Ferrini Women’s Patchwork BT Western Boot: One-of-a-kind Cowgirl Boots at Your Fingertips

Know that the Ferrini Women’s Patchwork BT Western Boot is 100% leather, in case you were wondering if those are real ragged clothes being used. It may look like it’s a rag tag arrangement of clothes but no, these are fine leathers you’re dealing with: genuine fine leather. A welcome twist indeed.

Being fashionable is getting people all the looks, attention, praise, and compliments in the world. Of course, you couldn’t really please everyone. But this offering from the company Vino Ferrini founded brings about a one-of-a-kind way to capture those eyes wherever you may go.

You’re looking at one great creation from Ferrini here. Still, if you want to dig more, we recommend you read on. What we have here is a comprehensive guide on the merits of this Ferrini fashionable shoe. It should take you where you want to, in a jiffy.

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Detailed Review of the Ferrini Women’s Patchwork BT Western Boot

Clearly, Ferrini Women’s Patchwork BT Western Boot is pushing the envelope in terms of cowgirl/cowboy boots design. Others may find it funny to have patchwork in them boots. But you’re only being true to the nature of cowboy boots.

Cowboys represent the restless spirit in all of us. Traditionally, these are people who braved the Wild, Wild West against the odds. They had to be the hardiest of men.

And women, too.

When you wear the Patchwork, you’re breaking into new ground. For people around you will certainly raise a question or two on the uniqueness of the foot wear.

Who wouldn’t? Such an array of patchwork on your vamp is hard not to notice.

And don’t get us wrong. You are looking at 100% leather here, not some old paperwork or clothes patched together. That said, it should tell you this one is stylized from the bottom up.

Added to that ornate display out front is the much-decorated shaft, covered with heavy stitched artwork.

Overall, this is as catchy as you want it to be. Which of course can be its down side too.

You can wear this one on a party when you want to put style right up front. However, when you want to get a professional look, this one may fall below par.

All that patchwork can be overplaying your hand when used in formal gatherings, like the boardroom or a wedding perhaps. But everything’s a matter of taste in fashion.

Then on the build side, you have to congratulate Ferrini. You’re looking at a superbly build product that could last as long as you want them to be. Here, you have their attention to detail right for the taking.

As the company proudly proclaims “each pair is hand finished with hand driven wooden pegs.” Just awesome!

To top it all the Ferrini Patchwork is not an expensive piece. Quality but not pricey is a tough combination to resist.




Unique design

Well-crafted to grab attention

Sturdy construction

Super attention to detail

100% leather




Fit issues

Not universal look


Best Features

Stunning Unique Design


You’re not getting any run-of-the-mill product here. If you look around for cowgirl/cowboy boots design, you simply won’t get the unique design that you’ll find here.

That’s a great bonus. That assures you there’s a good chance you could be owning up the space in any establishment. As nobody will have the same drawing power as you have.

And that is thanks mainly to the one-of-a-kind design all in display here. And yes, you should be thankful to the people in Ferrini for the creative process.

The Patchwork as it all suggests displays a patchwork design. You’d think they were clothes all patched up. But no, these are all 100% leather made to look like one.

And right then and there, you know you’re not dealing with just another so-so product here. You have one that you can be proud of, flaunt wherever you go.

Added to all the patches is the beautiful vamp. If, somehow, the patchwork evokes a rugged perhaps poor mentality, you won’t find that notion on the vamp.

For there you’ll stand witness to one splendid design. So much it balances the rugged look of the vamp.

The shaft all in 12 inches long is embroidered to a beautiful masterpiece. It’s easy to think it was printed. But no, these are all stitched to look as lovely as you want it.

Superior Build

Then you have the assurance of sturdy built here. The workers from Mexico makes sure of that.

As proclaimed: “Each pair is hand finished with hand-driven wooden pegs.” That speaks a lot about the kind of product you’re getting should you decide to follow through.

Couple that with superior construction and you can rest easy this Ferrini will stay with you through and through. Know that you’re talking about a product that constructed via double stitched welt. That’s greater bankability for you.

You’re assured everything sticks together as you make the most of the product.

Comfort Fit

Not only will you be the best dressed in your women circle, you will be strutting in style and comfort. That is the promise of every product that comes out of the factory headed by Vino Ferrini from a long line of Italian shoe makers.

Here, you have orthopedic footbeds to cushion your walks. To top it all, you have leather soles and linings for greater bounce upon using.

And speaking of the leather. The leather right here comes from all over the world. Not just from Mexico.

Great Price

And lastly, you have a product that won’t cut a big hole in your wallet. No Luccheses here. No Dan Posts.

It would certainly help you decide faster. For all the fine craftsmanship for the taking, and all the rigorous work of art available to you, you can have them easier than most high-end brands in the market today.

That’s certainly great advantage for you. One you can take to the bank.






What you get in the package

Placed in a regular cardboard box, you get your Ferrini in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you get:

Our verdict

As the Ferrini Women’s Patchwork BT Western Boot is pure 100% leather, it’s a bargain. What you’re looking at is one fine example of exemplary craftsmanship coupled with ingenuity that’s unprecedented. For where can you find a patchwork made into cowboy boots?

Only in Ferrini right. Vito, the founder of this legendary factory housed in Mexico, should be bemused. He knows he’s giving you a shot at greatness here.

If you look closer at it, you’re dealing with some sensitive artworks here. The shaft alone with all the finely stitched artwork is amazing. Doing that on your own is one tall order, if not largely impossible.

Still, the Mexico-headquartered bootmaker is putting its best for you. You have here the finest leathers put together from the all over the world. With each pair coming out hand finished thanks to hand-driven wooden pegs.

That’s certainly awesome. That means there’s serious loving in this work of art.

And all this at a bargain price.

Then again, this is no exotic leather we’re talking about. As every fashion item must satisfy the taste of its buyer, it’s really up to you.

But putting a wonderful twist to your wardrobe should be a good thing.

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