totally Western. But not too much.

Put it all in a cool combination of triad colors: you have tan accented with a sprinkle of blue (triangle flags on shaft) and light yellow (side seam) and linings on outer sole. Result: a one-of-a-kind stunning piece.

Great Fit

Another key feature that has people all-praise to this Nocona offering is how comfy their feet has become putting the pair on even from Day 1. That speaks volumes on the kind of craftsmanship each Nocona creation carries.

Also, it shows how much these bootmakers have responded to the challenge of Lady Justin to make comfort a standard offering in her shoes.

Thanks to top quality leather being used, you have one soft leather that gives people superior comfort. The square toe also provides ample support giving enough space for your digits to operate.

Further, you have excellent arch support giving the top of your feet less of the pressure as it trudges along in style.

Quality Build

Constructed single stitched ¾ welt, this Legacy pair is built to last the challenge of daily wear and tear. You can’t get any stronger than that.

Even better, you have easy-on pull-ups for quick access to your Nocona whenever, wherever. Also, your underslung heel comes with rubber grip to provide you the greater grip on the surface.

have good arch support.

Affordable Price

Lastly, you get the benefit of an awesome price. That spells a lot of goodies for you without you having to lose an arm and a leg.

Never forget that you’re getting a Legacy pair, a Western cowboy boots that’s solid in style and in comfort.

But you’re getting it at a price that won’t come out as exorbitant. For sure, you won’t get the same with a Lucchese. In short, it’s a win-win scenario that’s win-win.






What you get in the package

Placed in a regular cardboard box, you get your Nocona in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you’ll find:

Our verdict

Call the Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy L Toe Boot a gentleman’s pair. The smooth triad combination of colors should give it away. It speaks of class that’s never too loud. Confident but not bossy.

You won’t find any exotic leather here. No fancy piece of hide from any crocodilian, elephant, or snake skin. A lot of cowboy boot offerings flaunt these wares like it’s the best thing that they’ve got.

For the record, you’re dealing with mid-calf leather.

Yes, it’s not too flashy. But it speaks of a cool confidence. Something that must be rooted in its overall style, durable build and comfortable wear.

Critics will come and go. There will always be something lacking here and there. But the best way to gauge how much loved this Nocona Legacy is not by looking at it but by using it.

In this regard, you may want to take a page from all the satisfied users out there who have fallen in love with this product offering from Nocona. So sturdy, the Nocona Legacy has been reported to last for decades.

Of course, you’ll have to ask yourself if the style fits your tastes or your need. If you’re working on the farm, then this pair right here may be too handsome for all the mud, muck, and the hard work.

All in all, at the price it’s at, it’s but rightful to conclude adding this pair to your wardrobe is a no-brainer.

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