Lucchese Men’s Landon-Tan Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot: A Closer Look

You can’t go wrong with cowboy boots – especially if they’re a pair of gorgeous Lucchese Men’s Landon-Tan Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boots. Not unless you’re being invited to a dinner with the top execs of a Silicon Valley tech giant like Google. Or for that matter, be an honored guest at the White House to the POTUS himself.

But, you could be in for a pleasant surprise: many American presidents, the Bush father-and-son team including, have flaunted Western boots. So much, one bootmaker has been dubbed BOTUS (bootmaker of the United States) for making cowboy boots for seven American presidents. Yes, you heard it right. Seven.


And in your pursuit to get your fair share of attention, this Lucchese Landon-tan hornback caiman boots can be just the pair to get you started. Sleek and made of true blue crocodilian skin, you could be strutting in style with this pair on in not time. Here’s a closer look why:

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Detailed Review of Lucchese Classics Men’s Landon-Tan Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot

Well, if you have not been introduced to any Western boot, much less to a riding boot, then putting on a Lucchese could be just the right mix for you. Know that you are enjoying a long-held tradition of quality boot-making when you put it the brand. Much like 79-year-old Rocky Carroll, the man who go the extra lengths to give not one but seven American presidents the gift of classy boots, did.

Lucchese Classics Men’s Landon-Tan Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot may be a mouthful. You may find it too cumbersome to remember. But just as the first boots that Sam Lucchese, Sr., the founder of the Lucchese enterprise, made way back in 1883 were as sturdy as the U.S. Army wanted them to be, you’re going to find this tail riding boot a class all its own. And yes, it should give you greater leverage to make a statement.

You see, Western boots have been designed to outlast the arduous work a cowhand must do. Tending to a bull for instance, is no easy task. Chances are, if you’re sleeping on the job, you could be running for your life in no time.

That if you’re lucky!

Just imagine how hard would it be to function in a cowboy’s environment if your foot wear gets in the way. The need for durable yet functional pair of boots can never be overemphasized. With a good one, you wouldn’t be caught hanging to a stirrup in an uneventful fall.

But as you may know by now, being durable isn’t just the strong point of this Lucchese Hornback boots. You guessed it right. Another major point is style.

Putting on a pair of Lucchese Classics Men’s Landon-Tan Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boots is walking in avant-garde head-turning style.

First stop, you’re dealing with real caiman material. A closer look should make that obvious.

Further, it would certainly be a great joy to let your hand touch the horns of the hornback in this Luccheses. Coming from the diminutive crocodilian, this leather is a serious way to attract serious attention. You may even have a strong feeling they’d bite in checking the caiman in the shoes.

Just be careful when you order them though. A good rule of thumb is putting in extra inches to get the right fit. Mostly, a half-inch or a thumb’s measure would be a good way to get your thing going.

Nothing can be more painful to a shoe buyer than being delivered a pair of shoes that doesn’t fit. No matter how elegant the design and how meticulously done are the handiwork, it won’t bring joy. When you order Lucchess, this Lucches particularly, give your feet measurements ample adjustments.

Without the right measurements factored in, you could be ‘bleeding’ needlessly forcing your way into a riding boots which has an overly-tight vamp. The good news is this leather is stretchable.

But why create a problem when you could do away with it right from the get-go.




You’re assured you’re getting our money’s worth with real hornback caiman leather well-tailored into the vamp

As a classic, this is a tried-and-tested offering that has been enjoyed by thousands before you

Adornment in the quarter stitching shows how well the handiwork boosting your style

As the vamp is pure leather, you’d have the luxury of it being stretchable giving room for your feet over time




Making sure you put in the right measurements for your order is a must

Without factoring the right adjustment, you could find yourself into a tight situation: the vamp and instep could prove to be a challenge to go through

Like any exotic leather, you need to give your hornback caiman leather maintenance time to make it as appealing as always​


Best Features of the Lucchese Classics Men’s Landon-Tan Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot


Superior Styling


When you need to get your wardrobe a timely makeover, adding this pair of Caiman boots may prove to be a steal. Classic and elegant, there’s a strong chance you’ll find the beauty in this pair of Lucchese hard to resist. Giving you greater confidence to flaunt your style to your circle, in work and in play.

Hornback caiman in the vamp just gives your riding boots a unique signature to be considered awesome. This is explicit in the embroidered leather shaft that should put your gear in a class of its own amidst the crowd.

Many, if not most, people find the tail riding boots mysterious. When you wear this Lucchese, therefore, you could be putting yourself in a pedestal many just dream about. In a sense, these riding boots could be your ticket to getting the attention you deserve all along.

Greater Comfort

Granting you’ve got your measurements right, these tail riding boots from Lucchese should give functionality otherwise wanting in many other rather ordinary shoes.

Riding boots traditionally were designed to protect the horse rider, though you may be tempted to think of it as just another boots straight from the collection of Darth Vader in Star Wars. A classic boot comes high enough towards the upper leg. This way, the legs of the rider are safe from the being pinched by the saddle.

Moreover, riding boots have a distinct heel preventing a rider’s foot from slipping through the stirrups. All these means could mean wider terrain for your feet to wander as these are standard features in these Lucchese.


As this is another Lucchese handcrafted classic, you get attention to detail that is sorely lacking in solely machine-made footwear. The embroidery accentuated by the side ridge for instance attest to this. From pullstrap down to heel cap and to the welt is a product of dedication possible only with active human hands

Added Length

Boots are to men what stilettos are to women. When you want to put some inches to your height, wearing this pair of Lucchese can be a great addition to your wardrobe arsenal. Though a half-inch boost to your height may be minimal, know that these footwear can have heels that go as high as 2 inches.

That should give you instant height advantage that simply never existed before.



What you get in the package

You will be unboxing your new Lucchese out of a regular cardboard box. You’ll find the pair inside an elegantly trademark Lucchese box. From which you’ll get:

Our verdict

From the looks of it, it certainly won’t hurt to get these pair of Lucchese. Complete with real caiman leather, you’d be flaunting a lot of style when you don a pair. You can enjoy the riding comfort you get from a brand that has been identified through the years with handcrafted perfection.

Lucchese Classics Men’s Landon-Tan Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot shows a lot of promise. Just make sure you get your shoe measurements right in ordering or getting a cobbler may just prove to be another task on your laundry list. But who knows? It may come free of charge – just as Mr. Rocky Carroll have always been to seven American presidents.

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