Ferrini Men’s Print Crocodile R-Toe Western Boot: Great Style Need not Break the Bank!

You may not be aware of it, but the Ferrini Men’s Print Crocodile R-Toe Western Boot can seriously put you at the center of all the attention. You need not wrangle a steer to display your oozing confidence; just donning this pair would do. Patterned after one of the most dangerous animals on the planet, this Ferrini is bound to inspire awe and respect from the people who walk near you.

From the moment you set your eyes on it, it’s hard not to fall in love with this Ferrini creation. The vamp is so full of detailed crocodile roughness; it’s breath-taking to say the least. Add a shaft with all the lurid details of the manufacturer’s true dedication to boot craftsmanship, and you could fall in love right then and there.

But you may still want to know more. Exactly why we’re prepared a comprehensive guide just for you on this one-of-a-kind Ferrini offering. It should get you going – and fast.

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Detailed Review Ferrini Men’s Print Crocodile R-Toe Western Boot

When you want to leave a mark in the eyes of the people you mingle with, Ferrini Men’s Print Crocodile R-Toe Western Boot may just cut it for you. With this on, you need not ride a rodeo to look invincible or show your tap dancing skills to capture attention.

The crocodile in this Ferrini Western classics is definitely a strong come-on. Running your hand through the vamp will tell you this is no ordinary leather we’re talking about. It rises and falls with all the roughness.

That exotic design can certainly be a people stunner. Who would wear like these? Not many right? When you put them on, you declare to the world that you are part of an elite circle of men with fine tastes.

For fine tastes is what this Ferrini is all about.

Add to the exotic-designed vamp, you have a highly-stylized shaft that stands as tall as 13 inches from the Cuban arch. Now, anybody will tell that’s one tall shaft you got there. That makes it doubly sure you’ll shine especially if you have your denim jeans inserted into the boots.

Vino Ferrini, the head of the Ferrini organization that HQd in Mexico is happy to make it so. And to continue it to be so.

Here, the veteran bootmaker company has installed craftsmanship of the highest order. To note, this Ferrini not only is made with great design it’s also built to last through the years.

For one, this product offering is constructed via single stitch welt, a uniquely strong method of putting all the leather in one setting. Add the cushioned insole and you get one fine way to keep things in the comfortable level.

Well, of course, you can feel down knowing there really is no exotic leather in this shoe pair. True. This Ferrini carries but print version of the crocodile leather – cowhide treated to look like the crocodilian skin.

Come to think of it all, however, this Print Crocodile offering is still a steal given all the great things it has on the table.




Pure 100% cowhide leather

Stunning vamp design

Beautiful, very refined stitches on shaft

13 inch shaft

Superior build




Not real crocodilian leather

A few build issues – ‘scales’ falling apart


Best Features

Great Western Look


Yes, you have all the boxes checked here. From the looks of it, you have one fine cowboy boot to flaunt about. That’s all the attention you need.

No, you need not wrestle a steer to get all the bravado. As we mentioned from the start this one could make it happen for you.

Fist stop, you’re getting all exotic in your vamp here. No worries. All that roughness up front is a mystery for everybody you meet.

Mind you, unless you’re in Texas or in New Mexico, you’re bound to be owning the lights. That’s because everyone in every city in America is less likely to put a show as grand as this.

You can even have them touch the leather. Just don’t tell them it’s bovine (another word for cattle skin).

Sure, who would think you’re wearing one with cow leather on its vamp. You can simply tell them to have a feel.

But of course, leather experts can tell. But most won’t.

Yes, certainly, that gung-ho vamp is sure to attract some good looks from around you wherever you are.

Then there’s the shaft shining in all its splendor. You’re looking at one fine craftsmanship in here. All the beauty this long arm is giving is a product of great hands with great expertise working in the Ferrini HQ in Mexico.

All that fine embroidery adds the “breathtaking” to this pair of cowboy boots.

Superb Construction

It wouldn’t be a Ferrini without one. This product offering is not just looking good; it’s built to last.

For you have one right here that’s welted. Specifically single stitched welt in construction. That’s pretty serious way to get all the leather to hook up to one another.

Comfort Fit

And what could be a great add-on benefit for you is the superb fit of this Ferrini creation. You’re dealing here with a pair of boots that comes with easy-on pull straps for faster use. Even more astounding, you’re getting orthopedic footbeds that should give you all the comfort you need as you strut along.

Undershot Heel

Adding a more classic Western look is the undershot heel. You simply don’t find these on any regular shoe offering. It’s peculiar to cowboy boots.

That affirms the great style that you’re in. when you have these. Whether you’re in the farm or you’re out in the office. You’re creating the curiosity and generating compliments wherever you go.

Affordable Price

And finally, the price tag. You need not spend too much of your precious dollars here. You’re getting one that’s way less the price of high-priced brands like Lucchese.

That’s really a steal for you. Vino Ferrini must have heard everybody’s prayer for a quality cowboy boots that doesn’t break the bank. You have one here to expand your wardrobe with ease.






What you get in the package

Placed in a regular cardboard box, you get your Ferrini in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you get:

Our verdict

Catching attention is what this Ferrini Men’s Print Crocodile R-Toe Western Boot does best. It’s a real man’s job – and not of a little boy just trying to impress with his bag of small toys. Truly, getting this Ferrini could be your one step closer to all the attention you need.

First stop, you’re getting the looks of a crocodilian right on the vamp. That’s a good start for you. All that roughness caught in shining tiles should tell you how serious is this product offering in garnering the votes: compliments and praise wherever you may go.

Top that with a masterpiece of a vamp, embroidered in the finest of detail right at the heart of it and you know something’s got to give when you put this pair on.

People are bound to look, that is.

However, if you’re particular about your leather. And want only what’s exotic in your shoe collection. Then, this right here may not be your cup of tea.

To note, we have a print imitation of the real crocodile leather – and not the real thing.

Then again, who’s complaining. At the price it’s at, this Ferrini right here is a treasure find.

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