Dan Post Men’s Franklin Western Boot: Welcome to the Wild, Wild West!

Since cowboy stories in the Wild, Wild West has become tales of legends, cowboy boots have never failed to catch our fancy. Over the years, one brand has made many great inroads into achieving quality cowboy boots that are within everybody’s reach: Dan Post. And one product from the famous foot wear company that has turned more heads than usual is Dan Post Men’s Franklin Western Boot.

Started in 1960’s, Dan Post footwear has stayed strong, giving us an easier way to get our feet wrapped in boot comfort. Franklin as a product offering, however, is as cowboy-ish you can get. All the roughness will tell you, there’s a good chance you’d be the center of a conversation with them on.

Should you be wondering if this pair of gorgeous Dan Post offerings are yours to enjoy, then today’s your lucky day. We’ve made it a point to come up with a detailed review on this particular offering from Dan Post here.

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Detailed Review of Dan Post Men’s Franklin Western Boot

It’s amazing to imagine how shoes that were originally used by vaqueros from Mexico centuries ago can bring delight to the fashion scene. Truly, it’s hard to believe. But looking at the Dan Post Men’s Franklin Western Boot, you’d realize things certainly do change.

When the first cowboys had them cowboy boots, what was foremost on their minds was the work at hand. Where cows need to be tended away from roaming wolves or bears or unrelenting thieves then you need to be constantly on your toes – even in the dead of the night. Yes, for it’s the time your guard is down, at least in the minds of these no-gooders.

In such a tough environment, fashion would definitely take a back seat. You wouldn’t expect people to be expecting to find a pair of gorgeous boots in all the chaos. But from such a challenging environment comes the fashion statement we now know as the Western cowboy boots.

Today, exotic foot wears have commanded prices of stratospheric magnitudes – blowing you away in the process.

But this could be the farthest thing you’d see in the Franklin boots from Dan Wear.

Yes, you’d be surprised to see such well-designed boots to be functional. Who would think you are bringing them to work?

But indeed, indeed. The Dan Post Men’s Franklin Western Boot is as tough as it is a stunner.

For starters, you’re getting a double welted construction, handcrafted to perfection. For those who are not so familiar about shoe construction, know that welted construction is as touch as it can get. How much more double welted ones?

It’s no coincidence people are making the most of this Dan Post in their jobs. Whether as a true blue cowboy in a ranch somewhere in Texas or in the office.

But what may surprise you is the Franklin is a certified people stopper most buyers affirm. Must be the fancy stitches on those rather short shaft. Combine that with Mad Cat goat skin and you’re as working in style – as well as comfort.

If you’re not a rancher and just want to buy a Dan Post to hoard attention wherever you may be, and be as fashionable, then this product offering may just fit the bill.

And yes, talking about bills. You’d be surprised at the comfort you’re getting here at the price where it’s at. We’re afraid to say this but it could be a steal.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect pair. Some reports have surfaced through the cracks of cases where breaking in with the Dan Post Men’s Franklin Western Boot is a challenge.

And some people are having issues with their Franklin not going the distance – needing some repairs even after just a few weeks. However, there reports are a drop in the bucket. In general, the Franklin has had a solid reputation with people wanting to order more of the same over time.

How’s that for a pair of boots that’s both functional and ultra stylish?




Top quality leather (Mad Cat)

Striking overall cowboy design (with swagger)

Sturdy double stitched welt construction

Built to be worn by a real cowboy

Handcrafted cushion comfort: awesome sole

Comfort fit: easy slide on, wide top, side straps

Awesome rubber sole​




Fit problems, tend to run a little large

Build problems


Best Features

Comfort Fit


Yes, the Franklin seems true to the Dan Post promise. For the uninitiated, know that Dan Post is a brand and not the name of its founder. So if you’re looking to find out who Mr. Dan Post is, it will break your heart. There is no such person.

Of course, it’s not the case with Lucchese as that brand is the last name of the founder himself, Sam Lucchese, Sr.

This offering from Dan Post is a paragon of comfort. Thanks to the wide opening at the shaft, almost 15 inches around, and you could slip in in a jiffy.

Add the rubber sole and you could be walking in Dan Post comfort. Plus, you’re feet could get better roaming space as this footwear has broad square toe profile.

Durable Boots: Built for Work

Don’t get us wrong. As beautiful as these boots are, they’re sturdy.

Made with double welt construction, the most reliable for shoes, it’s not hard to find people who have worn this pair for years.

Even better, this pair are meant for cowboys who are on their feet day in day out. That should tell you how good these handcrafted beauties are.

Design: As Much Swagger as You Want It


But if you’re thinking the Franklin is shabby, think again. It’s highly-stylized shaft boasts of well-embroidered designs that should catch the fancy of people around you.

And such fancy stitches are found all throughout the model colors – from Black to Sand. Add the distressed Mad Cat leather and you should be enjoying all the comfort goat skin offers.

Note that hoat skin is more durable than cowhides. Textured like a pebble with distinct ridges, goat skin helps bring the warmth and comfort you want in this pair of Dan Post.​

Work Boots as Much as Designer Boots



All in all, you’re shooting two birds with one stone with this product offering from Dan Post. You’re not just getting real workable shoes that can handle the tough demands of even cowhand work; you’d be brandishing a fashion statement.

It may not boast of ultra-high shaft, nor a vamp with exotic leather, but this Dan Post is certifiable showstopper, thanks to a its handcrafted brilliant design.




What you get in the package

Our verdict

Should you want to cowboy up, the Dan Post Men’s Franklin Western Boot could be just the boots to get you going. It’s highly stylized and in effect definitely eye-catching.

The shaft, though not so long, sets itself apart from the vamp as it is in a distinctively different color. You’ll find these in all of the sets offered – from the dark-white combo to the lighter colors.

Plus, of course, you have the standard Dan Post durability that the brand has been known for all over the world. The Franklin is double welted in construction. That’s how tough it is. And the not-so-long shaft offers a generous entrance. If there was one thing that people remember is how easy this particular boots slides in.

And there’s material. The Mad Cat leather is just as lovely as you want it. It’s because it’s goat skin, a clarification set straight from Dan Post’s glossary. And to note, goat skin provides an even smoother ride than cowhide.

However, some reports tell of the Franklin not living up to expectations in the durability department. A few weeks/months of using just proved that in their experience.

Luckily, these naysayers are few and far between. And yes, even scarcer are people who report fit issues. Just to tell you that at the price it’s at, the Dan Post Men’s Franklin Western Boot could be a treasure trove – a gem to lead you to the wonderful world of the Wild, Wild West.

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