Cinch Men’s WRX Commander Slip Resistant Work Boot Review

It is right to wear the exact shoes. When it comes to barnyard works, the precise slip resistant boot should be worn. Slip-resistant boots are quite impressive especially when you work on the barn regularly. For that, what makes this Cinch Men’s WRX Commander Slip Resistant Work Boot Review a great help is information given here could thoroughly help you with your selection. If you have a difficult time choosing which of these work boots work outstandingly for you, then better find out more details on this page.

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Specific Review of the Cinch Men’s WRX Commander Slip Resistant Work Boot

For several years, the Cinch boot company had already answered the work boot needs of people. It is truly impressive to see that what they got here could utterly help you with your necessities. Just by the Cinch’s simple WRX Commander work boot, and with how it is known as slip resistant, outstanding benefits are thoroughly connected with it. During your work on the barn, a slip resistant work boot should be used. It is important to do it as it helps in protecting not just your shoes but your feet as well. With Cinch Men’s XRM Commander, its built shock continuation technology could answer everything about it. Its obtained Shock Continuation Technology helps in protecting your feet and also in relieving pain. Absorbing shock is one thing that makes this astonishing model an exceptional piece of art.

Another thing, for those individuals who are seeking for style, this work boot is an impressive delight. You may get to function not just as a horseman or a ranch worker, but as a model as well. Its functionality is earnestly designed with the connection of performance of a Western boot. Moreover, reliability is greatly situated with each of this pair even when you are in or out of the saddle. If what you need is a boot which could get your entirety working as a horseman, then you will never go wrong with the Cinch Men’s WRX Commander.




This astounding work boot provides reliability both in and out of the saddle.

It provides the immense functionality of a Western boot.

The Cinch Men’s WRX Commander delivers premium comfort to the user.

If you are troubled with weight, then this masterpiece could help you with that as its weight is just light, thus, making your use much easier and more comfortable.

It offers exceptional flexibility construction.

It acquires an antimicrobial Legend insole.

It offers a dual-density sidewall Horseman outsole which is oil, slip, and chemical resistant.

Each pair of this Cinch Men’s WRX Commander is electric hazard-resistant as its construction is metal free.​




There are past users of these boots who grumbles about how the square toes squash their big toe. Fitting is sometimes given wrongly.


Exceptional Characteristics of the Cinch Men’s WRX Commander Slip Resistant Work Boot

Shock Continuation Technology


Sometimes, when you are out in the barn working or riding your dearest horse, disasters happen. As a barnyard worker or a horse rider, it is important to get work boots which fit perfectly to your work nature and style. Shock absorbing work boots such as the Cinch’s WRX Commander might be the best option if what you are looking for is such feature. If you are living an active life every day, you might just love the look and the function of these boots, without even worrying about pain. Shock Continuation Technology acts outstanding with this wear and this can gigantically help you as a diligent man with the barn job you can never afford to lose.

Synthetic Sole

A sole is an important part of a shoe. Without a sole, a shoe will never be called as one. Soles are made in a variety of materials and these include rubber, leather, and synthetic. But what makes synthetic sole a great glee to the Cinch Men’s WRX Commander Boots compared to the leather ones? For that, synthetic soles are way lighter than leather. Leather made soles are even stiff and inflexible which is pretty uncomfortable for the user. As a horse rider and a barn worker, what you must have is a pair of work boot that is not only durable but could make you comfortable as well. If strength, flexibility, comfort, and utility is what you are eyeing for, then you might just never get wrong with the WRX Commander Slip Resistant Boot.

Authentic Leather

The Cinch boot company is doing its best to provide the finest work boot ever. For that dream comes a reality. This WRX Commander Work Boot is made of authentic leather to provide sturdiness. If longevity of life is what you are seeking for within a work boot, then you could get it here with the WRX Commander. This full grain leather boot is definitely dependable even if you are in or out of the saddle.

Performance and Style of a Cowboy Boot

Looking out for southern style is easy since the WRX Commander could provide it for you. What makes this astounding pair a massive delight to many boot lovers is its mix of style and performance. Exceptionality is massively built for this pair. This type of boot even gives you three different colors such as black, brown, and copper kettle. Do opt for the one which looks pleasing to you. Wearing this pair even with your denim on is possible as well because of its handsome look.

Superior Comfort

Comfort is one thing which you have to consider when purchasing an incredible work boot. With the Cinch Men’s WRX Commander, you might surely be led to the right direction. Superior comfort is provided by this outstanding pair. Aside from that, it is flexible and lightweight as well. You would be surprised when wearing one someday as this incredible footwear is fairly designed for hard working folks like you.

Antimicrobial Legend Insole

Shoes are always worn and if you are planning to get a good pair of boots that could eliminate odor, then you will never be wrong with the WRX Commander Work Boots. What this pair provides is an antimicrobial legend insole which acts outstandingly in getting rid of that unwanted shoe odor. You see? It’s not only style and comfort you could get through having this pair as you are protected from ill-ridden bacteria as well.

Electric Hazard Resistant That Has Metal Free Construction

It is an amazing thing to check this work boot out because it is electrical hazard which is also rated with fire and slip resistance. It even obtains that metal free construction to answer your need of finding a work boot that could never get wrong when electricity is observed in the area. Accidents sometimes happen in the barn and there times when those are associated with damaged electrical wirings. And with that, remaining safety could be done through having a pair of the Cinch Men’s WRX Commander.





Our verdict

Moving to the ranch to attend your animals or by riding your horse are all fun activities. Yet there are times when hazards happen. It is important to maintain safety at all times and the Cinch Men’s WRX Commander Slip Resistant Work Boot could be the answer in here. By viewing this full-grain leather work boots with an electric hazard that is rated with slip and fire resistance, maintaining safety will be noticed. Other than that, there are plenty of former buyers of the product who talked about the positivity of these shoes. As for our team, we also like about its overall functionality as a work boot. If performance is what you are aiming for, then you could get it here with the Commander. If style is what you are working for, then you could still acquire it through this fantastic pair. What we got here is not just a pair which you could use on your barn and horse riding journey, but on your stylish maneuver as well. There are still more things that make this pair an astounding one and these include its featured square toe, comfortable pigskin lining, antimicrobial legend insole, dual-density sidewall horseman outsole, and its electric hazard feature which could secure you.

The only thing that you have to keep an eye with your purchase is the fitting. Some former purchasers of this product have said negative remarks just because they have received the wrong fitting. Such scenario happens clearly and commonly through online purchasing. When it comes to an online purchase, it is necessary to measure your feet first. You have to be accurate with the measurement to get the right one in the end. Online stores also provide size charts to help you out with that. Just be clear with this and you’re definitely good to go.

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