If you have not owned a Lucchesse footwear then this might be the right time to have one. Cowboy boots enthusiasts must have one or more pair of cowboy boots from a legendary company who have been making traditional cowboy boots since the 1800’s. Research (that’s Google) would tell you that legends wore a lucchese.

True enough, since the company started, the most influential people in the history of America have been photographed to own and wear one. This is probably the oldest and most famous running cowboy boots company in history which has been around up to now.

The company has been “painting” a new image of what a real cowboy should be as far as his boots is concerned. They have lately added a collection of exotic collection especially for those who wanted to be part of the growing number of individuals who wanted to experience the “wild” side. The men’s caiman boots for instance have been created as one of the premium exotic leather cowboy boots collection inspired by the designs of the legendary Cosimo and Sam Lucchese. Their cowboy collection is definitely one of the sought after footwear not only because of its brand but more importantly with the combination of comfort and functionality.

Get to Know a Lucchese Cowboy Boots:

This particular model called the Lucchese Men’s Hornback Caiman Cowboy Boot is a handcrafted boot with a square toe. As stated, it is made of caiman hornback hides which have a firmer texture compared to the belly part. The caiman leather is gaining popularity as one of the choices for a collection of exotic leather products. Although it is quite affordable than the crocodile hides, the caiman hide still belongs to the luxurious line of leathers in the world. To be made as a lucchese caiman boots will make it over the top premium pair of footwear.

Below are the features of this caiman cowboy boots: