Ferrini Men’s Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Western Boot: As Dashing as You Want Your Cowboy Boots to Be

If by any chance you have been dreaming of wearing a true blue rare exotic cowboy leather boot, then the Ferrini Men’s Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Western Boot is making it all come true. It could be the closest thing you can have to get your hands into all the action. Top that with standard Ferrini comfort and you should be on your way to a one stunning day.

Once again, Ferrini’s superb attention to detail is in full display here. And it could catch your heart. The brand has certainly come a long way in pushing the boundaries of cowhide leather, turning it to a flashy print alligator belly.

And you can’t fault this one for the price. It’s simply ridiculously low. Still, if you’re sitting on the fence, our comprehensive guide built just for you should guide you. Read on.

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Detailed Review of Ferrini Men’s Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Western Boot

If you want to make an impression, the Ferrini Men’s Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Western Boot could be just right for you. From the looks of it, you could say it’s a classic.

Most importantly, it’s a double welted classic. That means this one is built to last.

The handcrafted tradition that Ferrini offers surely are making waves in the cowboy boot industry. And it’s apparent in this Print Belly Alligator offering.

For instance, you have pull straps accented with print alligator overlays. That sure allows you to make your boot day a cinch.

What makes this Ferrini product stand out however, is its one shiny vamp. That’s because this is print belly alligator, truly a stunning piece.

Ferrini has certainly pushed the envelope further when it comes to print versions of exotic hides. Yes, they may just be an imitation of the original animal’s hide – in this case alligator hide – but the craftmanship is so high you wouldn’t be surprised if somebody really calls it an exotic leather by par.

Looks can certainly be deceiving. But whoever wore a cowboy boots that don’t want to look good is having his priorities wrong. Unless of course he’s just a real cowboy who wants nothing but to get the cowhand job done. And not care much for appearances.

Added to that beautiful vamp, is a carefully crafted set of stitches in the shaft. You’ll love the flowery design that streaks through the face of the vamp. It’s just classic.

What could be the biggest rationale taking this pair in is price. At that price it’s at, you could buy three for the price of one Lucchese. And enjoy each pair as many have done before you.

Then, of course, there are fit issues and build issue that shoot up. The good news? They’re a drop in the bucket compared to those who says they’re ordering another pair because they want more of the same. Comfort and style within reach.

Make an impression




Cushioned insole

13 inch shaft

Block heel

Cushioned comfort

Square toe

Double stitched welt construction

Very affordable




Not real alligator leather

Slip issues


Best Features


Stunning Design

If getting good impression and a host of compliments is top of your list then you may have stumbled upon a treasure find here. The Ferrini Alligator is designed to impress, quite simply.


You can start off with the vamp. You won’t see any dullness here. Instead you have a shiny front with detail to let your eyes wonder.

The vamp is made of print belly alligator. Belly is an apt description as this one depicts the softer side of the crocodilian. An impressive array indeed.

And though it’s but an imitation of the real crocodilian leather, it’s the closest you can get to having the real one. You’re, in short, getting the good looks.

In a way, it’s hats off to Ferrini. The shoe company has certainly gone leaps and bounds in the printing technology. For without a real leather connoisseur you could be in the ropes not knowing the real thing from the printed one.

That’s how skillful the company has become.

Adding depth to that beauty, you have one beautiful shaft. Wrapped in meticulously done embroidery, you’re bound to be amazed at the refined stitches on the rise.

And to note, all this beauty stands tall. The shaft alone stretches exactly 13 inches to the mouth. That’s more than a full ruler in length.

Uncompromising Comfort

As per Ferrini standard, you have one product offering that speaks of greater comfort. Not just your run-of-the-mill designs.

For one, you’re getting a design that’s built on solid ground. This Print Alligator offering is double stitched welt in construction. That’s Goodyear construction is tough to beat.

Even better, you have cushion comfort right at the heart of this offering. That tells you you should not have much of a problem breaking the boots in. It should be a snug fit.

Plus, you’re getting low roper heels that in color plays a beautiful contrast to the black leather that makes up the vamp. It’s simply hard to miss.

Making it a home run, you’re given a side-on strap so you won’t have much of a problem putting your shoe it. It fits and it fits fast.

Affordable Price

What’s more, you’re getting the Print Belly Alligator offering at a much lower price than most. That’s absolutely a come-on.

Now, you won’t have to lose precious dollars just to look good. Ferrini makes it all possible.

If you take a closer look at the price, you’re enjoying one that’s notches lower than many luxurious higher-priced counterparts.

That should be a blessing. Many who have learned of these have bought additional pairs of the same, enjoying the product even better.






What you get in the package

Placed in a regular cardboard box, you get your Ferrini in a trademarked elegant box. In this box, you get:

Our verdict

If you’ve come looking for something to get you serious attention, then the Ferrini Men’s Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Western Boot could be your best bet. It’s shiny print belly alligator vamp in all its tiled glory is bound to give you all the looks, stares and compliments you need.

Couple that with fancy stitched 13-inch shaft and you have one stunning piece of foot wear right for the taking. Yes, it’s a steal. Looking at all the fine stitches brought together to form one grand umistakable design.

Plus, you have standard Ferrini comfort that has long been associated with the brand. There’s side-on pull strap with print alligator overlay for easy access; double stitched welt construction to keep things together strongly.

But, if you’re looking for real exotic leather, this Ferrini offering could break your heart. Quite simply, there is none here. All you have is fine cowhide at its most magical. At its price, however, it should be a steal.

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