Dan Post Men’s 69681 Waterproof Boot Review: Hardworking Boots for the Hardworking Man

Who doesn’t need water? Everybody does, right? And yet, too much moisture in your shoes can put a damper to your day in more ways than one. Imagine how much work you can do when you can’t be affected all the water in the wrong places. Luckily, Dan Post Men’s 69681 Waterproof Boot could be the closest thing you can wear to make all this a reality for your busy feet.

You could be wondering if this offering from Dan Post is worth your while. To get you going, we’ve come up with a comprehensive review. It should allow you to check on things so you can make the most of your hard-earned money.

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Detailed Review of Dan Post Men’s 69681 Waterproof Boot

This Waterproof Boot is one handy boot and everybody may fare better in life with a pair ready for trying times.

Just thinking how uncomfortable is it walking outside with dampness surrounding your feet is enough to stay indoors – all locked up wherever you may be. Unfortunately, there are things that just can’t wait. Work is one; so is getting home.

What’s even more sad, water can do all the damage to your leather, in this particular case, your footwear.

If you’re not careful, the presence of water is bound to destroy the suppleness of your leathered wear. Coming from animals, leather is made up of fats and proteins which if not treated well with care dries out. Eventually, cracking follows.

But not with this Waterproof Boot. This waterproofed offering from one of the most trusted brand in cowboy gear simply allows you greater latitude in your terrain. Small wonder that they’ve become the easy favorites of farmers who must go through all the dirt, the mud – not to mention the torments of the weather.

Further, the 69681 is built for lasting comfort. For starters, you have pull loops that allows you to slide the boots in just like that. And to add greater heft, you have a chunky heel that stands approximately 2 inches tall.

How’s that for heel height?

Even more astounding, this Dan Post offering is sleek and stylish. To boot, you’re dealing with distressed leather giving you a more rugged finish that just stands out.

In more ways than one, all these nifty features gears you up to face even your most challenging working days.

Well, if you’re looking to flaunt well-stitched designs on the side, this boots sorely lack one. But what you find wanting in the jaw-dropping department, this Dan Post footwear makes up for its sheer functionality.

Now you should be ready to face the sand, mud, muck, snow, rain – and whichever challenging terrain only waterproofed workwear like these can go to. Without compromising its wearer.




Waterproof footwear

Distressed leather upper makes a stylish rugged look

Monochromatic stunner

Handcrafted to last

Easy wear; comfortable fit

Tall heels – 2 inches approximately​




Color ordering issues

Craftsmanship issues

Fit issues​


Best Features

Waterproof Wear


This could be the 69681’s biggest draw. It’s not everyday that you find a pair of footwear that gets you going even in the toughest of terrain.

But that’s just what this Dan Post product puts on the table. To everyone’s delight.

Many a-farmer have been dogged by all the challenges the elements pose. Tales of how this pair has helped people through the cold weather is hard to ignore.

One detail how his walk of 150 yards daily around Chesapeake Bay in cold weather has become a solidly comfortable dry experience. This in spite of going through marshy wet grass passing even the beach.

Moreover, this means you have one pair of shoe that is long-lasting. As you may know by now, water damages leather like no other. If left on its own, leather footwear is a sitting duck against the torments of unrestrained moisture.

Thanks to the moisture wicking fabric mesh lining that this boot has and you have a product that should let you go through work no matter the weather – be it snow or rain.

Cool Design

Well, you won’t find those dashing embroideries that are a regular feature in many a Western cowboy boots. This Dan Post is plain. But that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful.

Coming in monochromatic cool dark color, you may find this waterproofed pair to be a bit dull compared to its more cutthroat Western boot brethren. But all the simplicity could be to your advantage.

For one, it only means it’s easier to clean up and condition. To note, you need to put regular effort to condition this pair. A guide from Dan Post should get you going.

Instead, you have a distressed look. For the uninitiated, distressed look is when leather is designed to look aged or worn. That way you get a vintage rustic look that’s classic.

Adding beauty to all this is a vamp embroidery that’s not too loud. It’s sitting there alright but not too much of it is visible making the 69681 a true classic.

Comfortable Finnish

Another key feature is how much comfort had been integrated into the Dan Post Men’s Waterproof Boot. You not only are getting a pair that allows you to sail through any weather, you have one that’s comfy to wear.

This way you can get through your most challenging work be it in the farm or in the office with utter comfort.

To get you going fast for instance, you have side pull-on straps. This allows you to put on your Dan Post without a hassle. It’s just easy slide and you’re good to go.

Further, you have a synthetic sole to give you greater grip on any terrain. Putting as much slippage out the window.

Confidence Booster

First stop, if you’re enjoying generously in terms of height, this feature may not be much. But for those who are height-challenged, this is as spot on as it gets.

You see, this Dan Post offering carries a heel of about 2 inches tall. Amazing right?

Wearing these therefore gives you an instant height advantage enough to get your confidence a timely boost.

Even better, these heels are wide and chunky giving you a better carry for you.

Yes, you work hard and these boots work even harder for you.






What you get in the package

Our verdict

Overall, this Waterproof Boot should be a treasure find. When you have something durable that protects your feet from the elements at a good price, it’s surely is worth looking into.

That can only mean there is a far wider terrain that becomes available to you. People who have used the 69681 have walked through snow and rain and still feel the warmth inside their feet – not cold, damp feeling of overexposure to moisture.

Even better, this Dan Post has given ample protection in cold, cold weather like in Alaska when the temperature has dropped to insane levels. And still manage to brings its owners the comfort.

The workmanship is just superb, as typical of Dan Post. Complete with pull loops, the distressed leather speaks of great style even with its monochromatic color. In effect, you not only have great working waterproof boots, you have one that you can strut in style.

However, as bright as this superstar pair, there are chinks in the armor that may need to be addressed. For one, there is that perennial fit issue. People need to get their measurements right, with adjustment factored in. Also, a lot has been said about getting the right color.

Worse, a few had of workmanship issues claiming their pair failed them saying they were “Made in China.”

The good news is these instances are few and far between.

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