Lucchese Classics Men’s Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot Comprehensive Review

Boots are a rare thing. Just take a look around in any room or gathering. Reason enough why completing your wardrobe with tried-and-tested Western riding boots like Lucchese Classics Men’s Hornback Caiman Tail may be the closest you can get to head-turning high fashion.

After all, these boots are traditionally hand-crafted, built to

perfection not with machines performing cold tasks but with human hands willing to give you your money’s worth. And then some.

Lucchesse, time and again, has been at the forefront of feet care. They’ve, for over a century, served a divergent crowd: from the U.S. Army to those who value great fashion. If you want to step your wardrobe seriously, this offering from Lucchese may just put you on the map.

There are a lot of ways this Lucchese Classic can serve you. For one, it’s as sturdy as you want them boots to be. That should widen your range when you choose a terrain to step on.

So if you’re planning to take this boot to ride horses somewhere in Central America, it should get you to shine on the 4-legged animal. Without extreme danger of any major injury on your end.

Second and perhaps most importantly for most, this pair of shoes – as many Luccheses before you – are a sight to behold. You, most likely, will increase your fan-dom with it on your feet than without it.

Just make sure you give your foot measurement ample room for adjustments to get the right fit.

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Detailed Review of the Lucchese Classics Men’s Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot

Luccheses can be a real eyecatcher, as many die-hard boots fans can attest. And the Lucchese Classics Men’s Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot may even top the bar, arguably for some.

First stop, the overall color is striking. You may find that in the picture posted on Amazon with all its shine and detail. But the experience could be overwhelming once you unbox it.

That it appeals strongly to the eye is no question. This landon barrel brown hornback caiman Western boots could be your holdover weapon to shine in a party, wherever you may be.

Thanks to the exotic leather, this pair of boots puts some serious tantalizing power into action. And you need not worry; you’re putting on real caiman skin that has all the calcium in the hornback.

Yes, you will feel the roughness of the hornback should you put your hand to feel the front of this Lucchese. Compared to other exotic leather on the market, this buy could be a steal.

Of course, all this offering is made possible only because this is a handcrafted classic. Ever since Sam Lucchese, Sr. started the trade in the late 1800’s, his trademark has been associated with fine craftsmanship.

This Lucchese Classic could be Sam Sr.’s showcase to the world. The distinct stitched design in the shaft attests to this. You can feel the unparalleled passion and skill of the hands of the maker in the loops and turns which forms some sort of flame on the side of the shoes.

It’s no joke actually. You’d be walking 1.5 inches taller with this on. Add the 11.5- inch arch of the shaft and you know the people who made this eyecatcher wants you to have serious attention.

So that should be an awesome combination for you. The Lucchese Classics Men’s Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot embodies the vision of the Lucchese founder. Now, you can make the most of that.

Then again, it’s good to get the right fit. Factoring a half-inch or a thumb’s length into your feet’s measurement could be the best thing you can do to rest your worries when you order.

Leather can be stretched, true. If you have to do it, though, you may be shortchanging yourself, and putting in jeopardy what could have been a real beauty in motion.




Great overall color: This one may just stun you and leave you speechless.

Real caiman hornback: You get bragging rights you’re wearing exotic leather.

Awesome design: The vamp and top leather combination can seriously up your wardrobe

Handcrafted Classic: You’re looking at a handcrafted tradition that has been refined for over a century.

Sturdy pair of boots to get you through rough terrain, widening your reach in the process




Leather may need extra attention to look as best as always

You’d have to make doubly sure you’re getting the right fit or you will end up stretching the leather or going to a cobbler needlessly


Best Features of Lucchese Classics Men’s Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot

Superb Craftsmanship


As an established brand, Lucchese shoes distinctively is a paragon of top quality leather boots. Over time, the company has produced Western boots that speaks for itself. And the Lucchese Classics Men’s Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot is no exception.

From the vamp up to the shaft, you’ll find great attention to detail that could rival even more expensive brands. The classic stitched design at the side accentuates the brown over-all color of the pair.

All this reminds us of the vision of “stronger boots” put forward by Sam Lucchese, Sr. when he founded the company over a century ago. For sure, that thought is written all over this boot offering.

Real Exotic Leather

You’re not dealing with second-rate pseudo-leather when you wear this Lucchese pair. Instead, you can hold your head high as this heeled foot wear is made of true crocodilian caiman skin. So much, you can feel all the calcium bumps when you put your hand on the stretch of the vamp.

This adds stature to your boots. No one can question that you’re wearing true blue exotic Western riding boot. And it could be a steal as you’re getting it at a lower price.

Height Booster

The 1.5 – inch heels of this Lucchese hornback can put you on a pedestal, so to speak. It’s not much for many but if you’re a 4” 11’, you become a 5-footer in no time.

Again, that’s going to help your confidence soar. It’s not everyday that a shoe can boost your stature just like that.

Ride in Style

The craftsmanship assures you you’re not being shortchanged with these Western boots. This means Luccheses are built to last the wear and tear of everyday grind. And this classic riding boots is another quality find.

Of course, you can take your Western style a notch higher to put these boots into full use. You can take up Western dancing for instance or take part in a rodeo. That should put your Lucchese out for everyone to see.

And show everyone how in-style your fashion is.

Unless you’re in Texas, you should rest easy. You’ll command serious attention with a shoe like the Lucchese Classics Men’s Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot.

But you don’t have to be a cowboy to get the fashion much as boater shoes aren’t exclusive for New Englanders. You can be where you are and stand out.

For best results though, learning to take care of your leather is highly-recommended. Leather shine better when you give them ample attention. In this regard, a how-to from Lucchese itself can give you a good start.



What you get in the package

The item should come in a regular cardboard box. In it, a trademarked Lucchese elegant box which contains the following awaits you:

Our verdict

There are a thousand and ways to grab attention. You can wear a wide-brimmed cowboy hat or don the yellowest shirt on the planet. However, if you want serious attention, it’s another thing.

Putting on a Lucchese Classics Men’s Hornback Caiman Tail Riding Boot may just prove to be your fastest track to garner serious attention. Made of exotic hornback caiman skin, the leather in these boots shine with all its roughness. Add some serious heel height and you’re confidence should soar in no time wearing this Lucchese.

Just make sure you get your measurements right when you order.

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