Dan Post Men’s Milwaukee 13″ Western Boot: Up Close and Personal with Style

Who would think that what was once valued to be solely functional can generate such a great demand on the fashion market today. Yes, like cowboy boots, all those stylized jeans that millions have longed for today were first made to serve the tough, hardworking people who labored to tame the great outdoors in the old days. But, if you’re mulling over how to start your journey in style, looking into the merits of Dan Post Men’s Milwaukee 13″ Western Boot could be a great start. Here’s why.

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Detailed Review of the Dan Post Men’s Milwaukee 13″ Western Boot (600)

With its arrival, the Dan Post Men’s Milwaukee 13″ Western Boot, has in a way cemented the brand’s hold on the cowboy boot market. You could say it’s sleek, shining in monochromatic black (or other color as you choose). Polished and well-crafted, the all-Mignon leather stunner of a shoe is hard to resist.

Marketed as “handcrafted cushion comfort”, Dan Post has steadily and successfully made its way to the hearts of many Americans, carving a solid market in the process. Well, you might think Dan Post is the name of a person, much like Lucchese is the founder’s last name; quite possibly, but what is unmistakably true is that Dan Post is the name of one of the most trusted brand in cowboy boots today.

And the Dan Post Men’s Milwaukee 13″ Western Boot hits the nail right in the head. It brings the same promise of cushion comfort that could set it apart from its closest competitors. Yes, if you’re looking for walking comfort, this Dan Post offering has a cushioned insole that should ensure your ‘day to night comfort’. Or for that matter night to day, given the fact that work schedules aren’t as devoted to day as before.

But this one’s built to last too, must be the reason why some boot die-hards are proud to have kept their Dan Post pairs for over a decade.

For starters, know that you’ve got all-leather material here. Mignon leather to be exact.

For the uninitiated, mignon is just another way of saying it’s cowhide. Certified pure leather indeed, 100%.

If you’re wondering how this Dan Post is made, know that it’s handcrafted – not machine-made as many may have reported. Further, you’re looking at welted construction, the strongest way to put all the leather together. Though certainly we’d like to know from the manufacturer itself, if such a welted construction is double welted which, if it’s the case, should hit the ball out of the ball park.

And it looks swanky too – with a beautiful elaborate design stitched into the shaft. Nobody will doubt you’re wearing an honest-to-goodness Western-style cowboy boot with this in tow. The elaborate beautifully-crafted stitches on the shaft is one sight to behold.

Add the tonal aspect of this embroidery, and you have as shaft that’s not only longer than most but one that’s uniquely handsome.

Lest we forget, the Milwaukee is standing with a shaft that stands as tall as 13 inches. Far higher than most, if not the highest in the bunch.

But what could be this Dan Post’s handsome offering’s greatest weapon in the market today is the tag attached to it. It’s easy to conclude this footwear is top of the line. It certainly looks posh and suave. Behind all that is a price that could put any high-luxury exotic boots to shame.

Yes, the Milwaukee can be such a beauty. Little wonder, why you’ll find people who have bought this particular pair and witnessed all the stylish comfort that Dan Post is known for, have bought several pairs of the same product line. No, it may not be a case of hoarding; but rather a case of smart-buying.

Still, cracks seem to be showing in a few of Dan Post Men’s Milwaukee 13″ Western Boot in the market. A handful who have bought the pair are complaining of fit issues. Worse some are telling sordid tales of their Dan boot appearing old (e.g., wrinkled).

For best results in ordering, factor a thumb’s length in adjustment to your feet’s original size. That should do it. But fret not, Amazon services are known to be seamless.




100% leather – as good as its gets this is mignon

“handcrafted cushion comfort”, cushioned insole for day to day

Handcrafted to last: welted construction, medium toe, cowboy heel

Ultra stylish: tonal embroidery in the shaft

13” shaft: longer than most




Fit issues

Ordering issues


Best Features

Cushion Comfort


True to form, the Milwaukee is built for comfortable use. To a large extent, it adheres to the “handcrafted cushion comfort” that the brand has been known for.

This is thanks to a cushioned insole. That should be a great come-on for a lot of users who simply don’t want to get a pair of cowboy boots that makes your feet ache in the long run.

Such comfort makes this offering from Dan Post a cool wear whether you’re wanting to hit the country or get into the action in the metropolis.

Handcrafted to Last

When you talk about products, one that is handcrafted rules every time. It speaks of greater expertise. It speaks of warmth.

And that this offering is well-built is a testament to such expert hands. Here you’re getting one that is welted in construction. That tells you it’s not your run-of-the-mill shoe that may disintegrate on the first instance.

Then again, whether it’s double welted or not still remains to be seen.

Users have reported, however, that their pair of Milwaukees have lasted over a decade. That’s truly something!

Great Style

Well, cowboy boots are meant to attract all the attention. This product offering from Dan Post rocks in this department.

First stop, you have an all-leather creation that tough to beat. Not some half-baked leather that puts in question your credibility.

Yes, you’d be enjoying genuine mignon leather with these boots on. Overall, all the leather is stylish. Ultra-stylish to be exact.

Though, on second thought, if you’re one who wants it to be more adventurous and high class, then exotic leather from choice animals could be your cup of tea.

As Unique as You Want Them to Be

That this offering is unique is an understatement.

Right off the bat, you have a shaft that stands a full 13 inches from the Cuban heel. That’s simply taller than most offerings in the market today.

One additional point you can turn into bragging rights.

Plus, the design on the shaft is tonal, not just embroidered or stitched. You get dents that adds to imagery of the design. That’s not usual. That’s unique.

How many boots are there in the market today that boasts the same? The answer is obvious. It’s just a choice few.

When you get into these Dan Post pair, you don something that’s not worn by many. That makes you unique. Attracting all the more attention.


Lastly, this Dan Post is polished. This means you can wear it on formal occasions. In a wedding or in the boardroom. It shines too.

It doesn’t have that too off-beat design that is identified with more exotic offerings.







What you get in the package

Our verdict

Surely, we can’t say that the Dan Post Men’s Milwaukee 13″ Western Boot is not a treasure find. It’s a Dan Post master piece. All the raving reviews of hundreds of users should attest to that.

Not only do you get comfort in this foot wear from one of the most established brand in stylish wear, you have one that’s well-crafted to last. Who wouldn’t want that?

That it is handcrafted is another strong-point. It’s not some cold machine that puts everything together. Rather the work of warm expert hands, willing the works to product a masterpiece.

But what could be the biggest reason why people have flocked to this particular Dan Post footwear, and why its fanbase is growing by leaps and bounds, is price. You simply can’t beat a well-crafted good that’s priced within reach.

Of course, you have to make sure your foot measurements are in order. As for other order issues, that may be attributed to human error. Luckily these are few and far between.

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