Lucchese Men’s Landon-Barrel Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot: Up Close and Personal with a Classic

If you need to up your style, donning cowboy boots may just fit the bill. Not only does most of these cowboy shoe wear last a lifetime, they can be a real beauty to watch. For most everyone in your radar, that is. And to a large degree, that could be certainly be true to Lucchese Men’s Landon-Barrel Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot.

Yes, this cowboy boot is a bonafide member of the Lucchese Classics. The brand alone should tell you you’re dealing with some serious gear. Lucchese, over the years, has been identified with quality leather that adorn the feet with unique beauty, thanks to the great visionary in Sam Lucchese, Sr., the manufacturer’s founder.

To note, the Classics represent something exclusive. For starters, these handcrafted leathers flaunt customized details. It’s not some weird-looking machine that made the product happen; rather it’s the consistent, focused effort from eager working hands that made this Lucchese a go-to shoe wear.

And need we mention this pair of tail riding boots don real exotic caiman skin. If you want to know why this Lucchese rocks, read on.

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Detailed Review of Lucchese Men’s Landon-Barrel Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot

Today, horses may not be our choice mode of transportation. And riding boots that used to be a necessity years ago may be considered a luxury for many in present times. Yet, if you want to make a statement putting on a Lucchese Men’s Landon-Barrel Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot could be the best decision you can make.

Designed to thrive in a grueling environment, cowboy boots have definitely earned their spot under the sun – and amongst herds of cows and bulls. The relative ease by which you can put them on and take them off attest to how useful they can be in times of need.

Sturdy and convenient could be just the other name for this classic offering from Lucchese. Many who’ve worn them are wont to flaunt it, for instance. But that’s just the way it is.

You see, Lucchese has mastered the art of making handcrafted boots. It is this attention to detail that has made every Lucchese foot wear a paragon of style and comfort. And this is evident for Lucchese Classics.

Additionally, you got first class material. The Classics, the Lucchese Men’s Landon-Barrel Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot including, are made of the finest leather. This includes an array of exotic material.

This classic tail riding boot for one has a pure hornback Caiman vamp. This authentic material on the forefront of the western boots along with the well-stitched design on its front quarter lend you what could be its greatest come-on: style.

This could be a great way to stand out in the crowd as many have found out before you – confident that they’re wearing a classic offering from Lucchese. Having one can certainly be a statement, one telling people you’re not just another pretty face.

People may get so enamored by your authentic handcrafted boots made of caiman hornback that they may not be able to help themselves but to touch it. This pair of boots may look like any other leather from afar. But perceptions change upfront.

Those hornbacks on your shoes can put on a show, arguably unlike any other shoe in the market. All to your advantage of course.

Then again, the issue of getting the right fit is central to a good buy. No matter how elaborate and well-crafted your Lucchese is, if these are not a snug fit, it’s futile.

The good news is leather is stretchable. Don’t push your luck though. Rather than getting a cobbler or pushing a baseball bat and ball into the boots, making sure you factor ample allowance into the measurements of your order is the first order of business.



Real exotic leather: You’d be wearing true blue caiman skin, not every cowboy has one so that should give your wardrobe a great boost

Handcrafted Classic: This offering just as many of Lucchese’s before you, is made by expert hands and not solely by cold, unthinking machines

Stunning design: As handcrafted as it is, you get stitched details that easily catch the eye to give your style a great lift

Stunning design: As handcrafted as it is, you get stitched details that easily catch the eye to give your style a great lift

Porcelain-coated grids are easy tLeather is strechableo clean and help heat food




Not being able to get your right fit could leave a sour taste in your mouth

You have to make sure you factor enough space clearance for your feet before you order

Leather may need some care to stay in top form


Best Features of Lucchese Men’s Landon-Barrel Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot




When you have foot wear that’s made with expert hands, you get a product that’s less likely to succumb to the daily demands of wear and tear. This has been a distinct advantage that many Lucchese buyers have enjoyed over time.

Since Sam Lucchese, Sr. started sending off his version of Western boots in 1883, the brand has been identified with “stress(ed) quality” that has gotten the attention of most everyone this side of the planet. It was no accident that the founder found favor in the United States Army duly stationed in Fort Worth, becoming the product’s first avid fan.

That no less than the U.S. Army commissioned Sam to provide sturdy boots is a testament on how reliable his line of boots were, a tradition that has been kept all throughout.

Like their predecessors over a century ago, today’s Lucchese is handcrafted. In effect, not only does it provide highly-stylish foot wear, they’re as reliable as you want them to be.

Ride in Style

Riding boots serve a specific function. Traditionally, these foot wear make riding a horse a short order.

For one, it comes high enough to protect the leg of the rider from being pinched by the leathers of the saddle. Those Black English riding field boots should come in mind (though you most likely will mistake them for the boots of Darth Vader).

But this classic hornback Lucchese is not just functional as a riding boot should be, but is also a fashion statement. Complete with real exotic crocodilian leather, this one increases your chances of standing out in a crowd.

Confidence Booster

Plus, all those heels can surely give your height a big boost. And up your confidence in the process.

Add the fact that Lucchese as a brand has been enjoyed by a lot of big names and you should be walking with pride. Top of that list: President Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Other who’s who includes: John Wayne, James Gabor, Bing Cosby.




What you get in the package

You’d receive this Lucchese in a regular cardboard box. A trademarked Lucchese elegant box awaits you where you’ll get:

Our verdict

It’s hard not to get noticed when you’re wearing an exotic Western riding boot. Much more, if you’re donning one with the Lucchese name on it.

Getting a Lucchese Men’s Landon-Barrel Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot could be your best chance to get all the attention you need. And there’s a great chance, it won’t fail you. Just make sure you factor ample space adjustments in your order or you may have to push your way into tight leather.

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