Dan Post Women’s Vintage Blue Bird Western Boot Review: Super-chic Cowgirl Boots

Prepare to be seduced. It’s not everyday that awesome footwear lands on a lady’s lap and cause her face to lighten up. That may be putting things on hyperdrive but truly when you take on the Dan Post Women’s Vintage Blue Bird Western Boot the experience could be so unique you’re left nothing but superlatives.

As awesome as this product offering has been, Dan Post has certainly done its job catering to the cowgirl boots market. The Blue Bird is real vintage. You could say it’s armed to the teeth not only in design but also in comfort. To a large extent, this one is built to win you over, and push your esthetic buttons right from the get-go.

And yet, you may want to take a closer look at what makes the Dan Post Women’s Vintage Blue Bird Western Boot a catch. What follows is a detailed review to help you check out a trendy cowgirl boots that’s making waves and ruling the hearts of its proud owners. Read on.

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Detailed Review of the Dan Post Women’s Vintage Blue Bird Western Boot

Right off the bat, know that the Dan Post Women’s Vintage Blue Bird Western Boot is no exotic shoe. It’s pure leather alright. But nary a shadow of any exotic animal hide – ostrich, snake or any crocodilian for that matter.

And yet, that is not to say this one isn’t beautiful. Chances are, this Dan Post offering is such a stunner it would steal your heart the first time you lay your eyes on it. As many have been before you.

What makes is so can be attributed to a couple of design details. For starters, instead of the shiny look that plagues most Dan Post classics, the Blue Bird comes in matte, muted black color. And the legendary bootmakers made sure it stayed that way.

The leathers are sanded so you get a worn look that can be construed as rugged and yet largely sexy.

What makes this Dan Post stand out is a series of leather ornate overlays and inlays that has been masterfully laid out to create one jaw-dropping design that’s simply captivating.

And here is where you’ll understand why the product is named blue bird. If you look closer enough, you’ll see the inlay of a bluebird in the shaft along with that of a red heart. And like a diminutive bluebird, this creation may easily capture your attention, and thereby your heart.

Also, you get a tan beautifully-designed overlay on your boots wingtip. To add even more sauce to the design, you get another tan leather overlay at the collar. Over the teal blue leather shaft.

All this produce such a seductive beauty that’s bound to get you all the compliments you want wherever your feet takes you. All told, the attention to detail and the play of colors in the Blue Bird is just one proposition that is too hard to resist.

But that’s not everything that makes this cowgirl footwear such a prized catch.

Another great feature this Dan Post offers is cushion comfort. And it’s but natural. This by the way comes from a legendary bootmaker company that is known for its comfy fit like no other.

Moreover, you’ve got full leather lined single stitch welt on the line for your shoe construction. That only means this pair is built solid, built to last the rigors of everyday wear.

Small wonder all the comfort and style has made a loyal fanbase out of Blue Bird aficionados who can’t help but exclaim at the wonderful experience they’re having.

Then again, if you’re not looking for an extremely attractive pair, the elaborate design donned by the Blue Bird may turn you off.

As for sizes, people who got a good pair of the Dan Post Women’s Vintage Blue Bird Western Boot tell it’s best to order a bit smaller than your usual size as there’s a tendency the offering run large.




Stunning design: elaborate inlay and overlay on shaft/vamp

Sanded leather for a worn look

Handcrafted cushion comfort

Fits great




Fit issues: tendency to run too large

Not exotic leather


Best Features

Simply Stunning Design


The overall design of the Blue Bird may prove to be its greatest asset. It may not boast of any exotic leather. But the elaborate design that it puts up is simply jaw-dropping.

If you’re one that wants to put on a show, then wearing this pair could be as spot on as you want them to be.

First stop, the leather here is matte by purpose, sanded to achieve a rugged Western look. But all the dryness provides a perfect background for the design.

Thanks to a creative array of inlays and outlays you have a beautiful ensemble of a hearts along with a blue bird – carefully set. Must be the reason for this product’s name. Also, you have a teal blue leather shaft adding greater emphasis on the blue color.

All the rich color combination is simply incredible.

To add to this, you get a fashion cowgirl heel that accentuates the western flair in these gorgeous pair of boots.

Comfort Fit

Secondly, the Blue Bird is a paragon of comfort. Thanks to the tried-and-tested handcrafted expertise of the Dan Post bootmakers, you have comfortable wear in this product offering.

For starters, you have easy-on pull straps for a no-worry slip-easy fit. Add a leather sole and you get a pair that gives you greater bounce as you strut your style.

Handcrafted to Last

Above all this is the meticulous construction that has made Dan Post a legend in the boots industry. Right here, the shoe is welted in construction – not just cemented. In short, this gives a strong foundation for the leather to come together.

Specifically, you have full leather lined single stitch weld. In effect, you get an offering that not only looks good, it also feels good from the inside.

If you plan to go horse-riding the pointy tip of the boot is just perfect to fit on the stirrups. Thanks to the snip toe of the boots.






What you get in the package

Our verdict

It’s true the Dan Post Women’s Vintage Blue Bird Western Boot is a certified stunner. The neatly done overlays and inlays that form an eye-popping design which is sure to catch everyone’s fancy speaks of detailed craftsmanship that’s just too hard to resist.

To top all that, this pair of Dan Post classics are as comfortable as a lady’s shoes should be. Again, the legendary bootmaker has made its magic touch work and created a foot wear that’s not only pleasing to the eye but also is a benchmark for comfort.

You really can see the handcrafted cushion comfort technology in the works here. Thanks to leather sole handcrafted to perfectly fit you.

All the beauty can be over the top, however. If you’re looking for a cowgirl boot that isn’t as flashy then putting on the Blue Bird could be a bit of an overkill.

Then, there’s that perennial fit issue. For many, this pair runs usually too large. Ordering them a half-size smaller may save you the day.

On the other side of the fence, a handful have found this Dan Post offerings to be too large for comfort. The good news: These people are but few and far between.

So all in all, if you’re looking for a certified cowgirl boots that stop people dead on their tracks then the Dan Post Women’s Vintage Blue Bird Western Boot may just cut it for you. Otherwise, if you don’t need all the attention, you may have to start looking somewhere else.

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