The Best Ferrini Boots

Pushing the Envelope Further to Satisfy the Market Better

The best Ferrini boots pushed the envelope even more to greater heights. Where competitors are wont to look for more avant-garde design, Ferrinis have made the most of material innovation. Fact is, when you talk about the best boots in the world, it wouldn’t do justice to everyone if you don’t put into the conversation the Ferrini brand -makers of quality, dependable shoes that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

From its sound, it must be that Ferrini is an Italian brand, or at least founded by true Italian-Americans. And you may start to think the fashion houses of Prada, Gucci or Versace on the pecking order. But yes, Vino Ferrini, the company’s top honcho, is the fourth generation of a long line of Italians. And though his company is headquartered in Mexico, you bet he’s putting the best of Italian fashion into one of the world’s most iconic leather: Western cowboy boots.

To help you with your quest to get the best cowboy boots into your life, we’ve gathered 10 of the most upscale products from Ferrini. We hope that by highlighting the best of Ferrini boots, you will arrive at a most opportune buy, where you get more bang for your buck.

Ferrini Women’s Embossed Diva Western Boot 


What makes the Ferrini Women’s Embossed Diva Western Boot such a stunner is its unique set of overlays and a collection of minute studs. Material alone this Ferrini is a winner. The Embossed Diva is packing serious punch with its turquoise distressed leather creating a rugged, worn-out look that’s tough to beat. Put in dark studded overlay on the counter and the toe box and you have a stunning cowgirl boots so well-paraded on a 2” heel.

Ferrini Mens Teju Lizard Sq Toe Choc Boots 


With certified Teju lizard skin on the vamp, the Ferrini Mens Teju Lizard Sq Toe Choc Boots should give you all the serious attention you need wherever you may go. Moreover, that lizard skin gives off not only an unparalleled shine of seemingly endless line of minute tiles, it’s softness is tops. Put in the mix a shaft with an embroidery so fine it’s bound to astound you, then you know this Ferrini right here is a rare find.

Ferrini Men’s Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Western Boot


If for the nth time you’ve been dreaming of flaunting exotic alligator skin on your cowboy boots, then the Ferrini Men’s Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Western Boot is your best friend. Right off the bat, know that this product offering right here is Ferrini’s way to get everyone to enjoy exotic leather. And yes, you can certainly get the look and feel of alligator leather in this offering. That catch is this one is just the print version.

Meaning: it’s not really true alligator hide that you’re dealing with here. It’s as close as you want it to be. And it shows how advanced Ferrini has become in satisfying a market with discriminating tastes.


Ferrini Ladies Maverick Square Toe Boots


It may be matte lacking shine characteristic of many a-cowboy pair, but the Ferrini Ladies Maverick Square Toe Boots is truly one maverick pair of cowgirl boots. In its simplistic approach, roper heel and stylish square toe, you find its sheer allure unmistakable. Perhaps it’s because you’re looking at a universal color, black, all over countered only by a striking fancy stitching on the vamp. Come to think of it, it’s like looking at a bunch of bright stars on a dark night. The end result: a one-of-a-kind design that’s hard to resist.

Ferrini Women’s Print Alligator S-Toe Western Boot 


Ferrini Women’s Print Alligator S-Toe Western Boot shines like there’s no tomorrow. No doubt about it, this one is a certified people stunner. Those smoothed tiled vamps of alligator print is one eye magnet that’s bound to get all the serious attention your way. Mix that up with a rich detail of stitched ensemble on the shaft and this one could easily win your heart like no other.

Then again, this Ferrini shows how far it’s willing to go to get the job done. There may be no real crocodilian leather here, but the style is so unmistakable you’d be flaunting your exotic (print) in no time.

Detailed Comparison List





Heel Height






Total Weight (pounds)

 Ferrini Women’s Embossed










2 lbs.

