Black caiman boots are very discreet, handsome and very classy. This particular boot from Wild West Boots is made of Caiman Tail Skin.

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Ferrini Men's Genuine Caiman Boots
Ferrini Men’s Genuine Caiman Boots

A Western style caiman tail boots

Usually looks rather rowdy and rough, but this one looks on the smoother more tactful side. Besides being in a particular black in color, it is shiny, which makes it more diplomatic.  A classic cowboy boots so to speak, has a J Toe profile which was considered to be the original and genuine design cowboy boots. J toe boots are the most pointed which makes it ideal for riding on a saddle and avoid being caught on the stirrups.

More about Caiman

Caiman lather is getting a lot of attention lately. It is great premium exotic leather from the caiman reptile which is the closest kin of crocodiles and alligators. The latter two are very famous with this exotic premium leather for bags, belts and shoes. These are very fine leather but are very expensive. For a more practical option but with the same aesthetic quality with the crocs and gators, caiman leather would be perfect.

Caiman skin cowboy boots are considered exotic cowboy boots which also does not come that cheap. But for great quality footwear that you can wear anywhere and anytime, a good quality boots made by artisans from Mexico is already a steal for less than $500.

The family owned store named Wild West Boots carries the brand for this handsome cowboy boots. As mentioned, this good quality boots is made by skillful artisans from Mexico.

How to Wear the Black Caiman Boots

It’s quite easy to pull off a black cowboy boots. Being pretty exotic and handsome as it is, you can wear this with simple jeans and some shirt. Another option would be to go for the whole cowboy ensemble with cowboy hats, jeans and some shirt.

A little bit of attitude and a great suit will always be a knockout specially when worn with a classic, black western cowboy boots. The whole boots in itself is made of very soft comfortable leather which makes walking (or riding!) extra special.