Western Boots lovers nowadays must be getting anxious and undecided over the number exotic western boots available in the market. Each pair of boots carries with it the mark of the company. Just like the boots here from a company that has added a collection of handmade boots to its line of western style clothing.

About the company

The CINCH Company has been known to make quality western style clothing and accessories making it the top choice of cowboys for their wardrobe ensemble. To complete the look they have added the production of western boots just in the 1900’s which makes the Cinch Boots a newbie in their collection. Despite being just recently established, Cinch has been using traditional methods in making its boots collection.

Getting behind the production

Using the traditional hand lasting technique, each pair of boots from Cinch assures durability, maximum fit and comfort. For centuries, the process of hand lasting has been developed by fine boot makers and this is the same technique used by the company to produce the best fitting pair of boots. As opposed to the current machine lasting process, the company has combined hand lasting plus their very own construction techniques to produce the best boots. They also use the channel technique in stitching the vamp, lining and welt. These parts are stitched to the ridge under the insole which makes the boots lightweight with a perfect conforming fit.

Going Exotic

In response to the current market trends, the company also created a line of exotic western cowboy boots that can very well compete with other boots companies. Take for example this Cinch caiman boots that uses Goatskin in the shaft. A real caiman leather boots from the line of exotic western cowboy boot collection from the Cinch Company which has the following unique elements:



Owning top quality Cinch boots for men can now be possible. The brown caiman boots featured above is one of their best collections from the line of exotic western cowboy boots.