Ariat Men’s Tombstone Western Cowboy Boot Review

Shoes are important. Everyone needs to have one as the item is associated not just with comfort but with protection as well. But what makes a shoe a helpful and awesome feet protector and comforter is when it answers all the needs that the feet require. For that, boots are crafted. A lot of shoe companies today are now generating an ideal range of cash by providing to people the most comfortable and the most dependable footwear. Yet, for cowboys or those who wish to have neat and sturdy cowboy shoes, Ariat definitely made it all come true. Ariat provides every man’s needs when it comes to cowboy boots that are solidly made from leather. To dig in for more things, here is an ideal Ariat Men’s Tombstone Western Cowboy Boot Review.

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Detailed Review of Ariat Men’s Tombstone Western Cowboy Boot

When it comes to an impressive cowboy boot company, Ariat clearly says it all. The company has been making boots for long. What they purely believe are things specifically centering on balance, innovation, commitment, and potentialities. Because of those beliefs, Ariat makes things possible by providing riders, athletes, and folks who are devoted to working outdoors with their finest boots.

With their soaring aim, venturing into the world of riding and playing has uttered loads of things. We have found that even with their a-bit-pricey items, individual qualities speak of magnificence in here. Consumers have found outstanding aspects that these boots acquire compared to the other brands. Many found that the fitting is great which makes them see how admirable a single pair is. With its brought Advanced Torque Stability, supporting your feet would never be done wrong. This outstanding comfort technology is loved by many consumers as it cushions them while moving. Even their poor posture is corrected because of that amazing technology support. It is clearly exceptional seeing that this astonishing pair brilliantly delivers a patented shank design which wholly helps not just from injury but from muscular fatigue as well. As for blistering, if you are thoroughly troubled with that because of what you have experienced from the other brands, you’ll never be wrong with Ariat’s Tombstone. This exceptional pair obtains an ATS footbed which is exceedingly marvelous from protecting your feet from heat build-up.

Just by seeing these Ariat Tombstone boots may make you look only at it. Gazing at its full grain leather foot which is fancily stitched is totally exceptional. It also acquires that 1 ½” sized horseman heel, leather lining, and easy pull straps which are enormously great for different kinds and sizes of feet.

Before purchasing one, that if you truly need to get the best quality out in the market, it is right to know what you have or where your money could be spent. Driving yourself to the boot store without considering the footwear’s features is wrong since it might just waste your time and cash. It is valuable to be clearly aware of its function as well, rather than aiming only on its stylish feature. For that, familiarizing the good and the bad features of each item is recommended to help you get the finest pair you can wear all along your journey.




This pair is built with Advanced Torque Stability technology which helps in decreasing skeletal injury and muscular weakness.

Convection cooking ensures even heating

These boots could be used every day, even when going outdoors to take a stroll or to your workstation.

As for stability, Ariat’s Tombstone delivers it authentically for you.
​Some boot users are worried about heat build-up where the Tombstone answers because of its built low-friction footbed surface.
​When it comes to torsional dependability, this magnificent pair holds cupped footbed chasses.
Shock is sometimes an immense feet problem yet this pair acquires EVA midsole so to absorb it.

Sizing is never an issue because of how it feels good to wear.​

It has leather upper and lining.

Sizing is never an issue because of how it feels good to wear.​

It obtains easy pull-on loops.




Sometimes the color doesn’t look the same as how it looks on the computer screen.

The sole on the toe comes apart easily.Both rubber combination and stitched leather don’t look really good.
Both rubber combination and stitched leather don’t look really good.​

Produces loud squeaks each step.​

Best Features of the Ariat Men’s Tombstone Western Cowboy Boot

Made from Leather

You certainly know that leather shoes smell good and it makes you want to purchase that single pair because of such fantastic aroma. But what makes leather more wonderful is its quality. Shoes or boots that are made from authentic leather should never be missed out since they are utterly durable. Durability is the main thing which makes Ariat’s Tombstone a fantastic option. You may see that there are some consumers who had made negative comments regarding on this pair, but because of its obtained leather material, this clearly addresses of how strong it is and how it could last longer. One more thing you need to mind about, Ariat made this leather Tombstone not only to show you its strength but to let you see and experience convenience as well. With the Tombstone’s finest leather material, specifically, those which are located in its lining, upper, and welt, elegance is met.

Sole Is Made From Duratread

Do you think that soles are souls of the shoes? In some way they actually are. Even the patterns of your sole highly matter. It has useful functions which you might ignore and one of it is comfort. Ariat’s Tombstone is made from Duratread which gives out specific satisfaction and relief you need. Additionally, Duratread also provides maximum wear because of its oil-and-slip resistance aspect. When buying one, it is outstanding to consider this part and not just its aesthetic design.

ATS (Advance Torque Stability) Technology

Cool and comfort are here with Ariat’s Tombstone Cowboy Boots. Have you tried wearing shoes which make you feel like your posture looks weird even if you already have done the right thing to get that exact stand? Of course, your footwear has something to do with it. Ariat’s Tombstone is built with Advanced Torque Stability Technology to promote good posture. Aside from that, this outstanding pair also helps in reducing fatigue. With your walk and ride, if stress is your towering enemy, then you may defeat it through having with you this innovative technology.

Wide Square Toe Profile

In the world of horse riding, men need to wear wide square toe boots. Ariat, as part of their tradition, has crafted this footwear to give out comfort users need. More than that, if what you need is a pair of cowboy boots which go with fashion hand in hand, then the Tombstone may lead you with that.

Our Verdict

With how Ariat Men’s Tombstone Western Cowboy Boot works for your feet, this might be the best option for you. If you are always on the go, say you’re always on the run to ride your horse or to do barnyard works or to drive your way to your office, then this pair might be the right selection to take. The Tombstone obtains stunning features which are pretty ideal for individuals who have the heart for getting that Western look. This one is a good boot though it’s a bit pricey. On the other hand, troubles might be handed down to its sole, color, and design but it still acts outstanding. This pair is a good to great boot as it feels fantastic to your feet.

If you’re ready to purchase this handsome pair, it is best to think about it first. It is necessary to spend your cash on something which you are not only amazed of but is in love of. With that, you might want to feel more of yourself when wearing this grand pair.

Trying the boots on is required. It is clearly accurate to check out the size chart for the item so to know the right fitting. Determining the width of your feet is necessary. You may do this by standing up and looking straight down at your feet. What you have to keep an eye on is how the chosen pair will fit snugly. The Tombstone might have acquired an excellent score when it comes to its fitting, yet as a responsible consumer, it is basically your main job to place the right size of your feet. Strangling your feet must never be considered. By following this measure, you’ll never drive your way back to the manufacturer which is a ton of time waste.

The material should be understood as well. Cowboy boots look exotic and they are highly appealing to your eyes. You have to be responsible for checking each item out on your own. But with the Ariat’s Tombstone Cowboy Boots, you’ll end up buying the right item.

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