Dan Post Men’s DP69680 Albuquerque Pull-On Boot Review: Finally, Cowboy Boots that’s Weather-protected!

Water is life but when it gets into your pair of shoes it can certainly drain the life out of them. Ever since man decided to tend to herds of cattle, braving the wild outdoors and every little danger it entails, keeping the element of water at bay is keeping it together. Well, cowboys – and every certified citizen on Planet Earth – can very well enjoy just that with Dan Post Men’s DP69680 Albuquerque Pull-On Boot, waterproofed leather with style.

Just imagine how much discomfort you’d feel when water has found its way to your feet – even when you’re wearing shoes. If you’re working that scenario is one surefire way of putting a damper to your enthusiasm. Still if you’re wanting to find out more of the waterproofed offering from Dan Post, the Albuquerque (a tongue twister in its own right), then we urge you to take a minute and read on.

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Detailed Review of the Dan Post Men’s DP69680 Albuquerque Pull-On Boot

For the working man, the Dan Post Men’s DP69680 Albuquerque Pull-On Boot is a godsend. Not only is it a waterproofed blessing, it’s so stylish – you could wear it to a wedding as a best man

If there’s one thing that makes the outdoor so challenging, top of that list is the weather. A cowhand working to get the herd its timely outing means he’d be in constant threat to the torments of the weather. Same goes through with his Western cowboy boots.

Leather is tough but left on its own under the weather, it’s bound to crack under pressure. As they say, salt and water damage is expensive.

Water, inevitably, destroys the suppleness that we are so fond of in an animal skin. You see, these hides, be it exotic or of cattle, are made up of protein which are susceptible to moisture loss if not treated with care.

Luckily for everyone, Dan Post Men’s DP69680 Pull-On Boot has answered the call for wearable boots that can fight the torments of water. Thanks to moisture-wicking fabric mesh lining.

Even better, the Albuquerque can be such a fashionable footwear. It’s matte, clean look in all black elicits a classic tone. One you could even use to walk down the aisle.

Paired with denims, this Dan Post offering could get you off to work (or happy hour) faster than you know it.

And walk in style and comfort.

Firstly, you won’t even have to worry about putting these on. The pull-on straps just make everything a walk in the park.

Most importantly, you have one heavy-duty boot that’s built with style.

Of course, as with most shoe designs, not everyone is happy about it. Even with all the shoe technology that Dan Post has put in, its legendary handcrafted tradition, some users are critical showing dirt through the cracks.

For one, it’s good to note that every person on Earth has a peculiar set of feet. And what fits for one may not fit for the other. Unless you’re going for a made-to-order shoes, there’s a chance you’re going to have some fit issues.

And detractors have pointed out this Dan Post Albuquerque waterproofed boots can choke one’s feet around the shaft. Whether that’s due to the side-on pull-ups or to that particular wearer’s feet that remains to be seen.

What is advisable, however, is that you order your shoes with ample adjustments.




Easy-on pull straps

Monochromatic color rides in style

Waterproofed leather foot

Classic round toe

Meant for heavy-duty work




Fit issues (around the snout)

Build issues

Slip issues​


Best Features

Superior Build


Dan Post is known for its attention to detail that has produced footwear known for quality over time. And in this department, you can count on the Dan Post Men’s DP69680 Albuquerque Pull-On Boot to be as sturdy as expected.

Handcrafted, you can easily see why this pair is well-equipped to get you through even the toughest and hardest of working days. Whether that’s on a farm, a ranch or in the office.

For instance, you’re getting rubber sole for better traction. And a shaft that measures up to 12 inches to give your lower appendages ample protection.

Waterproofed Gear

Perhaps this is where the Albuquerque leaves the closest competition behind.

You may not be aware of it, but all the moisture and water hitting your cowboy boot is slowly destroying it. All this can cause serious harm to the footwear.

The good news is this Dan Post product offering is waterproofed from leather to bootie construction.

This can only mean that with this around, you’d have boots that can withstand the test of the weather – and come out unscathed. Long story short: a cowboy boots that lasts.

On the terrain side, the Albuquerque Pull-On Boot can bring you to a wider area to work on. Now, you can brave the rain knowing you have some protection against wear and tear caused by water.

For the record, all the waterproofing comes courtesy of moisture-wicking fabric mesh lining.

Comfortable Wear

Another key feature that would make the pair a rare find is it being a comfortable wear. True to its Dan Post promise, this pair boasts of cushion comfort which could be unparalleled in its bracket.

This is courtesy of a removable cushion insole for greater wear comfort.

Thanks to the easy-on pull straps for one, you won’t have trouble getting this pair in. It’s a simple case of sliding in and sliding out. For some, however, breaking in may take some time – especially true if you haven’t ordered the right fit.

Then if you have problems with walking on hazardous roads, this footwear from Dan Post with its mini-lug traction outsole may put you ahead of the pack.

Highly Stylish

That the Albuquerque is a heavy-duty wear is well-established. It would definitely help you deliver when it matters most in your workplace.

But aside from all that, this Dan Post pair flaunts a style that’s classic. No kidding.

Must be that monochromatic black in matte with plain unadorned shaft. It’s simply telling you it means business without losing its pizzazz.






What you get in the package

Our verdict

The Dan Post Men’s DP69680 Albuquerque Pull-On Boot just expands your terrain. As a work boot, it’s functionality puts you in a greater position to perform. Whether you’re on the farm, ranch or any job site, a waterproof foot wear is just heaven-sent.

Then again, there are those that question how waterproof these Dan Post pari really are. Judging from those who have not one but three pairs of the same order, then it must be true.

There’s of course the thing about care. Leather is naturally waterproof; without care however all the sturdiness in your boots disappear. Lack of moisture leaves the material dry and more conducive to daily wear and tear.

And besides, you don’t expect to leave such a beautiful pair to the elements without proper care and still be in tip-top shape.

Some have also put in question the Albuquerque waterproofing prowess claiming their feet got wet even just a few minutes in the rain.

But many, a majority even, have bought the Albuquerque for greater style and not just for work. And that could be this product offerings greatest selling point. You have one Dan Post that is wearable through tough weather and yet highly fashionable enough to wear in weddings.

That’s to enjoy all the cushion comfort Dan Post is known for.

So if you’re asking if this is a wise buy, look at the great features it carries. Its price should tell you a lot of good things await. Just make sure you factor appropriate adjustments in size when you order online.

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