Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy 4 Toe Boot: Legacy Boots for the Taking

As a certified hit, Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy 4 Toe Boot has definitely made waves strengthening the legacy line. These may not be exotic boots alright – no crocodilian or elephant hide here. But you’d be surprise at how much their appeal has invaded the masses.

It would seem that this is a classic case of less is more. Or perhaps the massive buy-ins is a testament to how well-made these foot wear are. Indeed, the legendary tenacity of Ms. Enid Justin to come up with cowboy boots that suit the extremely fine tastes of his father has paid off.

If for a second there, the Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy 4 Toe Boot has caught your eye, then read on. The following comprehensive guide should help you zero in on what makes this Nocona offering a must-have. In a jiffy.

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Detailed Review of the Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy 4 Toe Boot

It’s true this is another take at the highly-successful Legacy line of products from Nocona. And arguably, this line could very well be the flagship product of Nocona. For her part, Ms. Enid Justin herself could be beaming with pride.

It’s already about a century ago, in 1925 to be exact, that a hardy woman took it upon herself against the odds to follow the footsteps of her father and pursue the fine art of boot-making. Had her father been just another pretty face in the boot-making industry, Ms. Justin may be but another forgotten name in history.

But no, her father was “Daddy Joe” Justin, who as many know is the founder of Justin Boots.

You might say the expertise and passion of her father rub on Ms. Justin so much she had to put up her own company. And so was born Nocona, named after the place in Texas where it was founded.

And the dream of coming up with quality boots at an affordable price is certainly alive and kicking today. In Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy 4 Toe Boot.

First stop you got style to flaunt about.

You may not have a caiman vamp or any crocodilian leather for that matter installed in this Nocona but this pair is oozing with great style. Small wonder it’s a hotseller.

The triad combination of colors may have everything to do with it. For to a large extent, this is one minimalist showcase. A true gentleman inded.

For this part, you have a tan vintage cow color in different shades. The vamp is darker than the shaft while a touch of yellow is seen lining the outsoles as well as the stitches.

Construction-wise, this one fits the bill. You have single stitch ¾ welt strong construction here. That certainly puts things together solid.

Now it’s easy to mistake this Nocona for a Lucchese for its allure but when you look at the price tag attached to it you’ll all the more realize this right here is the dream of founder Enid realized.




Real soft leather

Made in the US

comfy fit

stunning conservative design

embroidered shaft: highly-stylish

durable build​




Fit issues

Build issues (delivered 2nds)


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Topnotch Conventional Look


If you want to look stylish on those tux or suit this Legacy from Nocoma may just prove to be your best ally. That’s right! If you think tux and cowboy boots don’t mix, think again. The outfit is one of the most recommended in a ball. And perhaps even in a wedding.

While modern fashion smiles at the prospects of cowboy boots in tux, they’re not so forgiving when it comes to cowboy hats. Those wide-brimmed hats that protect the cowhand from the torments of sand and wind are wont to occupy space like a mid-sized umbrella. In short, they’re allowing little elbow room in a gathering.

Needless to say, taking the cowboy sombrero indoors is a big no-no. Though many do it out of lack of etiquette perhaps or a total dismay for authority telling them what to do and what not to do.

And without batting eye, we’ll tell you this Nocoma Legacy fits any formal occasion best. Though black is still the universal favorite for shoe wear in a formal event, this Tan Vintage Cow dark-colored cowboy boots is spot on.

For one, this product offering bears the strong confident aura of the Legacy line. Not too much fuss. No shiny vamp. No over-the-top embellishments.

But a matte finish that’s accented by well-crafted embroidery, a bit formal on the vamp and a bit fancy on the shaft. All in all you have a distinctive triad design that’s hard to miss.

What’s important to know is the shaft may well be the tallest in the Legacy line. All told, you have a 13” arch.

Then of course, the light-brown lining to give another cool twist to the design.

Superior Build

No Nocona may deserve to be called one without superior construction at the middle of it. And this Legacy is no stranger to that.

For construction wise, this shoe is being placed together by a single stitched ¾ welt that’s tough to beat. No wonder many consumers have worn their Legacy most everyday for years.

And lest we forget, you’re dealing with top-quality leather here – reason enough why this offering feels so comfortable even during break-in period.

For one, this should bring you great pride. Especially when you wear this with shorts. For people around you are bound to notice how long the shaft is; it’s a whopping 13 inches in length. Much protection for your leg, much attention to your footwear and you.

Comfortable Wear

What sets this Nocona from the rest of the pack may well be its comfy fit. As consistent with every product on this Legacy line, people have been truly amazed at how much comfort the shoe brings even on the first try. As mentioned a lot of that have to do with top-grade leather material.

Secondly, you have cushion insole and a proprietary technology to get you all the comfort you need as you strut along in style.

Affordable Price

Best of all, you’re getting all this at a price that’s not associated with top quality cowboy boots. It’s not because this isn’t quality. As you know by now, you can put a bigger tag on this and it very well may still be a top seller.






What you get in the package

Placed in a regular cardboard box, you get your Nocona in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you get:

Our verdict

Right off the bat, the Nocona Boots Men’s Legacy 4 Toe Boot, is a great find. If you’re looking for decent cowboy boots that are stunning in style and at the same time is very comfortable to wear, then this product offering from Mexico is tough to beat.

It’s simply wins in both fronts.

Style-wise, you have a largely monochromatic masterpiece. Not too loud designs. But you’ll have to be blind not to see the great attention to detail that the shoe offering carries.

Thanks to a cool triad color design, this Nocona is largely a pleasure to look at. On the other end, it doesn’t come too strong at all. Just exclaiming a cool confidence from the inside.

Moreover, you can see the fine craftmanship in the way stitches on the vamp are laid. It’s a masterpiece, no less. And that 13-inch shaft affirms it.

The construction is also tops; you have a single stitched ¾ welt that puts you solid on the map. Small wonder why there are Legacy users who have used their pair for decades now.

Plus, the mid-calf leather used feels so soft, wearing this Nocona pair right out of the box is a journey to shoe comfort.

Then again, this Made-in-USA Nocona may not be your cup of tea. If you’re looking for an aggressive pair, one that is filled with designs that shouts its presence. Perhaps, an exotic-leather laden pair is more like it.

But for sure, nobody would be surprised if you take this along to widen your choices, at the price it’s at.

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