Dan Post Men’s Birmingham Western Boot Review: Meet a Cowboy Classic

Let’s face it, when it comes to dressing your part, putting on cowboy boots can be daunting especially if you want to bring these highly-stylized shoes in more serious appointments – in your child’s school parent-teacher meeting for instance. Certainly, there seems to be but a select pair of cowboy boots which can walk the 4-corners of a room without being classified as too vainglorious for attention. Well, not with Dan Post Men’s Birmingham Western Boot.

You could say this monochromatic cowboy boots is built to go through the grueling works of ranch work. And even pass with flying colors. And yet, if you’re still sitting on the fence unsure if Birmingham will get you the most bang for your buck, rejoice. The following comprehensive guide into one of Dan Post’s top-billed offering these days should help you. Read on.

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Detailed Review

The Dan Post Men’s Birmingham Western Boot may not be as aggressive as many cowboy boots designed to push the envelope in terms of exotic wear are. You won’t find much fancy on its sides, first off. But this Dan Post, as most Dan Post are, is as durable as you want them to be. And largely comfortable too.

The monochromatic design should give it away this one leans on the more professional side. Still, the Birmingham is a certified pair of cowboy boots.

Yes, it may not carry that much swagger but it doesn’t mean it’s not stylish. Fact is many consider it’s ultra-stylish.

For starters, you’re dealing with a pair that’s flaunting caiman leather in its vamp. That tells you it’s the real deal exotic wear. And should make you stand a head above the rest – in any circle for that matter.

Quite literally, you not only get yourself 1.5 inches taller with these boots on, you’d be carrying one with a shaft that’s longer than most. This Dan Post product offering flaunts a whopping 13-inch shaft – longer than most boots you encounter in the bar.

Worn with a suit or worn with a pair of jeans, the Birmingham should be perfect. It’s toned down appearance speaks of a class act.

For sure, this is not a run-of-the-mill pair of footwear. Even when there is not much disparity with the color combination, don’t think for a second that you’re shortchanged. The elaborate tonal embroidery on the shaft is one people stopper you wouldn’t miss.

Of course, many people who have worn the Birmingham speak of a perfect fit with unparalleled comfort. It’s not hard to find people who have tried the pair keep another set or two of the same product. That speaks volumes on the level of satisfaction this Dan Post brings.

In the Dan Post way, that’s easily understandable. Since it started in 1960’s, the brand has been affiliated with quality wear – carrying the banner of “handcrafted cushion comfort” right from day 1.

To boot, you’re looking at standard welt construction when you’re talking about the Dan Post Men’s Birmingham Western Boot. Added to that you have cushioned insole which should give you added comfort all day through.

And talking about snug fit, you shouldn’t make it an issue as a handful did. To order right all you have to do is factor a thumb’s length in your foot measurement. And you should be good to go.




Genuine Caiman – that’s exotic leather for the taking

Striking design

Fit like a glove

Leather sole

¾ welt construction

Cushioned insole: leather

Tonal embroidery

Stretchable leather

Superior handcrafted build​




Some issues with breaking in

Make issues: stitching around the ball shredded

Some fit issues

Leather soles may tear right through when used in cemented terrain​


Best Features of the Dan Post Men’s Birmingham Western Boot

Real Cowboy Boots


You might think that the Birmingham is just meant to add style to your wardrobe. If you’re thinking that then hold your horses.

This pair of Dan Post cowboy boots are the real deal. It’s built to endure the grueling environment of the outdoors. Fact is we won’t be too surprised if a real cowboy dons one on top of his fave horse, round up a few cattle and still manage to smile.

For starters, this is pure leather built with double welt construction. Small wonder that people have worn them for decade buying additional pair of the same product as the years go by.

Thus, you have real Cuban arch on the heels. We’re talking about 1.5 inch of instant added height for you. Plus, you have a shaft that’s longer than most, a full 13 inches from the arch. How’s that to start your cowboy days?

True Exotic Leather

Material is key to getting all the attention you need in any circle you’ve be in, in the country or abroad. When you have less dependable material for your shoe wear, you may enjoy the fashion but only for a short period of time.

Luckily, Dan Post Men’s Birmingham Western Boot boasts of real exotic leather. No, not as pricey perhaps as a crocodile’s or an alligator for that matter. But it’s still from a bona-fide crocodilian: caiman.

Caiman’ s appeal may pale in comparison to the more pliable and large-tiled crocodile leather. But it’s no pushover. You’re getting leather that has been known to last the years – not to mention give your footwear a more stunning look.

Superior Build

Many of those who complain about the Birmingham fit fail to factor In substantial adjustments in their orders. It always is advisable to order your shoe a half-inch larger or for that matter a thumb’s length.

Because when it comes right down to it, it’s hard to cast a shadow on the Dan Post Men’s Birmingham Western Boot’s build. You’re not just looking at empty promises with this brand.

For years, Dan Post has been associated with cowboy boots that perform through time.

And the Birmingham is no exception. You’re looking at cowboy boots made with superior welt construction. This is not your sneakers, mind you which more likely than not can survive just by being cemented with an adhesive.

Dashing Comfort

Yes, you may be able to breeze through your daily grind with these boots on. While it’s certainly true that people have had issues with getting the right fit, most who got their Dan Post pair are shouting to the heavens how snugly the footwear fit. Right from Day 1 – when they had to break them in.

And perhaps this is the competitive edge of Dan Post apparent in the Birmingham.

To boot, getting this pair in is a cinch. With pull-on tabs on each shaft.

Further, you’d be walking in shoes with cushioned insole, making your journey a lot more comfortable than usual.

Confidence Booster

Well, if you’re height challenged, this offering from Dan Post should give your confidence a lift. You see, the Cuban heels of this boot measure a full 1.5 inches.

That’s 1.5-inch instant boost for you. No sweat.

Then of course, you have your striking design. As mentioned earlier, it may not be as dashing as those cowboy boots that paint their style with all the swagger. But it’s enough to get the girls looking – starting with a full 13-inch shaft.

Stunning Design

The Birmingham may not be as dashing, but compared to your daily wear this one is a certified stunner. All the striking embroidery emphasized in tones on the shaft should give your fashion a lift.

It’s not everyday that people get to witness a 13-inch shaft with striking design. Embroidered and set in tones.

So whether you use this Dan Post creation to dive into real cowboy work or get to be as trendy as you want to be in the city, the Birmingham cowboy boots can put you right on the map.







What you get in the package

Our verdict

From the looks of it, the Dan Post Men’s Birmingham Western Boot is meant to impress – perhaps not as dashing as top-billed cowboy boots go. But you got to hand it to this handsome pair; it’s a stunner.

That 13-inch pride of a shaft should give us a hint. With that in tow, it’s hard not to fall for the charms of this Dan Post. It’s telling most every cowboy boots in the market today how sorely wanting are they in terms of shaft height.

Add the tonal embroidered design on the sides and you know you’re getting one to create curiosity anywhere you go – more so if you wear this with jeans inserted.

Plus, you’re getting one with great craftsmanship resulting in a product that’s as sturdy as you want them to be. Well, you may not want to put this pair in the tall task of a cowhand but we bet it won’t crack with all the pressure.

Of course, a few not-so-happy buyers aren’t too enthusiastic telling stories of bad fit and substandard construction. We think they could be telling the truth. But they’re few and far between you could consider their voices a drop in the bucket.

So at the price it’s at, we believe the Dan Post Men’s Birmingham Western Boot is a steal – granting the design catches your fancy.

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