Ferrini Mens Teju Lizard Sq Toe Choc Boots

The Ferrini Mens Teju Lizard Sq Toe Choc Boots is one exotic boot and you can’t deny it shows. With its vamp made of lizard skin you’re certainly putting some serious gear into your arsenal. Now, above anything else, that should tell you this one is a treasure find.

It’s definitely not everyday that you get to meet a person on the street with lizard hide as shoes. How much more something so meticulously placed as the Teju Lizard. From that vantage point alone, you know you won’t be miserable keeping such a rare find.

It’s even more astounding to know that the Teju lizard is from Africa, from the southern portion of South Africa to be exact. That’s a long way from America. Thus, if you want to check on the merits of this product offering, our comprehensive guide below should get you going. In a jiffy.

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Detailed Review of Ferrini Mens Teju Lizard Sq Toe Choc Boots

Material is foremost in any cowboy boot and this time around the Ferrini Mens Teju Lizard Sq Toe Choc Boots may just nail it.

A lot of people may argue that lizard skin isn’t as exotic as say alligator or crocodile skin. And it’s true. Most designers today hold the crocodilian hide as top-tier fashion material, along with python skins.

But lizard skins are as exotic as any of these. To start, the Teju lizard isn’t a specie you’ll find on the shores of America. These 4-legged creatures hail from South Africa. And like a caiman’s, the scales of the Teju are rectangular-shaped with irregular color patterns.

Now, to wear a leather from cowhide is one thing; to wear one that’s cut out of a big lizard that doesn’t exist in the mainland is another.

Therefore, you should take pride in wearing the Ferrini Mens Teju Lizard Sq Toe Choc Boots. Not only are they exotic, they’re extremely soft and comfortable too – as many consumers attest.

Thus, you’ll find the vamp shining in all Teju lizard glory. It’s amazing to see the splendid lizard skin all tiled up right in front of you.

Plus, this chocolate-colored boots carry a well-stitched shaft that comes in the same color as its 13-inch shaft. All told, you have one great classic ready for the taking.

Moreover, you can’t fault Ferrini when it comes to comfort. The insoles of this Teju offering is cushioned. Top that with a welted construction done in single stitch and there’s a good chance this pair will stick with you through the years.

But the biggest draw for this offering could be price. Put it side by side with a Lucchese and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

On the down side, not every consumer experience are the same and this one is no exception. A few complain of the leather soles for instance saying they wear out quicker than rubber. The good news is these reviews are few and far between.




Exotic lizard leather boot

13” fancy stitched shaft

1 ¾ inch vamp

Comfortable cushioned insole

Single stitch welt construction




Fit issues

Other grills with the same capacity have higher max temperatures

Build issues​


Best Features

True Exotic Lizard Skin


This may not be a crocodilian leather but it’s totally exotic. You’re looking at real Teju leather.

The lizard which could grow to more than a foot in length is native to South Africa. That tells you you’d be wearing a leather of an animal from far, far away.

No, you wouldn’t find Teju lizards, or Tupinambis Merianae, aren’t bred here in America. As you may have noticed looking at the vamp of this product offering, the scales of this lizard are small and to a large degree square-shaped. Like that of a Python, the Teju has a skin that shows irregular patterns.

All this only gives you the assurance of greater comfort – not to mention bragging rights. That’s because lizard skin is usually thinner than most exotic leathers available on the market today.

That gives this exotic leather greater flexibility for added comfort for your daily walk. Further, a quick look at the grains of your vamp should give you a feeling of comfort.

Fancy Stitched Shaft

What’s more, all the fine exotic leather is being matched with a strikingly fancy design on the shaft. Thanks to expert craftmanship you have a beautiful tapestry of stitches right on the rise right where you want them to be.

Coming in monochromatic colors, you’re looking at fine stitches all laid carefully. Just looking at all the detail tells you you’re enjoying the finest works of a bankable bootmaker.

The shaft is pure leather in material. Not exotic but you’re looking at genuine fine leather that’s premium.

Comfortable Fit

Moreover, the Teju Lizard Ferrini offering is built to give you cowboy comfort. Not punish you with a foot wear that hardly fits.

Then again, if you’re looking at a shoe that seem to have a life of its own, refusing to be broken in, know that you should order your measurements right. The best way to do that is to give some allowance in your final numbers.

In this regard, a thumb’s length should cut it.

To note, this Ferrini is built with cushioned insole, giving you a softer ride as you trudge along. Further, you have a natural rubber sole to give you added durability and traction. Keeping slippage out as much as possible.

Affordable Price

And above all, this Ferrini doesn’t make your heart beat faster in the payment department. You’re looking at a price that’s so low it would make any Lucchese offering squirm in discomfort.

That tells you a lot about Ferrini. As a trusted brand, this bootmaker is doing its best to provide the masses with quality cowboy boots that’s within reach.

If you have a handful of cowboy boots with you, adding this Ferrini could be most fitting. It allows you wider options when you want to have fun or want to go to work. Options that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to obtain.






What you get in the package

Placed in a regular cardboard box, you get your Ferrini in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you get:

Our verdict

By now, it should be clear for you: Cowboy boots are meant to stand out. In that regards, the Ferrini Mens Teju Lizard Sq Toe Choc Boots has done a good job. Not only does it shine in its glory, it gives you real bragging rights.

It’s but normal. Things that shine catches the eye. This time around, people are wont to ask you what kind of leather is on your shoe.

For the Teju lizard of which the vamp of this cowboy boot is made isn’t your ordinary animal. Fact is it’s from Africa, South Africa to be exact.

That should be enough to tell you this Ferrini is a rare find. Add the cushion technology that the notable company has in place and you should be going places in no time.

Then again, if you’re looking for calcium bumps, one peculiar to crocodilian leather (e.g., caiman), this product offering from Ferrini may not be your cup of tea.

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