Who would not want to wear a piece of clothing or in this case, footwear that has a brand that has stood the test of time? When you wear a Lucchese boots you own a bit of history in every step you make. Since the mid 1800’s the touch of Italian flair by the Lucchese family have been seen in their products. Despite the economic difficulties that time, the family’s will to excel have been evident in their quest to take chances. Take for example the first inseamer machine shipped to the Southwestern US wherein the Lucchese‘s where the ones who first purchased it. It there was any word for a new machine they would be the first to try it. The years followed where famous personalities can be found wearing their brand.

The Exotic Flair Of Lucchese

Nowadays the Lucchese can be regarded as a luxury. If you are one of those men who do not mind
wearing some exotic indulgence then this Lucchese Caiman Belly Boots designed for Sheplers is most probably for you. It is a fact though that there are a lot of available caiman belly boots in the market. All sorts of designs and sizes and price range can be found for everyone to enjoy.

The trend for the use of caiman leather has been slowly gaining popularity. Although this leather is far more affordable than the crocodile and alligator counterparts, the luxury comes in when the craftsmanship of the company is applied. Caiman leather might not be that convenient to use and it requires real talent in crafting for it to become a piece of footwear indulgence. Lucchese will not be left behind so they have also adapted its use by making quality caiman cowboy boots with serious styling that only Italian footwear can provide. They are however handcrafted in the USA but the style and elegance is distinctively Italian, given the background of the founders. Any type of Lucchese men’s boots, are designed for the serious cowboys that prefer serious style. They claim to create an authentic image of a true cowboy with their products with a combination of comfort and functionality.

Features of A Lucchese Western Boot

The gorgeous lucchese caiman boots is made of premium caiman belly foot with the following features