Dan Post Men’s Everglades SQ Western Boot Review: As Dashing as You Want Your Cowboy Boots to Be

It’s funny how cowboy boots were once but a shoe of function and not of style. That was centuries ago, of course. Today, like the reliable work denims that since become an item of fashion, cowboy boots have become a symbol of elegance and style – exactly what the Dan Post Men’s Everglades SQ Western Boot is all about.

If there’s a stylish Western cowboy boots that you can see even from a mile, it has got to be the Everglades. This is truly a fashion statement, bold and as Western as you want your exotic cowboy boots should be. From top to bottom.

To its sheer beauty and ability to attract attention, this Dan Post product is certainly pushing the envelope further. But if you – like most discriminating buyers – want to get to the bottom of it, cheer up.

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Detailed Review of the Dan Post Men’s Everglades SQ Western Boot

Cowboy boots were meant to be handy. And they are. But like the Wild, Wild, West that has become the stuff of legends, the functionality that is the cowboy boots has become an item of fashion – highest fashion to be exact.

And in this department, the Dan Post Men’s Everglades SQ Western Boot shines best. With everything it got, you could say it’s certainly hard to top.

Take its vamp for instance. You’re not just looking at pure leather here. You have 100% crocodilian leather – caiman hornback to be exact.

Caiman may not be as endeared as the other crocodilian exotic leathers in the market (e.g., alligator, crocodile) but it’s the closest you can get to those big guys.

Just try placing this Dan Post Everglades to another shoe on the planet, a sneaker perhaps, and you’ll see. This Dan Post is seriously one people stunner.

Add to that exotic vamp, you have another jaw-dropping piece: the shaft. It may not be the tallest – short of a ruler’s length in this case – but its design is to a large extent mind-blowing, stitched in striking detail into the pure leather.

Another hint that tells you this Dan Post means serious business is the heel height. Here, you’re dealing with a footwear that has nearly two inches in heel longitude. That simply means you’ll grow a full 1.75 inches with these on.

How’s that for a height booster?

Plus, you’ve got a Dan Post product that’s square toed. You might think that round-toed shoes are the in thing but to be honest these shoes are just recent development, thanks mainly to the arrival of the horse. Square toe simply is harder for you to put your foot on the stirrup.

But square toe has distinct advantages for you in your quest to cowboy up. For one, square toe shoes accommodate wider feet like those of runner athletes.

Most noteworthy, the Everglades is a certified Dan Post build. This means you got cushioned comfort factored right into these shoes, courtesy of Soft Strike Removable Orthotic Cushioned Footbeds technology.

You see, this pair is really hard to top. Still, if you’re not into loud designs, the Dan Post Men’s Everglades SQ Western Boot may not be your thing.




Real exotic wear: caiman horseback

Soft Strike Removable Orthotic Cushioned Footbeds

100% leather

Striking stitched design on all-leather shaft

High heel: 1.75”




Caiman leather may need conditioning to break in

Fit issues


Best Features

Certified Exotic Caiman Hornback


This one, you can take to the bank. Unlike ordinary leather shoes, the Everglades boasts of crocodilian leather. It’s exotic alright.

And not just any exotic leather. We’re talking about hornback caiman leather. That really puts everything on the up side.

Caiman leather is distinct with all its tiled front. Hornback is actually the back side of the diminutive crocodilian, reason why you’ll see the calcium spikes on the tiles.

Quality-wise caiman is not as supple as alligator hide. It also is not as dear. But don’t get us wrong; it could be as eye-catching as can be. As many proud owners of this Dan Post pair are wont to agree.

Stunning Western Design

Adding more oomph to this product offering is the strikingly attractive shaft. It may not be too long, yes. Just a half inch lower than a foot. But the stitched design is superb. The meticulous artwork is tough to beat, by any standard.

If you want to grab attention, the superior overall impact of the Everglades is hard to resist. With 100% leather, this offering depicts the handsome, rugged look so much identified with the cowboys of the wild, wild west.

Square Toed

It may not mean much for some but the square toe adds to the comfort you can have in this Dan Post footwear. Round toe shoes may have flooded the market recently. But that is only convenient in light of the advent of the horse as the primary means of travel years ago.

A square toe shoes would definitely find it hard to navigate through the stirrups.

However, a square toe is a blessing for wider feet, typical of running athletes. It means bigger space and in this sense more comfortable ware for you.

Comfortable Wear

Comfort is what Dan Post is all about. Since its inception, the legendary company has produced quality boots that are not only exceptional in looks but also in the comfort it offers.

And this is apparent in the Everglade footwear. Thanks to the Soft Strike Removable Orthotic Cushioned Footbeds, you get to experience the promise of handcrafted cushioned comfort in this offering.

Also, getting the shoe in is not a problem as you have easy-on pull straps for an easy slide.

Confidence Booster

And if you’re thinking of getting an added boost in your height, the Everglades can do just that for you. Equipped with a heel of 1.75 inches, you’d be taller n an instant. Just as long as you are wearing them.






What you get in the package

Our verdict

The Dan Post Men’s Everglades SQ Western Boot is designed to attract attention. The good news is it’s very effective in doing so. If you want to make a fashion statement, you may never get wrong putting this footwear on.

First stop, you’re getting a pair that flaunts true blue exotic leather, crocodilian to be exact. That croc leather, caiman to be exact, is enough to put every other shoe on the planet on high alert – largely outshined.

Even more astounding, you have the more aggressive, more eye-catching part of the croc skin, the hornback.

Add to the mix a striking stitched design on the shaft and you have one gorgeous pair of Dan Post that simply hard to top. And even harder not to notice.

Of course, you’ve got the legendary cushioned comfort that Dan Post has been known for. Thanks to Soft Strike Removable Orthotic Cushioned Footbeds and you not only strut in style, you also walk in crazy comfort.

On the down side, taking care of all the leather should be top of your list. Caiman hornback for one is a bit stiff and may need some conditioning to break in. Perhaps, due to all the calcium deposits on the tiles.

Most notably, the Everglades pair aren’t really meant to stay quiet. In short, it’s a people magnet. If you don’t want all eyes to stay on you, getting this Dan Post should be stricken off your laundry list.

Then again, if your idea is to cowboy up, then there may never be a better way to do it than with the Dan Post Men’s Everglades SQ Western Boot.

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