Lucchese 1883 Hornback Caiman Cowboy Boot: A Closer Look at a Classic Handcrafted Tradition

When you want real fashion, putting on a Western-style riding boot may be the best thing you can do to stand out in a crowd. It may look like there’s nothing extraordinary from afar. But when they get close to you, it could be hard for people not to notice. Especially true if you’re wearing a handcrafted tradition that’s Lucchese 1883 Hornback Caiman Cowboy Boot.

To shed light on a classic shoe wear from one of fashion’s most guarded brands, we’ve come up with this review. By showing you what makes this Lucchese tick, you’d be more than ready to gear yourself up in time for the 4th of July. And make a mark to be recognized the whole year through.

You could add flavor to the party when you go around in gears like these. Just make sure you’re all-ready to flaunt your style. Because when it comes right down to it, sleek boots could be just the start of greater things ahead in your life. keep on reading this lucchese 1883 review.

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Detailed Review of Lucchese 1883 Hornback Caiman Cowboy Boot

As a brand, Lucchese was never your run-of-the-mill American retailer of cowboy boots. Started in 1883, the company was founded by the first of a long line of enterprising Luccheses, Sam Lucchese, Sr., an Italian immigrant who came from Sicily. Right from the onset, the young bootmaker envisioned boots that came with “quality, quantity and cost efficiency”.

In this regard, no Western riding boot may embody Lucchese more than Lucchese 1883 Hornback Caiman Cowboy Boot. Over a century after its start, Lucchese has been identified with high-end exotic boots – passing the test of time in the process. And where right at the get-go, the brand has been a standard issue to the United States Army, today it has found favor in the discerning American consumer.

Handcrafted, this classic piece of footwear speaks of being sturdy with class for starters. So much, it would seem the founder, Sam Lucchese, Sr., came down to Earth and made the Hornback himself. This is easily apparent when you go over the details of the boots yourself. The design through the shaft give you the impression of something big on fire, one that should get the eyes of footwear aficionados in no time at all.

Secondly, the Lucchese 1883 Hornback Caiman Cowboy Boot is a paragon of comfort. You don’t have to take up Western dancing and rodeo to know how much effort the makers at the Texas-based leather company have put it to ensure you’re walking in relative ease.

If you’ve never been a Western boot fan, trying the Hornback could be the good start you’ve waited for. Know firsthand, these boots are styled to last the grueling demands of cowboy work. Exactly the reason why you wouldn’t find a single lace with these classic foot wear. There’s no pair of shoe easier to pull yourself into and pull yourself out of than a classic pair of Western boots.

Sure, we don’t expect you to be lassoing cows anytime soon. Though you’re certainly welcome to try. But trying the Hornback could be a great start to lassoing the hearts of your inner circle, not to mention the love of your life.

Then again, footwear is a very personal thing. No matter how wonderfully-designed Western boots are, they’re good for nothing if they don’t fit you. Making doubly sure you’ve factored a thumb’s length into your Lucchese 1883 Hornback Caiman Cowboy Boot order is wise. Otherwise, you could lose yourself into all the negativity that never should have existed in the first place.




Style is top of the list wearing the Hornback accentuated for instance with a fancy embroidered leather shaft

You could have just the right formula to turn heads with genuine Caiman in its vamp on this Lucchese

Stretchable so your feet should get the snug fit you want even from a little tight start

Hand-crafted, attention to detail should give you a sturdy, great quality boots that endures the rough tumble of your daily grind

Stacked leathered heel could add numbers to your height

Square toe could give your feet better breathing space for easier movement




As beautiful as Caiman leather is, it may require more attention than you may be willing to give

Complete with more calcium-induced parts compared to other Crocodilian skins, Caiman may need constant cleaning and conditioning to appear as flawless as possible

It’s paramount you get your measurements right with adjustments before setting the motion to order in its place​


Best Features of Lucchese 1883 Hornback Caiman Cowboy Boot (400)


Greater Style


Western boots that have been fantasized in many a-cowboy-Indian film is definitely a rarity nowadays. Most people may even find it hard to fancy seeing them as pricey items – largely unnecessary.

And yet, this is where Lucchese 1883 Hornback Caiman Cowboy Boot come into play. When you want to stand out in a crowd, nothing could get you all the attention you need than from these highly-stylized Western boots.

Anybody may think it’s just another quality leather shoe. However, up close, the real beauty of the Hornback shows.


You can see the attention to detail that every Lucchese 1883 Hornback Caiman Cowboy Boot carries. This handcrafted tradition that has been passed since the company Sam Lucchese started churning leather goods.

For instance, the embroidered leather shaft speaks volumes on the extreme delicacy and complexity of the work involved. And yet, this trademark increases your chances of becoming the center of attention in a crowd, wherever party you may be in.

This is the gift that the great founder wanted to bestow Americans and the whole world in general. When he talked about quality leather shoes, he could have been referring to the Hornback as its embodiment.

Greater Comfort

Cowboy boots were designed to outlast the grueling environment that cow herding and cow-guarding entails. You won’t see any lace for one with any of these boots. It allows for easier wear. Cowboys need all the time they can get to attend to their cows or to ward off sneaky thieves, a common occurrence in those times.

For your part, this means you can utilize such added benefit to ease your daily life.

You have shoes that speaks of style and class that you can wear in a jiffy. You won’t need much time to put it in; and surely, no need of extra time to get them out. This would come in handy when you’re in a picnic out in the woods for instance. You can put the boots on to use when you need to chase racoons stealing your uncooked food and just as easily take them off when you need to tuck your little tyke in the tent.

Boost Your Over-all Apperance

For men who need a little help in the height department, a pair of these Lucchese boots, could be a treasure trove. Propelled by standard Cuban heel, this Western leather may give you at least a half-inch instant growth in stature.

That may not be a big deal for some. But these heels can go as high as 2 inches. That’s like giving Lebron James enough height to challenge the reach of a Manut Bol.

Square Toe

The Hornback is equipped with square toes making it a greater come-on for guys who simply have wider feet. Curved toe-shoes may simply fall short in this department.

Many men who have tried square-toed shoes detail how they increase their functionality daily. They can kick balls for one, something they are hard to do with curved ones.

Real Caiman Leather

Lest we forget, you’ve be dealing with pure Caiman leather when buying the cowboy boots. The Lucchese 1883 Hornback Caiman Cowboy Boot flaunts a gorgeous Caiman vamp, leather that’s truly made of pure crocodilian skin.

That gives you added assurance of style and elegance. Not to mention bragging rights. As history shows, it could make you feel like an American president – like Ronald Reagan before you.






What you get in the package

Placed in a regular cardboard box, you get your Lucchese in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you get:

Our verdict

It’s hard not to get noticed wearing this original hand-crafted Lucchese cowboy boots. With pure Caiman upfront, you’re ensured of quality material that endures through time. That the product is hand-crafted and not solely machine-made adds to the assurance of high quality and sleek look.

Overall, wearing the Lucchese 1883 Hornback Caiman Cowboy Boot should be an experience of classic style and comfort. Equipped with a horn-backed appearance thanks to the deeper dip in the scallop, you could bring life to the party just by wearing them. Just don’t forget to attend to your Caiman leather every now and then; and you should be good to go.

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