Lucchese Classics Caiman Horseman Riding Boot: Taking You to Greater Heights

Should you want to make a statement in the eyes of your crowd, the Lucchese Classics Caiman Horseman Riding Boot could be a treasure find. Not only is it rich in design, it’s also built to last.

For starters, and as many Luccheses before you, you’re getting real exotic leather. This offering has a vamp of pure caiman hornback material. So much you can see the tiles from a distance.

That hornback material shines even with all the roughness and the calcium that protrudes from each tile. The overall effect add a dazzling mystery into the whole piece. The good news is if you want to make other people in the room drool, there could be no better way to do it than with this Horseman Riding Boot Classic.

Add a long shaft that’s longer than most, and you’ll know you’re in for a serious attention with this on. Fact is this is boot speaks loudly.

If you’re in to attract praise and attention, you may never be more spot on that this horseman classic. The bold stitch pattern announces that to the world.

No wonder Lucchese has found favor around the globe as the foremost brand to beat. It’s churning classic pieces one after the other.

But don’t get all the fashion wrong. This offering from Lucchese is built to last. The makers from the renowned company that Sam Lucchese Sr. founded in 1883 surely had that in mind.


For one, you have a complimentary collar to utilize the foot wear to the hilt. Add the double welt construction, and you know you won’t be needing a cobbler anytime soon.

To guide you on why this classic from Lucchese rocks and how it could benefit your end should you decide to buy it, read on. Here’s a in depth review on arguably one of the most eye-catching Lucchese of them all.

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Detailed Review of the Lucchese Classics Caiman Horseman Riding Boot

The shoes make the man. Though we really don’t know who said that first, it attests to how society can put to a pedestal those who dress well and observe high fashion in their tastes. Well, if you’re one who wants to push the envelope in terms of dressing up, starting with Lucchese’s Classics Caiman Horseman Riding Boot can be a good start.

As you know very well, the journey to a thousand miles start with one step. Taking on this Lucchese cowboy boots could prove to a rightful one.

For the most part, a good majority of men find it hard to come to terms with cowboy boots. There’s a good chance they may not see the point of donning a fancy Western leather as foot wear.

Well, that should tell you you’re setting yourself apart when you put on a true blue cowboy boot. Even more so with this Lucchese offering.

For starters, you’re dealing with real exotic caiman material. Even better, the vamp on this Lucchese is made of hornback leather. Meaning: you’re getting the rougher portion of the caiman’s skin, one that’s pointier and therefore more daring.

In short, you could be arming yourself to the teeth in the awesome department when you don this horseman riding boot from Lucchese.

Adding more oomph to this offering is the intricately stitched design on the shaft, which by the way measures 12.5 inches, much taller than most Lucchese boots.

Overall, the great design should give you all the attention you need.

Don’t fret, though. If you’re thinking this Lucchese foot wear is just all about pleasing the eye, think again. This pair of boots comes with solid double welt construction. That speaks volumes on the handcrafting skills of Lucchese expert bootmakers.

Then again, to enjoy this Lucchese best, never forget to get your shoe measurements right. Add ample room for adjustments. Though most of those who ordered (71%) this hornback offering have been truly satisfied, some fell short finding their pair too tight for comfort.




Overall, the design is bold telling you this one attracts serious attention

Of hornback caiman material: That shiny roughness can be a real headturner

Superior shoe construction built to last: double welt, leather insole/outsole

100% leather true blue Western horseman riding boots




Design can come out too bold

Leather needs attention every now and then to shine


Best Features of the Lucchese Classics Caiman Horseman Riding Boot


Striking Bold Design


If you want it bold, then this Lucchese may just prove to be the answer to your quest. For starters, those calcium bumps on the caiman hornback vamp gives the product offering the adventurous feel of the wild, wild west.

Of course, designs like these command serious attentions. A sneaker will surely feel small places at the side of this Lucchese.

So, if you’re committed to staying true to the competitive nature of the cowboy scene, getting this pair might just fit to a T.

Even more fascinating, you get a bold design meticulously stitched right at shaft. The end result: you get one Lucchese that shouts its presence to everyone. Wearing them should be as exciting as you want them to be.

Meticulous Superior Construction

But you’re not getting just the fancy design. That would be un-Lucchese like.

True to the promise of Sam Lucchese, Sr., the brand’s founder, you get extraordinarily built pair of western boots when you put on this horseman riding boot.

You can see all the find handiwork in the quality of the stiches, for instance. And in the double welt construction of the shoes. They’re so meticulously done; you’d think a machine made it happen. But no sir. It’s the dedication and proven expertise that’s on the works here.

Added Comfort

Plus, you’d be walking in added comfort when you get this one. Not only do you get a complimentary collar that makes stepping in a walk in the park, you have a cushioned leather instep for added comfort.

Of course, the superior construction makes these all possible. Without the double welt make-up for one, you could be walking in shoes that’s coming undone any moment.

Real Exotic Leather

That you’d be wearing true blue caiman hornback leather is enough to tell you this Lucchese is big on competitive advantage. Meaning: These cowboy boots alone may lead you to greater things in life.

You don’t even have to brag on it. You just have to wear them everywhere you go. You really won’t mind.




What you get in the package

Inside a more classy box with the Lucchese trademark on it, you’ll find the following:

Our verdict

You don’t have to be in a ranch wrangling cows and riding horses to look bold and make a statement. Same as you don’t have to be in Texas to wear awesome cowboy boots.

If you talk about getting all the attention you want, the Lucchese Classics Caiman Horseman Riding Boot may very well do the job justice. In a word, it’s a head-turner alright.

All the boldness in the stitch patterns attest to this. Chances are, it can be truly be intimidating to any other shoe out there paraded without the Lucchese brand attached to it.

Add the hornback vamp that shines even in its roughness, and this offering can easily be one offer up for grabs.

And yet, if you’re shooting for a homelier version of a cowboy shoes, this Lucchese may not hit the mark. It could be too mysterious to appeal to the office for instance, in which case you may have to widen your options.

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