Ferrini Mens Teju Lizard Sq Toe Choc Boots



1 ¾”


Teju Lizard (exotic)


Ferrini Men’s Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Western Boot




Alligator Belly (Print)


8 lbs

Ferrini Ladies Maverick Square Toe Boots



1 ¼”

Black (matte)



Ferrini Women’s Print Alligator S-Toe Western Boot 



Black (shiny)

Alligator Belly (Print)


8 lbs

Ferrini Women’s Print Crocodile S-Toe Western Boot 




Crocodile Hornback (Print)


8 lbs

Ferrini Men’s Elephant Print Western Boot Square Toe – 4449361 



Marbled cigar

Elephant (Print)


Ferrini Men’s Print Crocodile R-Toe Western Boot 




Crocodile (Print)


2 lbs

Ferrini Women’s Patchwork BT Western Boot 








1.6 lbs

Ferrini Women’s Print Caiman Cross B Western Boot 






Caiman (Print)


1.1 lbs

Reviews of Ferrini Boots

Ferrini Women’s Embossed Diva Western Boot 


If you want to be as dashing as can be, the Ferrini Women’s Embossed Diva Western Boot can be your best ally in your pursuit. The underslung 2” heel should give you a hint this Ferrini is serious in getting you all the good looks you need.

From the very start, unique material gives you an edge in style. Using turquoise distressed leather, you get a largely feminine and yet rugged look peculiar to ranch life and the Western look. What sets this Ferrini apart is its laid all over with stunning overlays complete with shiny, silver-colored studs. Which should make you shine like a star. For no other offering is so decorated.

What results is a one-of-a-kind unique set of cowgirl boots that should announced to everyone around you your arrival. Taking things a step further, you have black overlays on the counter and the toe box, all complete with studs. This one just can’t wait. It’s really rearing to go to the party!

Even better, you have a 13” shaft. That’s no ordinary shaft right there. In a darker tone than its vamp, you can see the combination of leather overlays with studs form one unmistakable design that’s unique to this cowgirl offering. You won’t see any embroideries here. But you won’t miss them, largely supplanted by the presence of intricate overlays.

As for its make, the Embossed Diva is meant to last, constructed on single stitch welt. You can see the great attention to detail that Vino Ferrini and Co. has been famous for giving you comfort and style within reach.

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Ferrini Mens Teju Lizard Sq Toe Choc Boots 


The Ferrini Mens Teju Lizard Sq Toe Choc Boots is such a unique pair you should be beaming with pride wearing it. And the best part’s this one won’t draw a big hole in your wallet.

What makes this Ferrini so distictive is material. Here, you’re getting true blue exotic leather courtesy of lizard skin. Not just any lizard skin, it’s Teju – a lizard home to South America. Think about it. With this pair on, you’re going around with something that’s not found anywhere in America. Which could only mean it’s highly-likely you’d be the only one wearing it in any occasion or city for that matter.

Style-wise, you’d be covered in glory as the vamp shines with all its small-shaped tiled pattern set. Plus, Teju lizard leather is extremely soft and comfortable, topping even bovine leather in this department. Mix it up with superb stitching on the shaft designed like a big dragon about to fly and you have one pair of Ferrini that’s a prized catch – minus the hefty price tag, of course.

Even better, you have comfort incorporate right at the center of this Ferrini Teju. With natural rubber sole, this pair will give you durability and traction anywhere you go. Put in a 13” shaft and you sure have one attention magnet right under your nose.

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Ferrini Men’s Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Western Boot


The Ferrini Men’s Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Western Boot just hit the right notes. It allows you to dress up to the nines. Cast in its shining glory, you’ll find the vamp of this Ferrini make you stand out in its exotic tiled design.

It’s a belly alligator leather, allowing it to come out shiny and lacking the rough edges so peculiar to many exotic hide. That exotic vamp is enough to get everyone curious, spitting compliments and attention all at once.

Thanks to its universal black appeal you have a design that can go through the most formal of occasions, weddings or boardrooms. Add the fact it’s low roper heels for easy navigation in any floor or ground.

Making it even more stunning, is the well-crafted embroidery in white on the shaft, creating a white-on-black masterpiece. And it’s truly amazing. As the immaculate string of white beads run down the shaft, it provides a big contrast on the dark background much like a set of lovely stars on dark night sky.

Don’t forget, you’re looking at a 13” shaft that should get everyone walking while you’re enjoying your walk, going to the rounds of your daily routine.

Even better, for added comfort you have square toe for greater elbow room for your digits. And as this is constructed double stitch welt expect this beauty to last through the years. With its great price, it’s hard to resist bringing this home.

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Ferrini Women’s Print Alligator S-Toe Western Boot 


Putting your best lady foot forward, Ferrini Women’s Print Alligator S-Toe Western Boot shines in all its glory. This is telling everybody you have definitely arrived.

Just like it’s male counterpart, the Print Alligator offering from Ferrini is making waves like no other. And it does not want to take things lying down. It wants to be at the center of all the action.

