Dan Post Men’s Bellevue Western Boot Review: Beautiful Real Deal Ostrich Cowboy Boots

Come to think of it, most everyone would agree the benefits of exotic leather. You may have enjoyed the softness and strength of treated cowhide, one also referred as bovine leather or for many just plain leather. But if you want to expand your horizons to a bigger world, then looking at the merits of exotic ostrich leather should be in order – something that Dan Post Men’s Bellevue Western Boot offers.

The shoemaker’s hand, no matter how adept, is severely limited in the material being worked at. With Bellevue however, you can see how a legendary master shoemaker has turned one of the strongest leather on the planet into one stunning pair. Something that may very well grab everyone’s attention.

Yes, this offering from Dan Post could easily have anyone’s heart – yours including. However, if you’re still having second thoughts, fret not. This comprehensive guide should show you what awaits when you take on the Bellevue, which in French means ‘beautiful view’. Read on.

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Detailed Review of Dan Post Men’s Bellevue Western Boot

If you have seen how regale an ostrich is out there in the wilds with its head erect sticking out taller than every other animal on the planet, then you know where the classic beauty of the Dan Post Men’s Bellevue Western Boot comes from.

From the onset, know that ostrich exotic leather isn’t your ordinary leather. This in one tough dude – the toughest in the market perhaps.

As online expert on cowboy boots detail: “In spite of its softness, ostrich leather is unsurpassed in tactile strength.”

That speaks volumes on the kind of quality leather that you get with the Bellevue.

Further, this Dan Post product offering is one people stunner. You can see its exotic leather shine command attention the moment you get a a glimpse of it.

Added to that, you have one tall shaft that is proud in all its embroidered glory.

If you haven’t notice, the shaft is looking tall. And it should. All told, you’re looking at one that runs about 13.75 inches from the Cuban arch.

That long shaft is enough to get any other cowboy boot cower in shame. For that length is too long for most.

Bellevue is therefore one handsome dude, an attention-grabber that should give you all those good looks. In this sense, it lives true to its name, Bellevue: meaning ‘beautiful view’ in French.

But mesmerizing everyone around you with its dazzling looks, isn’t the only ace up the Bellevue’s sleeves. For truly, this is one certified Dan Post creation.

At the center of this footwear beauty, is its toughness. Made from the handcrafted expertise of Dan Post bootmakers, the Bellevue is built upon sturdy welted construction. For the uninitiated, that is as strong as you want your leathers to be connected together.

And pushing the envelope even further, Dan Post Men’s Bellevue Western Boot is made with your comfort in mind.

First stop, there’s cushion comfort. Add a rubber sole and you should be improving your performance with this footwear’s lightweight design. At work or in your happy hour.

In retrospect, there are naysayers that put into question the build quality of the Bellevue. Particularly, detractors say the product failed to deliver (e.g., developing cracks, too narrow around the ankles).

These could be legit complaints – arguably. But these voices are very minimal, largely quaint, drowned by all the praises and joyful gratitude made by people who have treasured the Bellevue with all their heart. Through the years.




Real exotic ostrich leather

Handcrafted to last

Stunning design

Full 13.75 leather shaft

Cushioned comfort




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Best Features

Real Ostrich Exotic Leather


This is not just your ordinary leather. We’re talking about ostrich leather, shining with all its glory in the vamp. In the land of leathers, ostrich leather is king in the durability department.

That’s value for your money. Also, that means you’re looking at a product that should last longer than most cowboy foot wear available in the market today. This is because naturally occurring oils in the leather bring about greater durability, preventing the occurrence of cracking even in the most extreme of temperatures.

Plus, ostrich leather is luxurious, soft and supple. You’d definitely have bragging rights wearing the Bellevue.

Beautiful Proud Ensemble

Now, adding even greater value to this Dan Post footwear is its overall look. You have one certified stunner to say the least.

First stop, you’ve got a 13.75-inch shaft that’s adorned with fancy stitches. In the world of cowboy boots, that length is going to put to shame most everyone.

And give you greater latitude to command attention everywhere you go.

Come to think of it, it reminds us of the proud ostrich sticking its head high above everybody else.

Of course, this is all accentuated by the exotic ostrich leather vamp. Put together you have one handsome pair of Western cowboy boots that shines in all its glory. Making everyone around you drool in envy – most likely.

Sturdy as You Want Them

All the beauty that the Bellevue put in display would mean nothing if it didn’t have the strength to last through the years.

Thanks to Dan Post handcrafted tradition, you’re looking at a beautiful creation that is built to last.

For one, the Bellevue is welted in construction. And that can only mean this all the leather in this cowboy boot is stuck together for good.

Comfort in Style

All this comes down to how comfortable this particular Dan Post pair is to a user.

Fortunately, the legendary company did not just make sure it had in the works a pair of cowboy boots that grabs people’s attention, it had comfortable wear in mind right from the onset.

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It’s true the Bellevue has that classic western look. But above and beyond, it also is a comfortable ride.

This is thanks to the cushioned comfort that Dan Post has been known for the world over. For you don’t just have handcrafted leather shafts here; the product’s soles and linings are also handcrafted.

In short, you get a certified exotic Western cowboy boots that’s not durable but also largely comfortable.






What you get in the package

Our verdict

At the price it’s at, it’s hard to imagine you’re getting real exotic ostrich leather. But that’s what you get with Dan Post Men’s Bellevue Western Boot. Not only that, you get great style that should command attention wherever you go.

Know firsthand, ostrich is one of the toughest leather in town – if not the toughest. This means that with proper care your Dan Post should you get into it will last more than you expect. Again, we emphasize proper care.

Leathers are made up of proteins that without the right attention could easily deteriorate over time.

Secondly, this Dan Post offering is as sleek and handsome as you want them to be. Wearing them with jeans or with a tuxedo shouldn’t be a problem.

For some, build issues and fit issues on their ordered Bellevues – of too tight along the ankles and on the pair developing cracks hours upon arrival – may have some basis. These have to be investigated thoroughly. In general, however, these instances are very seldom and could be considered a drop in a big, big bucket.

Then again, if you’re leaning towards a more adventurous Western cowboy boots with a lot of flair, then you may find the elegance of the Bellevue sorely wanting.

Overall, Dan Post Men’s Bellevue Western Boot in your wardrobe should be a treasure trove. How much more when you go out there and wear it? It’s not hard to say it’s a rare find.

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