Ariat Men’s Wildstock Western Cowboy Boot Review

Many have discussed why boots make a rancher or a cowboy comfortable? Why equestrians prefer to use a specific brand when there are loads of them? Hordes are even astonished by how these boots could last a lifetime, only when authentic ones are purchased. With this review, you will discover facts that speak of how decent and reliable Ariat Men’s Wildstock Western Cowboy Boot is. Read on and be assisted with your option.

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A Careful Review of the Ariat Men’s Wildstock Western Cowboy Boot

Horse riding is an entertaining and stimulating activity. With such, mesmerizing benefits are even allied with it. Horseback riding doesn’t only make you experience joy and quick thinking as it helps with your physique as well. This appealing and entertaining activity provides health advantages such as balancing your core muscles, developing coordination, sustaining flexibility, providing a meditative effect, and presenting your whole body the needed workout to be fit.

It is utterly great to experience glee when riding horses and a lot of cowboys out there are paying keen attention to their time to spend with their cherished equines. With that, what Ariat is doing is providing these gentlemen with the finest crafted cowboy footwear. Their boots are authentically handmade and are in their highest quality.

Nothing could surely go wrong when you opt for Ariat’s Wildstock. If what you are looking for is a cowboy pair of boots that is rough stock inspired, then the Wildstock could fully bring it to you. Many users are totally astounded with how these boots work. Moreover, they face fantastic comments because of their satisfying experiences. It clearly states that the Wildstock Western Cowboy Boots perform fairly enough to their needs.

For former buyers of the product, they have noticed that the pair consists of a 13-inch shaft, a wide square toe, and an eight-row stitch pattern which looks amazing. If you are willing to get that cowboy boot option which is made from full grain leather, then you could get it here with the Wildstock. Just by reading its name, it clearly provides you lasting information about how brilliant and powerful this pair is. More than that, having its ATS technology may surely leave you in awe. That powerful technology does not only stabilizes your foot but it also helps in gripping shock. This smart and suave pair is evidently brilliant because of its provided flexibility when wearing it. You might wonder what makes this cowboy footwear function astonishingly? For that, its Duratread outsole speaks out the answer. Both in and out of the arena, performing your best will be achieved as it offers such authentic feature.




This magnificent pair brings out comfort and stability all in one.

Its obtained Innovative Mid-Level Technology brings out the best on each pair as it carries the right support for equestrians, barn workers, and bull riders.

They look really good.
Posture brings out the best with this pair which also reduces fatigue.
Ariat’s Wildstock offers users with quality heel stability. This aids in maintaining stability, support, and rebound to the user.
This genuine pair is lightweight to add up ease of use.​
It acquires an ergonomic composite forked shank that helps with balance and resistance.
Price is reasonable for the quality of the product.​


Use-specific outsoles could work with this marvelous pair.

A lot of past purchasers of the Wildstock love these boots because of how their colors match to your daily outfit and of how it works while doing your bull, horse, and cattle responsibilities.​



Some buyers complain about the thread on the soles that are ripped.
It cracks a little where your foot bends.
We get user complaints regarding on how the dark brown finish peels off easily.​

Exceptional Characteristics of the Ariat Men’s Wildstock Western Cowboy Boot

Leather Lining


Equestrians and cattle owners use cowboy boots as they commonly go well with their work or activity. But there are times when troubles occur with their used footwear. For this, the Ariat company crafts high-quality cowboy boots to answer the needs of these individuals. It is where the Wildstock is popularized with superior leather lining.

Leather lining is an important feature that every cowboy boot should have because of the users face daily activities. With how the Ariat’s Wildstock Western Boots speak of exceptional words regarding on its lining, this might just be your answer. The leather lining found on this astonishing pair is quality made. It is intensely durable even if you have walked miles or ride tons of bulls and horses in your life. The Wildstock is good to wear even when it is used too much. If you’re bothered with the constant friction which is produced through feet rubbing that may ruin your boots, then the Wildstock is an incredible solution for that.

Stacked Heel

The Ariat’s heel measures about 2”. It also obtains this incredible heel stabilizer to support and stabilize your use. For that, it also obtains this gel-cushioned footbed which adds to its comfort and convenience as well. But what really makes these heels fantastically driven? That completely speaks of how layers of leather are utilized to produce it. Wearing leather boots is great as it provides distinguished benefits. Leather protects your feet and provides comfort as well. But what really makes Wildstock’s stacked heel an impressive feature to eye on? It is because of how it increases its gorgeous look. The heels elaborate more of that fine boots you may want to wear especially that it could be used even outside your bull and horse activities. Is fashion your aim? Then why not try getting your eyes stuck on this pleasing cowboy option. You could be more of a cowboy for that.

Wide Square Toe Profile

Men’s feet are larger than women. Though not all but most of them. If you have difficulties in choosing a cowboy boot which suits snugly with the size of your feet, then you might consider aiming for Ariat’s Wildstock Boots. Having this incredible pair is brilliant because of such profile. Performance is much easier and complacent when you have this pair.

Eight-Row Stitch Pattern

Ariat Men’s Wildstock acquires this eight-row stitch pattern which is advantageous. Many past purchasers even praise the product because little-to-no issues are made for it. It even acquires this double-stitched Goodyear leather welt which adds up to its look. What makes this pair’s stitch pattern good to see is how it elaborates artistry to the footwear. This eight-row stitch pattern makes the look of this pair more awesome.


Cowboy boot users have similar complaints when it comes to horse riding footwear and that is wear and damage. With the Ariat’s Wildstock, such problem might be solved. If you wish to get that specific pair where it is wear-resistant and that lasts long, then this one could be a good option for you. This outstanding pair is even built with long-wearing sole which is loved by many. As for its sole, Duratread is utilized in here. Duratread provides marvelous features such as being flexible and resistant to slips, acids, and oil.

Pull-On Style

Added outstanding feature of the Wildstock cowboy boots is its pull-on style. Basically, this works both below and above your cords, pants, or denim. It makes it easier for you to tuck in your feet and even your pants. But what really makes this pull-on style a delight? That evidently is associated with convenience. You no longer have to waste your time doing up your shoelaces in here which is definitely amazing, right?





Our verdict

What more could you ask for if everything you need is with the Ariat Men’s Wildstock Western Cowboy Boot?

To talk about the product simply, this one is good to go, whether you plan to get that exciting horse ride or that challenging bull ride. The Wildstock doesn’t only talk about comfort and convenience as it utters of affordability as well, which is greatly matched with its quality. If you want to get that handsome cowboy look, then the Wildstock acquires the fashion you need. You might also be amazed at its function because of its obtained ATS technology and Duratread outsole that helps you perform well in the arena.

For your next bull fight, you may check out this outstanding product. What you get here is not just a reliable pair but elegance as well. As for your day to day activities, even if you’re just going with your friends, this pair of boots looks striking with your denim and tee.

The only thing that you have to mind about is your shoe size. It is important to keep close to it. Understand the features of this cowboy boot, measure your feet appropriately, and expect the finest product delivered right at your doorstep. To help you with sizing, check out the provided size chart. Do not forget to include eyeing over the color you dearly want the most. You may opt for adobe clay, weathered brown, and rough brick. Everything is spectacular in here.

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