1000 Tony Lama Men's Caiman Western Boots
1000 Tony Lama Men’s Caiman Western Boots

Tony Lama can very well be regarded as a royalty in the cowboy boots industry. Recognized as the boot of West America since the early 1900’s, their western boots are definitely beyond what is usual. At a very young age of 11, Tony Lama himself have already started working as an apprentice for a shoemaker and since then, he had slowly carved his own destiny in the world of premium quality leather boots.

Owing to the incomparable quality, durability and comfort of all its boots, Tony Lama boots has became a favorite in custom made handcrafted boots during that time when cowboys and ranchers have heard about the unparalleled quality. With his humble beginnings, Tony Lama have created an empire of fine, handcrafted cowboy boots that have lived on for more than 100 years.

“Always Provocative, Always Recognized”

Made only with the finest and most exotic materials, Each Tony Lama boots is an American masterpiece with meticulous handcrafting details. Said to be always provocative and always recognized, Tony Lama boots are certainly out of the ordinary.

Mens caiman boots could certainly qualify for this category. Anything made exotic is said to provoke the senses and makes one stand out. Just like this Pecan Belly Antique Caiman Boot which has the following details.

The Tony Lama Caiman Boots looks really lovely. It has intricate embroidery stitching on its shaft that is distinct of a Tony Lama. The smooth finish of the vamp is indicative of the quality caiman belly leather that they choose to make the exotic boots. The pecan belly color makes it even more extraordinary for a leather cowboy boots.

Who can wear it?

The Tony Lama caiman belly boots may be worn only by men who understands the value of a fine leather cowboy boots. If you are familiar with the brand then it is easy to understand why it comes with a very pricey tag. Aside from the history and tradition that comes with every pair of boots, the handcrafting skills of a Tony Lama boot worker is already a good investment.

That being said, this is actually a challenge for those exotic cowboy boots lovers to explore the designs and test the comfort of the Tony Lama footwear. The designs are not ordinary but they are quite tasteful to the senses. It is best worn while riding owing to the pointed toes but nowadays, cowboy boots can very well be worn at work or party.