Dan Post Men’s Alamosa Western Boot Review: Stunning Ostrich Boots within Reach

You may think leather is good for your Western cowboy boots; wait till you put your feet on a pair of exotic leather boots. Over the years, exotic leather skins have added value to the Western cowboy boots that everyone so adore. But of all these exotic leather, none may come as strong and sturdy as ostrich leather, exactly what the Dan Post Men’s Alamosa Western Boot offers.

The combination of a legendary brand putting up an ostrich pair is but timely – not to mention largely irresistible for many. If you want to make a strong, good impression wearing this pair could be spot on. However, you may still be sitting on the fence, wanting to find out if this Dan Post ostrich should be part of your fashion wardrobe, in which case the following comprehensive review should get you going. And fast. Read on.

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Detailed Review of the Dan Post Men’s Alamosa Western Boot

Not every leather is equal, as you may know by now. On the same token, as surprising as it is for some, not every ostrich leather is the same. When you talk about the best ostrich leathers, there’s the general portion and there’s the ‘crown’, exactly what the vamp of Dan Post Men’s Alamosa Western Boot carries.

Those goose bumps scattered on the bump are actually quill follicles where the animal’s feather used to reside. In one ostrich, only a third of its whole skin has these bumps, telling you you’re getting the best ostrich material there is when you get the Alamosa.

For the uninitiated, ostrich leather is one of a kind. It may be a display of softness, being supple yet thick. However, it’s also one of the sturdiest of leathers, largely unsurpassed in tactile strength.

That makes it stronger than your usual cowhide or bovine leather.

And yet, those quill portion of ostriches are the cream of the crop. They’re the most valued part of the ostrich skin or hide.

This could be the Alamosa’s greatest draw: its quill ostrich leather. And right off the bat, you could see how beautiful it is, used as the vamp for this classic Dan Post offering.

Indeed, many an Alamosa owner has received countless praise wherever they go. Compliments seem to surround the quill. As a luxury item, it’s a certified stunner, recognized by those bumps which as a whole look like pockmarks on a child’s face.

And you’ll find that indeed this Dan Post offering is one magnet for people’s attention. Add the intricate stitches which form an elaborate striking design on the shaft and you know this one is a head-turner of a cowboy boots.

If you’re keen about getting all the looks in a crowd, then the Alamosa could be spot on.

But dazzling beauty isn’t the only feature from this Dan Post footwear offers that could interest any wannabe boot owner, you including.

The Alamosa, which by the way means “a place where cottonwoods are found”, is also a paragon of comfort, thanks to the meticulous handcrafted expertise from Dan Post bootmakers.

Thus, you have leather and rubber sole for a snug fit. A Stockman heel enables you to carry the boots with relative ease over a wider terrain. What could be the dealmaker is the insoles which features Dan Post’s Ultimate Flex Insole for all-day stability and comfort for your heel and arch.

As a result, the promise of cushioned comfort is alive in this pair of boots. Chances are, you’ll find people who have ordered the Alamosa excited and thankful the moment they wear the gear. For more often than not, they rejoice over how fit and comfortable the footwear is.

So happy they’d be ready to wear them to bed.

Then again, a few talk about the Alamosa failing to fit and failing to meet their high expectations as a trendy Western cowboy boot. The thing is these voices are very few. You could say they’re a drop in the bucket.




Topnotch Quill Ostrich Leather

Handcrafted to last

Stunning Western boot flair

Cushioned comfort through Dan Post’s Ultimate Flex Insole




Fit issues

Need to take care of exotic leather every now and then


Best Features

Quill Ostrich Leather


More than anything else, the exotic leather on the Alamosa could be its greatest come-on. Even better, you’re getting one that’s topnotch: quill ostrich leather.

Ostrich leather is supple but as a leather it is one of the most durable – if not the most. That’s why it’s a rare find.

More importantly, you’re getting the goose-bumped portion of the ostrich, aptly called quill. Not only is this part held dearer than the rest of the ostrich skin, it looks far more stunning, truly distinct in appearance.

As it is, you gather all the attention that you want.

And have real bragging rights. As you are wearing real exotic ostrich cowboy boots.

Sturdy Construction

And yet, as Dan Post is famous for, the Alamosa is built on solid foundation. You don’t just have a pair of cowboy boots that boasts of Western style that makes everyone drool, you’re looking at a pair that robustly constructed.

To note, the Alamosa is welted in construction, attached in the best way possible. This tells you the footwear is built to last through the years, must be the reason why you’ll hardly find any negative reviews for this Dan Post handsome, rugged pair.

Comfortable Wear

What’s more, clad in wonderful insoles the now-famous Dan Post cushioned comfort awaits you when you get the Alamosa. Specifically, we’re talking about the Dan Post’s Ultimate Flex Insole, a revolutionary technology that should give you stability and comfort in your day to day – for your heel and arch most notably.

This way you don’t just get boots that looks good but one that also fits really well.

Stunning Overall Design

Adding more value to this offering is a meticulously designed shaft which stands a full 11-inch tall. Here you’ll see the delicate yet striking designs that should put a Western flair to the sides of the shaft.

Overall you have one stunning design that’s difficult not to notice. Or stop staring at.

Know that the shaft of the Alamosa is utilizing a full-grain leather. That is another topnotch addition to its features. This means that this leather has not been ‘sanded, buffed or snuffed’ as a hide.

This adds strength and durability to the leather, another value addition to this rare Dan Post foot offering.






What you get in the package

Our verdict

Real exotic ostrich leather is tempting indeed – how much the ostrich ‘crown’. Add the topnotch craftsmanship from Dan Post bootmakers and this product offering is one offering too hard to pass up.

Those protrusions that form dots on the vamp, quill follicles which are aptly called goose bumps, tell you this is no ordinary ostrich leather. A bovine leather (a.k.a., cow leather) would simply shrink put side by side to this.

As a fashion item, therefore, these boots are definitely a rare find. And Dan Post made sure to add comfort value and quality build into this.

But don’t take it from us. Rather, take if from all those satisfied consumers who shout from the roof how much attention they’ve gotten wearing these exotics. Many of these people go beyond ordinary satisfaction; they use superlatives telling how from Day 1 they need not even break these pair in – so comfy and stylish as they are.

Of course, fit problems and build problems shoot through the cracks. Surprisingly, these voice are quaint – almost nonexistent.

All in all, this right here is a ‘golden opportunity’, granting the style fits your taste.

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