Dan Post Women’s Maria Western Boot Review: As Stylish as You Want Cowgirl Boots to Be

Who says women can’t work in style may not have met the Dan Post Women’s Maria Western Boot. This product offering is a certified cowgirl boots. But it’s also a real stunner – just a quick look at those heels should tell you.

It’s amazing how cowgirl boots which traditionally was designed to outlast the rough terrain of the outdoors can be so classy. If you seek comfort and still want to be dressy the monochromatic foot wear in this Dan Post creation should get you going. This may be a pair of boots but judging from the height of its heel, it can give any stiletto high heel fashion shoe wear a run for the money.

Still, you could be wondering if the Maria is for you. To get you across that divide, read on. What follows is our comprehensive guide on one of Dan Post’s offerings for the women of today.

Durability 8/10Style 9/10Comfort 8/10

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If you’re looking for rugged-looking boots then the Dan Post Women’s Maria Western Boot may not be for you. The pair’s legit cowgirl boots alright. No doubt about that. But you can’t fault it for its jaw-dropping style.

Looking at this pair, you’d come to the conclusion one wearing them is living in style. The shiny Napalino leather simply makes this one a stunner.

But then of course, though you won’t find the rough texture of any exotic leather in the vamp, the Maria is a class act of a cowgirl boots. Instead of the more dashing exotic leather of a crocodilian or an ostrich, you’re looking at a soft, more pliable version of cowhide – Napalino, shining in all its glory.

What makes this one a certified stunner is it’s long 13-inch shaft adorned with tonal embroidery. Not just some striking stitches. You see, the leather varies in depth, treated to produce dazzling imagery.

Adding to this class act is a 2.5-inch heel that should make any stiletto shudder. That’s telling you you’d be walking in the clouds, heads above most people, with this pair of Dan Post on. To note, 2.5 inches may just be enough to make many NBA players like Lebron “the King” James reach full 7 feet in height.

Fashionable, right?

The monochromatic design simply swept many people off their feet.

But there is brawn to this certified beauty. For the simple reason that this is a Dan Post creation.

Over the years, Dan Post has signified affordable quality cowboy/cowgirl footwear. We’re saying this with a certain hush. You can take a look at other prominent brands and compare price tags to be in the know.

Not only does the Maria come with overlay pull straps for easy wear, you’re getting one that welt constructed. Not one that’s just glued in.

Even better, you have a smooth leather insole to give you a more “cushioned comfort”, a signature trait for Dan Post brand.

It’s true, the Dan Post Women’s Maria Western Boot may not appeal to you if you’re looking to get a more “rugged look”; but for any lady city dweller who wants to flaunt her style, this right here could be as spot on as you want it.

On the design, the sharp snout through the vamp may come as too tight for some. Also, if you fail to order with space allowances on your foot measurement, fat chance you’d be struggling breaking in this Dan Post.




Shiny Napalino leather

Topnotch comfort

Superior build

Dazzling tonal embroidered shaft

Unique 13” shaft – higher than most

Rubber Heel for better grip​


Classic Black​




Fit issues especially around the shaft and snout

Occasional build issues


Best Features of the Dan Post Women’s Maria Western Boot

Head-turning Design


It’s hard to imagine a lady wearing this in a real ranch going through the process of tending to a herd of cows. It’s not a question of build. This pair could outlast all the dirty work; more however, it’s a question of style.

And style could be the biggest draw for this certified Dan Post offering.

You should take a hint from the 2.5-inch heel. Right of the bat, you’re looking at a heel length that could go toe to toe to any stilettos in the market today.

Yes, it’s not everyday a cowgirl/cowboy footwear flaunts that much height in its heel.

Even more awesome, the Maria is clad in all black. Making it a classic all the more.

Let’s not forget, however, the 13-inch shaft. Again, this makes it a showstopper.

Not every cowgirl boot can boast of such lengthy proposition.

Cushion Comfort in Its Finest


With this Dan Post offering, some people may not feel so sold out when you talk about shoe comfort. If you take a closer look at it, however, most of their woes emanate from faulty ordering.

The best way to order shoes online is to factor a thumb’s length (half-inch to a full inch) so you get the right pair to fit snugly. Sans that and you’re looking at a nightmarish experience that could have you going to the cobbler.

Still, this Dan Post’s Maria is noted for great shoe comfort. That is a big thing looking at the height of its heels.

Equipped with scalloped overlay pull straps, getting this pair in should be a cinch. Plus you have a smooth leather insole for added comfort. Top that with a rubber heel and you know getting a grip while you strut in style may not be as hard as it seems.

Handcrafted to Last

Dan Post as it is, the Maria boasts of high-grade craftsmanship. You definitely are getting your money’s worth here – and then some.

The pair is welted in construction telling you this one is built for keeps. Small wonder some have kept their Dan Post for a decade or so.

This is handcrafted by the way, not made by mindless machines.

Soft Napalino Leather

Keeping it all together is the Napalino leather. The pliable cowhide gives a comfortable feeling that could give any exotic leather a run for its money.

The softness is critical as the Maria is a high-heeled addition to your wardrobe.

This also tells you that such a material needs all the care. Without proper care, leather is wont to lose its strength. Note that leather comes from animal skin; giving it right conditioning can go a long way to making them last.





What you get in the package

Our verdict

You can’t mistake it. The Dan Post Women’s Maria Western Boot is a stunner. You might not want to put it side by side with a stiletto as it may put that high-fashion foot wear to shame.

Why? Simply because the Maria is a certified cowboy boots for women. You can wear it in a jiffy, for starters and take it off just as fast. The pull-on side strap and boot design makes all that happen.

Then there is the Dan Post handcrafted tradition excellence that puts this one geared with all the comfort you want in a footwear. Lest we forget, this is single stitched welt construction with smooth rubber sole. Add good traction thanks to it rubber heel grip.

But all that cowboy comfort comes with high fashion.

You’re dealing here with a calf-high boots that carries a striking embroidered shaft to give you all the swagger you need. Tucking a pair of jeans into it should make you a hot topic for everyone to talk about. Not to mention get all the guys looking.

Here, you’re dealing with topnotch Napalino leather to get you as dressy as you dream to be.

Of course, it’s not all walk in the park for everyone. As usual, some people have fit issues – people with larger than average calves for instance. Worse, some experience shoe not living to their expectation with the cowgirl boots disintegrating faster than they can order another pair.

The good news is these instances are few and far between.

So if you’re looking for a great cowgirl shoes with great style, the price of the Maria should tell you, it’s a great find.

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