This is all because you have one shiny printed alligator skin on the vamp. It’s belly so its smoothness is tough to beat – along with its lines of small tiles peculiar to crocodilian leather.

What’s even better, you have the white-on-black embroidery that’s giving the 12” shaft a flashy twist. Set to siphon all the attention like stars in the dead of the night.

This is definitely a conversation starter anywhere you go. Conversations that could ripple through days in the office.

Then, again, this Ferrini is built with comfort right at the middle of it all. You have cushioned footbeds for greater ease in moving about. Most importantly, this one is constructed on double stitched weld for a most dependable build.

Again, this time Ferrini is doing a great job. Wanting to have everyone enjoy the benefits of, the legendary bootmaker led by Vino Ferrini has created a believable crocodilian leather. It’s really not exotic but it’s the closest thing you can get at a good price.

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Ferrini Women’s Print Crocodile S-Toe Western Boot 


If you want to leave a mark but don’t know how, then this Ferrini Women’s Print Crocodile S-Toe Western Boot should get you going. Just like its for men counterpart, this Ferrini Croc Print is bound to catch your attention, and everyone around you.

You see, it’s not everyday that a crocodilian leather gets its way to any gathering. The chance of that happening is even lesser when you’re out of Texas, in New York City for instance.

So by the fact that this shoe is crocodilian in design is already a big break for you. Just don’t brag about it though.

For as much as this looks as close to croc skin, this isn’t. It’s pure leather treated to look like one. The good news: nobody will notice.

Ferrini has made so great strides in printing bovine leather, you can feel the roughness of this vamp just like you would any croc-leathered foot wear.

Even better, this monochromatic foot wear is topped with a well-designed shaft. It may be all black but at the center of it all you have one stunning masterpiece. A work of art so refined you’d think it’s printed. But no. This is Ferrini workmanship at its best. Embroidered, the shaft adds a stunning counter design to the roughness of the vamp.

All in all, you have a stunning piece of foot wear that’s bound to create compliments and attention wherever, whenever you go.

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Ferrini Men’s Elephant Print Western Boot Square Toe – 4449361 


The Ferrini Men’s Elephant Print Western Boot Square Toe – 4449361 is a stunner and it’s bound to win you over. If you’re a fan of exotic elephant wears then this product offering from Ferrini is spot on. Not only that. You’re going to save big time enjoying it.

Once again, Ferrini is making great progress in putting cowboy boots that are as stylish as they are unique. This one doesn’t look too striking with its marbled look but it’s design provides a great contrast to the all-black cowboy boot. And this should give you not one dull moment, given its uniqueness.

First stop, you’re getting the benefit of elephant leather here. Just imagine how strong the skin of the largest animal on land. It’s bound to be as tough as can be.

Moreover, the design is distinctive. Instead of roughness you have a marbled design that’s offbeat. Everyone who sees it will most likely start asking questions or whisper in silence.

The cool vamp is highlighted by an orange-colored leather that’s filled with a striking well-crafted piece of embroidery. It’s workmanship at its finest, if you ask us.

At the center of it all is the legendary comfort attributed to Ferrini. You have leather lining and cushioned insoles that should give your ride a boost. Top it all with a double stitched welted construction and you should be on your way in no time.

Know, however, that the greatest offering Ferrini gives you here is access to the design of elephant leather. For truly, you have just plain leather here (bovine) but in the hands of a master, you are able to get the looks of it minus the exorbitant price attached.

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Ferrini Men’s Print Crocodile R-Toe Western Boot 


When you want to leave a strong impression anywhere you go, putting the Ferrini Men’s Print Crocodile R-Toe Western Boot may just cut it for you. And give you all the swagger you need.

Equipped with a crocodile hornback vamp design you have one serious vamp right out front. All the ruggedness and roughness is bound to have people near you talking. Highly-likely some may even want to touch them.

To note, crocodilian leather is one of the most distinguished leather in the world. Perhaps thanks to their amphibious nature, these animals have developed skins that are thick and strong. Their rugged design have become a material too hard to resist for designers. And as rough at the everyday work of cowboys, it was just a matter of time that exotic leather found its way to a cowboy/cowgirl boots.

Plus, of course, there’s additional bragging rights when you’re wearing the hide of a dangerous 4-legged animal such as a crocodilian.

Even better, the rough brownish leather of the vamp is counterbalanced by a shiny shaft standing all 13 inches in height. Mighty proud indeed. This shaft is all black decorated with a well-crafted highly-refined piece of embroidery.

The end result: an aggressive piece of foot wear that just don’t want to be placed in the background. The catch is there was never any exotic leather here, just the closest thing you can have.

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Ferrini Women’s Patchwork BT Western Boot 


By Ferrini Women’s Patchwork BT Western Boot, here’s a perfect example on how Ferrini is once again pushing the envelope in cowboy/cowgirl boots. The intricacy of this design is ingenuous; though some would probably call it over-the-top.

At the center of the topic is this Ferrini’s vamp. It’s like no cowgirl vamp you’ve seen before. Chances are, it’s the first time you’ve lay your hands on something like this.

You see, though this foot wear is all leather 100%, you have a patchwork designed vamp. It looks like those patches of rugs sewn together. For a stunning look, Ferrini is upping the ante this time.

Paired with an intricately done shaft and you have a stunning design that’s bound to get everyone looking your way. If you won’t look closer, you might think that the embroidery is all printed piece since it’s so fine. But it’s really handcrafted to perfection. A masterpiece. How’s that for a change?

Even better, Ferrini has made comfort a signature piece in its boots. Here expect to walk comfortably in style, thanks to orthopedic cushioned footbeds installed right where you need it. And so much attention has been given into all these, it’s said each pair is hand-finished via hand-driven wooden pegs.

Truly, Ferrini is putting everything together so well. The original designs and styling notable of Italian shoes meshed together with centuries-old tradition of North American bootmaking. The result: a hard-to-resist boots such as the Patchwork.

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Ferrini Women’s Print Caiman Cross B Western Boot 


Chances are, the Ferrini Women’s Print Caiman Cross B Western Boot will put you on the map, boosting your confidence in the process. There’s no mistaking this one. With that big cross on the vamp you’re a target of attention to everyone you meet.

And it won’t be to your detriment. Capped in all caiman hornback (print) vamp, you have one swagger that’s hard to downplay here. The exotic leather may be but a print version of the real one but it’s so real your friends are bound not to notice. Even if they do, they may still be hard to prove it. The roughness of it all will have everybody think those are real exotic crocodilian hide.

Truly, Ferrini has made strides in this technology. And no one is complaining.

Add the ever-striking shaft, thanks to a fine piece of embroidery, and you have a Western boot that should shoot your credibility meter to 10. So fine are these stitches, an untrained eye would think it’s all printed. The truth is it’s all handcrafted mastery straight from the house of Ferrini.

On the other spectrum, Ferrini made sure you have comfort at the very heart of it all. First stop, you got cushioned footbeds for a more comfy feel. Add a double stitch welt and you have a construction that should hold everything for years to come.

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When you put on the best Ferrini boots you make sure you have not only fashion but also comfort in wearing such fashion. You may be familiar with how much fashion Italian designers have spawned over the years. We’re not talking about today; we’re talking about centuries of Italian fashion.

Names such as Gucci have become household names all over the world for high fashion. It’s worth noting, then, that the Italian legacy is well alive in Ferrini, a house of style that has lasted four generations and which is now led by Vino Ferrini.

Italian mastery of shoe design coupled with centuries-old tradition in Western bootmaking has become the centerpiece of Ferrini boots. Invariably, if you want to start your Ferrini journey you’re bound to realize these four features as most advantageous for you:

Avant-garde Designs​


All the Ferrini product offering featured in this collection offer a decisive way to look at the legendary bootmaker. And you should be proud – if not ecstatic.

You have here a designer who’s willing to push the limits to satisfy a tough market. In such a cutthroat industry, designs can be copied just like that. Instead of just copying and pasting a design as one’s own, Ferrini is creating headway in putting up designs that were never on the market before.

For instance, it didn’t bother offering print versions of exotic leather. It felt the people must be able to enjoy the design minus the big price tag on that leather. Another instance is the Patchwork product offering. There, the bootmaker made one idea a reality in cowboy/cowgirl boots.

Great Attention to Detail​

Secondly, you’re going to find how much detail are incorporated into the works of Ferrini. This is immediately apparent in the stitches that use to line the shaft. These stitches are so refined and yet Ferrini’s undying commitment makes it a possible reality for everyone.

It’s said that Ferrini’s has so much attention on shoe details that each pair that comes out of its factories is hand finished with hand driven wooden pegs. Is that commitment or what?

Quality Comfortable Build​


Because of its dedication to the craft, Ferrini is able to produce boots that top of the line in terms of quality. Firstly, most, if not all, of its products are handcrafted to perfection.

Secondly, you got quality welt, either single-stitched or double-stitched right at the heart of the construction process. That assures everyone each shoe that comes out is filled with strength to last the years.

Further, such amenities as side-on pull straps and cushioned footbeds have become part and parcel of each pair. Giving wearers the world over unequalled comfort.

Affordable Prices​

Lastly, Ferrini may be associated with luxurious fashion but it does not put a heavy price tag on its products. That’s a great come-on for you. That can only mean you can widen your options and enjoy more products in your lifetime.


How to Choose the Best


It must be said that Western cowboy boots have become an object of fashion increasingly and less of functionality. Where centuries ago, cowboy boots serve one purpose and that’s to protect the feet of cowboys from all the wear and tear of everyday, today that storyline is changing. People are wearing cowboy boots because it’s fashionable.

Choosing the best therefore is a personal choice. What is attractive to you may not be attractive to everyone. Still we believe there are certain criteria that you could use so you won’t be wasting your time in the process. To help you, we’ve assembled key features to look for when looking for the best boots in town.

Your Purpose in Buying​


You should take a long, hard look inside before you choose what’s best for you. Know that even when fashion is individual, society has formed norms on what is acceptable and what is not. Going against these norms is a personal choice.

The good news is cowboy/cowgirl boots have so much to offer that you could have one for almost all occasions. Of course, if you want to stand out like a sore thumb in the boardroom is really up to you.

But all in all, exotic looking Western boots are meant for fun and leisure. If you choose to wear them in a wedding, it’s really up to you. Also black boots are more formal than lighter-colored ones. For a tux, a black Western boots is spot on. Still, it doesn’t mean you look bad in another color.

You can consult a style guide to know what’s best for an occasion. The best part’s you shouldn’t just jump on the train without doing a little research.

​The Design

As cowboy/cowgirl boots are a fashion item, how they look on you matters. Choose designs well. If you want to be adventurous an exotic pair of boots shouldn’t be far on that list. On the other end, a shiny black boots with minimal embellishments would fit the bill for a serious occasion.

The Material


Check if what you’re looking at is pure leather or is an imitation. There are many available options that look like pure leather on the market today. Pure leather is supple and soft at the same time, yet strong and lasting.

Also, you may want to know if what you’re dealing with is a true exotic leather or just a print version. Exotic leather is explicit in its ads. When it says it’s print then it’s not really true exotic leather but a close copy. Luckily, Ferrini’s expertise in churning near-real copies is topnotch.

Real exotic leather of course is much more pricey than mimicked ones.

The Build​


Your pair should be well-built. You should check on how the leathers are coming together. Tough ones are single-stitched welt or double-stitched welt. When it’s just glued together, then you should run. That pair of boots belongs to the trash can.

You can check how well-built a pair is by looking at the outsoles. If you find stiches there, then chances are it’s stitched not just glued together.

The Price​

Price isn’t everything but if you’re out of cash, it’s the only thing. The good news is you need not spend tons of hard-earned money just to wear a luxurious pair of cowboy/cowgirl boots. With Ferrini around, you have greater options to save up.


Ferrini through its best Ferrini boots show clearly what makes it a real gamechanger. With its drive, the legendary company led by Vino Ferrini is making its mark on the boot-making world. Not bad for a factory HQd in Mexico.

Still, every one of its pair is a work of love, of an undying dedication to handcrafted mastery. It also shows how a long family line of Italian shoe experts can win it big time in the arena of Western cowboy/cowgirl boot industry.

Choosing any of the Ferrini pair reviewed is justified as you could have a different purpose in buying the leather. Or for that matter, a different taste.

Still we believe that Ferrini Men’s Print Belly Alligator S-Toe Western Boot (B00FORQ2V0) .

embodies the best of Ferrini. Its avant-garde design is pushing the envelope in fashion as it’s hard to find such a design anywhere else.

That print leather may not be true exotic one, but it’s making heads turn and getting all the attention – exactly what today’s cowboy boots are there for.

Top that with a price that’s tough to beat and you know Ferrini could be your top choice to widen your wardrobe options. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates

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